The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 3498

A man and a dragon were engaged in a fierce battle in the Dark World. They were some of the most
powerful figures who could destroy a world with a single casual wave of the hand.

As James and the others watched the battle from afar, they continuously retreated and changed
positions to avoid being caught up in the battle. Caelum Ancestral Gods were terrifying. Despite being
injured, they could still last for a very long time.

The fierce battle lasted another three hundred years.

Three hundred years passed, and both the human and the dragon’s energy were severely depleted.
Besides, they suffered grave injuries.

“The Everlasting Night Demon Lord, why are you competing with me for the Dark Wellspring? By
obtaining this Dark Wellspring, I’ll be able to cultivate Macrocosm Power and become a Macrocosm
Ancestral God. When I emerge as a force to be reckoned with in the Dark World, I promise I will treat
you fine,” The man spoke in a feeble voice. His injuries were so grave that he could no longer continue
the battle.

The Demonic Dragon’s body hovered in the air as it growled furiously, “Grand Annihilation Sage, I will
have the Dark Wellspring.”

The Demonic Dragon’s aura surged. However, the scales on its body scattered all over the ground, and
it spurted out a mouthful of blood. novelebook.comAs the drops of blood trickled to the ground, the
earth shattered, and a profound fissure appeared, causing a massive dust storm.

Upon overhearing the conversation, James asked, “What’s the Dark Wellspring?”

The three shook their heads.

Since it was their first time here, they did not know much about the Dark World.

Karter said, “Since two Caelum Ancestral Gods are going all-out for this Dark Wellspring, it must be
good stuff. According to them, the Dark Wellspring can cultivate Macrocosm Power.”

Xosha looked at Wystan and said smilingly, “Wystan, it’s time for us to shine. Now that they’re severely
injured, their strength isn’t even a fraction of their peak form. If we attack them now, we can surely
defeat them.”

“That’s right.”

Wystan said, “We’ll seize the Dark Wellspring and offer it to His Holiness.”

The three looked at one another.

After Karter enveloped James with power, they immediately appeared on the battlefield.

Just as the Demonic Dragon and the man were locked in a confrontation, the sudden appearance of
three unknown people made them wary. The three did not utter a single word and summoned their full
strength to attack the man and the dragon. Since they were already injured, they stood no chance
against them. Soon, they were defeated. Realizing that their lives were hanging by a thread, they
handed over the Dark Wellspring.

The moment Karter and the others obtained the Dark Wellspring, they sensed a powerful aura

“This is bad. Some powerful figures have arrived,” They exclaimed.

Without any hesitation, they turned to leave and appeared before James.

“Mission accomplished! We should retreat at once!”

Having said that, Karter grabbed James’ arm and hurriedly escaped. Soon, they escaped to the outer
perimeter of the Dark World and entered the black mist. After traversing through the black mist for a
very long time, they slowed down after sensing that there were no pursuers.novelebook.comOnce they
stopped, Xosha took out the Dark Wellspring, which was a ball of black mist that constantly underwent
changes in its state and form.

“Is this the Dark Wellspring?” Staring at the ball of black mist before her, Xosha asked puzzledly, “So
this thing allows the powerful figures of the Dark World to cultivate Macrocosm Power?”

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