Boss, Your Wife's Asking For A Divorce, Again

Chapter 1485


Since Toby had guessed something similar, he remained unsurprised upon hearing Tom's report.
"Thanks," he responded flatly and stopped Tom from speaking any further.

After all, why should he learn more about a dead guy? Even if there was a different truth, the guy was
dead, so wouldn't it be better to leave everything in the past?

"How's Mrs. Gray?" Toby asked as this was the most important thing on his mind right now.

Now that Titus was dead, Julia was all alone. Moreover, he and Sonia had promised Titus to take good
care of Julia from now on, so he must know what Julia's current condition was.

"Mrs. Gray fainted after being told President Gray was dead, and she's still unconscious," Tom replied.

Toby hummed in response. "Get her transferred over here so that it's easier for us to take care of her."

"Yes, President Fuller." Tom nodded.

"Also, what's the progress of the wedding dress Sophia is working on?" Toby asked.

Smiling, Tom answered, "It's already completed. Sophia called me a few days ago and asked when you
are heading over to take a look. I wanted to tell you, but with what happened with Connor, I forgot
about it."

"Get them to send it over," Toby ordered.

Tom agreed. "Yes."

Not long after Tom left, Sonia woke up. When she found out everything was settled, she felt relieved
but remembered Titus and started crying again.

She didn't expect that Titus would sacrifice his life for her. So, no matter how much she minded and
hated Titus, all of that dissipated at that moment.

After crying in Toby's arms for a while, she asked about Julia.

The person she was now most worried about was Julia. Her relationship with Titus was very close, and
now that Titus had passed away, Julia must have been devastated.

It just happened that Julia had arrived, so Sonia immediately mentioned she wanted to see Julia, and
Toby agreed.

It just so happened that Julia had just woken up when they entered her room.

Sonia went over and moved her lips before calling out, "Mom…"

At first, Julia was shocked. She couldn't believe what she had heard and stayed stunned until Sonia
called her again. It was then that Julia realized that she hadn't heard it wrong. Her daughter had just
called her "Mom."

Both hugged each other and sobbed uncontrollably. Then, Sonia apologized to Julia for being unable to
bring Titus back.

Titus' death was indeed a huge blow for Julia, or else she wouldn't have fainted after hearing the news.
However, she could understand Titus' actions because that was their daughter. Even if she were there
instead of Titus that day, she would have done the same thing. That was something parents would do.
They could sacrifice their lives for their children.

Moreover, Julia had already prepared herself for Titus' death. If Titus hadn't died yesterday, he still
wouldn't have stayed alive for long. It was just that his death was pushed forward.

"I've already arranged for Dad's funeral. It would be held three days later," Toby stood by the bed and
informed Julia.

At this moment, he had also changed the way he addressed Titus and called him "Dad."

"Thank you, Toby." Julia gave him a grateful smile.

"That's what I should do. So, the two of you can have a good rest during these three days and get well
soon," Toby added.

Julia and Sonia both agreed.

Three days later, Titus' funeral was held according to plan. Almost all the big shots in the country
attended the wedding, but they were all there for Toby.

That was because, during those three days, Toby and Julia publicly announced Sonia's identity.
Everyone finally knew that Sonia was the Grays' real daughter and Titus had become Toby's father-in-

In that sense, those people would naturally agree to attend the funeral that Toby held for Titus.

When it was time to place flowers onto the casket, Sonia told Julia about her upcoming wedding

Toby had mentioned it to her a few days ago, and she agreed to it.

She had previously mentioned that they would have a wedding ceremony once all the dangers had
been dealt with, so now it was time for her to fulfill her promise. It was also because she knew that a
certain someone would become anxious if they delayed their wedding any further.

When Julia heard Sonia mention the wedding, she was sincerely happy for Sonia. That was the second
happy moment she had after Titus passed away. The first one was Sonia calling her "Mom."

"When will the wedding be held?" Julia held Sonia's hand while asking.

With a smile, Sonia told Julia, "Next Sunday. During then, will you send me down the aisle in Dad's

"Sure." Julia's eyes were brimming with tears when she agreed and smiled.

The news about Sonia and Toby having their wedding was also revealed on this day. Soon, the entire
Seafield knew about it.

Seizing this opportunity, Toby sent out the invitations. Since those who received the invitations knew
this day would come, they weren't surprised but hurriedly went to prepare their gifts for the big day.

On the other hand, when the netizens discovered that the two were about to get married, everyone
sent them their blessings except for a few haters.

Toby generously gave some of the netizens monetary gifts and the fans could even head to Fuller
Group, Paradigm Co., and Triforce Enterprise to get their goodie bags if they lived in Seafield. That
instantly caused the internet and the city to become very lively.

Sunday arrived in a blink of an eye.

With Sophia's help, Sonia changed into the wedding gown of the century Toby had especially designed
and looked indescribably stunning.

Grace and Julia were so touched that they were tearing up from happiness. It was especially so for
Julia. She never expected that she would be able to witness her daughter getting married in a wedding

"Sonny, you look beautiful. I'm so happy for you." Julia accepted the veil Grace gave her and spoke
with reddened eyes.

Meanwhile, Sonia's eyes were also filled with tears, but she forced herself not to cry, or else she might
mess up her makeup.

"Thank you, Mom." She squatted to let Julia help her attach her veil.

Once that was done, Julia linked arms with Sonia. "It's about time for the ceremony. Let's go before
Toby gets anxious."

Sonia nodded and hummed in response.

Afterward, Julia brought Sonia out of the dressing room and over to the main hall. Meanwhile, Grace
was behind them, ready to help Sonia with the train of her dress if needed.

When the doors opened, Sonia walked in according to the rhythm of the Wedding March.

Everyone's gaze was stuck on the beautiful bride the moment she appeared.

Toby was standing before the pope in his white wedding suit, and when he saw his beautiful bride
making her way over to him, a smile crept onto his lips, and he approached her.

"Honey, I came to bring you over." Arriving before Sonia, Toby reached out his hand and offered it to

Sonia looked at him and asked, "Why did you come over here? Aren't I supposed to walk over to your
position?" This wasn't how we did it during rehearsals.

With a gentle smile, Toby answered, "Although that is how it's supposed to be, our feelings are mutual.
Since you're walking toward me, I should also be walking toward you. I can't let you come toward me
all by yourself. The real way should be us walking toward each other."

"Toby's right. It's more romantic this way." Julia chuckled while she placed Sonia's hand in Toby's.

Toby held on to Sonia's hand tightly, which implied that he was holding on to everything and his entire

"Mrs. Fuller, I can finally marry you for real."

With tears filling her eyes, Sonia smiled. "Mr. Fuller, I can finally marry you for real too. Will you keep
loving me and treat me well?"

"Of course!"

Toby kissed her fingers before leading her toward the pope under the applause from the crowd.

That was where their happiness would begin.

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