Married at First Sight

Chapter 1988

“It’s almost lunchtime now. Let me treat you to lunch. I’ll send you back to work after that, and I’ll leave,”
Kevin suggested to Hayden.

“That’s not necessary. I’ll be grateful if you just leave. Kevin York, please just give me a break.”

Hayden was going crazy.

Kevin had only pursued her for two days, but she could not take it anymore. He had endless tricks up
his sleeves and always had a way to restrain her, angering her and rendering her helpless.

Hayden thought that she must have been Kevin’s enemy in the past life, which was why he was
persistently seeking revenge on her in this lifetime.

Kevin responded seriously, “Hayden, I truly like you. I’m serious about you, and I’m genuinely pursuing
you. I might be shameless and thick-faced, but I’m trying to pursue my wife, so I must be shameless.

“If I’m diffident and give up easily after being scolded and rejected by you, I’ll have to be single for the
rest of my life. It’d be a pity for a man as outstanding as me to be single, so I can only be audacious.”

Hayden was speechless.

She could no longer confidently say she was a man in front of Kevin.

Kevin would ask her to take off her pants to verify her identity.

She could not take off her pants, of course.

This would give Kevin a reason to question that she was not a man.

Kevin turned around and walked back to the sofa. He put the dress and high heels back into their
respective bags.

He did not force Hayden to accept the dress he bought.

Hayden had been disguising as a man for more than twenty years, so she was used to dressing as a
man. She would feel troubled about wearing a dress.

Kevin only bought her a dress to test her threshold. He wanted to see how far her tolerance could go.

“By the way, I also came to you to inquire about something.”

Kevin recalled how Caroline and Liberty looked alike. He walked back to Hayden and sat opposite her.
As he felt thirsty, he got up again and went to pour himself a glass of warm water before sitting down

Hayden watched as Kevin treated her office as his home. She internally cursed him a million times

How could she come to acquaint such a shameless man?

“Hayden, you’re familiar with the Fishers’ history, right?”

Since Kevin had a question, he looked serious and put away his playful smile.

His gaze looked much more serious as he looked at Hayden.

His serious look was quite charming.


Hayden was shocked for a moment.

How could she feel that Kevin looked charming when he was serious? She was pissed off at him, and
yet she still found him pleasing. She was probably possessed, or she was just confused from being
mad at Kevin.

“What do you want to know?”

Hayden was somewhat curious. She did not know why Kevin would ask about the Fishers’ family

Not hiding anything from her, he answered honestly, “When I first looked at Ms. Caroline, I thought she
and Serenity, my sister-in-law, looked alike. With a second take, I felt she looked more like Liberty,
Serenity’s sister. Let me put it this way—Caroline resembles Serenity and Liberty. She looked 30% like
Serenity and 50 to 60% like Liberty.

“Liberty was fat in the past, so I couldn’t see her original looks. Now that she has lost weight and
recovered her old appearance, I’m sure Caroline shares an uncanny resemblance with Liberty.”

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