Coolest Girl in Town

Chapter 1069

I’ve Mistaken You

Suella only grew angrier the more she thought about it. Thus, she stopped at the steps after exiting the
hospital's main entrance to text Maverick, 'Is the money ready? I will publicize the report and destroy you
if I don't see it! Get ready for a life in jail!'

After sending off the message, the young woman hailed a cab. She believed Maverick wouldn't answer
her calls, nor would he respond to her text so quickly. But right after entering the cab, she received the
man's reply. 'Thirty million isn't a small figure. Give me one week.'

'Okay,' replied Suella, and her mood instantly brightened up.

At that, she looked up in the direction of Paul's ward through the window and scoffed. "Pfft, how dare you
despise me just because I'm unlucky? Well, I have a problem with you two, you cursed b*stards! I've had
enough of you both! Just wait for your lonely deaths!"

After deliberating at home for two days, Rylantha ultimately decided to help Owen sniff around at the
thought that she had nearly died in Alexander's hands.

She deliberately chose to visit in the afternoon as she would be able to avoid most of the residents in
Griffith Manor, and just as she assumed, Only Camren and Rebecca were in the house.

The two were in the living room, with Camren scrolling the tablet on the armchair while Rebecca fed him
fruits. The two were behaving so affectionately that Rylantha thought she was going to be sick. However,
to stay alive, she held back her emotions and went in.

"Dad." Rylantha put the gifts she got for them on the table and proactively greeted the two. "How has it
been staying here?"

"Perfectly fine when you're not around to piss me off." Camren instantly turned grim and grew
increasingly disappointed at Rylantha after learning the young woman had provoked Anastasia at the

Rylantha felt incredibly humiliated, but she found it too embarrassing to go soft in front of Rebecca. As
such, she merely let out a sigh.

"You guys talk. I'll check on the soup." Rebecca quick-wittedly made an excuse to leave, giving the father
and daughter some space alone.

Meanwhile, Rylantha's gaze followed the woman, and it was when the kitchen door closed that she
humbled herself, apologizing to Camren. "I'm sorry, Dad. I did all of that because I was worried you
wouldn't love me anymore with your other daughter around. You have to put yourself in my shoes too,
you know."

"What do you keep in that head of yours? You're both my daughters. How can I favor one and not the
other?! You can manage an empire, yet you're stumped by such a trifle matter," exasperated Camren
with disappointment.

"It's on me. But I've come to apologize now, haven't I? You're not going to keep being mad at me, are
you?" Rylantha probed. If Camren decided to put the issue behind them, it would mean that he still cared
about her. By then, even if Alexander found out she was involved in the kidnapping, she wouldn't need to
worry about not having protection.

"And why would I do that? Do you think I'm petty like you women?" Camren had loved his dear daughter
all his life, after all. Naturally, he wasn't going to leave her defenseless. "How about this? Apologize to
your sister in front of everyone when she comes back later. I'll mediate the situation, and we'll put the
issue behind us."

"Anything you say," Rylantha agreed nicely, then hurriedly asked Camren while Rebecca was still away,
"Dad, where is Alexander's room?"

"Why do you want to know about that?"

"I heard he's sick. We'll become in-laws once Ariel marries his brother. As Ariel's sister, I should at least
see how he's doing, no?"

"Very good of you to consider that." Camren nodded in reassurance, then said solemnly, "Alex's sickness
is pretty serious. He hasn't come around after so many days. Who knows if he'll even make it? A patient
needs to bask in the sun more often, as they say, so they put him in the first room to the left on the
second floor. If you care about him, you should ask your business partners to look around; see if there
are any reliable doctors they'd recommend."

"Got it. I'll ask around." Rylantha acknowledged it perfunctorily, then helped him up. "It's time for your
afternoon nap. Here, I'll help you to your room."

Pleased with her change, Camren said, "Looks like it was a good decision that we searched for your
sister. You're now behaving much better than you used to."

To that, Rylantha didn't answer him but only forced a barely noticeable smile. Oh, so I was good enough
for you before Ariel showed up, and now that she's back, I'm problematic no matter what. Huh, just admit
you like Ariel more.

Since she had long figured it out, she wasn't upset by it. She just found it ironic.

After gently putting Camren to bed, she tiptoed to Alexander's room.

At that, she leaned against the door to listen for movements inside the room. After she was certain there
wasn't anyone, she twisted the doorknob and snuck in.

It was a small suite, so one would find a living room the moment they stepped in. The bedroom would be
to the left.

When Rylantha arrived at the doorway connecting the living room and bedroom, she could already see
Alexander lying in bed from afar.

The poor mon wos rendered speechless.

When Rylantha arrived at the doorway connecting the living room and bedroom, she could already see
Alexander lying in bed from afar.

The man was sleeping peacefully with shut eyes, but his face was bloodless. If it weren't that the ECG
machine was still doing its thing, one would think he was a corpse.

That said, Rylantha still felt inexplicably fearful even though the man was motionless.

As she dared not hang around too long, she pulled her phone out and snapped pictures of Alexander.

"What are you doing?" A faint voice came from behind her just then, startling her. At that, she hurriedly
turned around while hiding her phone behind her back.

Seeing it was Irvin, she subtly sighed in relief. A child was much less threatening. However, when she
looked back up, the boy had already stood before her.

He extended his palm toward her expressionlessly and ordered, "Hand it over. I saw it."

Rylantha gulped nervously in response. He was just a child, but for some reason, she felt intimidation
coming from his eyes, and it wasn't after a few seconds of standing off that she finally handed him her

The first thing Irvin checked was her album. Seeing that he didn't find what he was looking for, he took a
gander at her before looking back at the phone and continuing his search.

It seemed that he couldn't find anything. About two minutes later, he returned the phone to Rylantha.
"Sorry, Miss Abbott. I've mistaken you."

"Don't worry about it." Rylantha smiled with ease.

Fortunately, she had come well-prepared. It didn't matter if the pictures were deleted, for she'd be able to
fish them back out from the cloud. She wasn't worried about being searched at all.

"You keep your dad company, alright? I have to go now."

"See you."

Worried that she'd bump into someone else, she ran away as if her life depended on it.

As soon as the door closed, Johnny, who was pretending to be Alexander, sat up right away. "We should
install an alarm at the staircase. Thank goodness that woman didn't scrutinize. I didn't even have time to
put this on," said the man while flinging the IV line.

"To be on the safe side, I believe we should administer an IV drip for you, Mr. Johnny. It'll look more
believable," Irvin suggested.

"Can't you pretend you didn't hear anything?"

"I'll make the preparations."

The poor man was rendered speechless.

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