Goodbye, My Wretched Love by Glad Rarus

Chapter 40


"Can you transfer some more money to me?" she asked, smiling sweetly.

"Thirty million.Thirty million is enough!"

"Thirty million?" Darren frowned.

"Didn't my assistant already transfer the money to you this month?"

He always arranged for someone to transfer a stipulated amount to Elora and Bonita every month for
their expenses.

"Oh, he did!"

Elora rubbed her temples.

"It's because of your sister.You know she is a spendthrift.I have to offer her financial help every now
and then..."

"What do you mean?"

The frown on Darren's forehead deepened.

"I give her ten million every month.Isn't that enough?"

"Just tell me if you're going to give me the money or not!"

Elora grunted impatiently.

"Pierce left us too soon.It's just the three of us now.You are competent and promising.We are living a
better life because of you.Have you forgotten how your sister and I saved up every penny for you to go

to college? The company has grown exponentially over the years.You can earn thirty million in a matter
of a few days.Can't you give some extra money to your mother?"

"All right!"

Darren sighed.

Elora often mentioned Pierce, who was no more.She used his name to get money.

Darren was Pierce's adopted son.He wasn't related to Elora or Bonita by blood.

Elora despised Darren and never treated him well when he was a child, and Bonita didn't regard
Darren as his brother either.

Only Pierce had loved and cared for him.

His adoptive father was no different from his biological father.

Although Darren didn't have a good relationship with his foster mother and sister, he still regarded them
as his family, just for the sake of his adoptive father.

He couldn't abandon them after Pierce died.

"I don't care what you're going to do with the money.But I'm going to warn you first."

Darren looked at her sternly.

"Bonita is not a kid anymore.Don't think you can use my name to get away with everything.I don't care
what she buys, but if she crosses her limits, I might have to be ruthless toward her.Don't blame me for


Elora forced a smile.

"Don't worry.I will warn your sister."

She got the money from Darren and went to Bonita's room.

Bonita had taken a shower and changed her clothes, but she was still angry.She was furious not only
because of her repeated failure in front of Claire but also because her younger brother, Darren, didn't
seem to respect her.

Bonita became frustrated when she saw Elora come in.

"What were you arguing with him about?" Bonita asked while drying her hair with a towel.

Elora ignored her daughter's question and slumped on the bed worriedly.

"Bonita, I don't think Darren stands on our side now."

"He has never been on our side."

Bonita rolled her eyes.

"Do you really think he regards you as his mother? We are not related to him by blood.Dad is dead,
and he will only continue to humiliate and disrespect us in the future."

Elora felt the same.

Although her daughter was not smart, she was right this time.

"Yes.I'm finding it difficult to ask him for money now.Claire has left, but Sierra is still in the picture.Those
two are fishes of the same pond."

Elora was annoyed as she spoke about her.

"Darren has spent a lot of money on her.He has given her many gifts, including a diamond necklace
worth fifty million dollars.Apart from that, there are clothes, bags, shoes, and whatnot.Gad!"

After all, it was the Sampson family’s money.

Elora believed the money belonged only to her and Bonita.

She regarded Claire and Sierra as enemies.

The two didn't deserve to have the money.

Claire didn't seem like a threat when she was still in the Sampson family.

She was sure Darren wouldn't give his property to her regardless of how kind he was to her.

Claire had left, but Sierra was a big threat now.

Besides, she was pregnant with Darren's child.

Darren would undoubtedly care for her more and spend all his money on her.

Bonita became furious when Elora mentioned the necklace.

Sierra had negligently lost the Tear of Sea, and it was in Claire's possession now.She was the reason
why Bonita faced humiliation at the banquet.

Fifty million dollars was a big amount.

If only she could have it.

"I think we still have to find a way." Bonita felt a sense of crisis.

"We always ask him for money.I have a huge expense.If Darren decides to abandon us one day, we'll
end up being homeless."

Elora didn't think they would be homeless.She had several real estate properties under her name.She
could live there if Darren disowned them in the future.

However, Bonita had no savings.She always squandered money.

"Mom, why don't we ask Darren to make a will?" Bonita asked thoughtfully.

"If he dies, all his property would belong to us."

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