Love the Second Time Around

Chapter 149

Choose To Trust Him

Dominic’s tone turned stern instantly. “Golden Prince? Why are you asking about this? Liliana, did you go
anywhere to have fun? How dare you!”

I could not be bothered with his temperament at that moment. I only knew that he seemed to know
about Golden Prince.

“So you know about Golden Prince, right? Is it a person? Is it Quinn?” I shot him a few questions at once.

Dominic’s voice turned low. “Why do you keep mentioning Quinn? Didn’t I warn you to stay away from

I was losing my patience as well. “It’s not like that. Shannon just texted me with two words: ‘Golden
Prince.’ I can’t reach her now, so I’m worried something might have happened to her.”

“Did you say that Shannon texted you the two words?”

I was not sure if I was being too sensitive, but I could sense the tension in his voice.

“Uhm… Just cut to the chase. Stop wasting time. What exactly is Golden Prince? Is it a person or a

It was the first time I felt so frustrated with Dominic.

“Dominic, I’m asking you a question. Why aren’t you answering me?” I stomped my feet in anxiousness
as he still kept his silence.

A few seconds later, he opened his mouth again. “Are you home now?”

“It doesn’t matter. Tell me now…” I was about to explode in wrath.

He interrupted me calmly. “I’m picking you up now. Where are you?”

I froze for a second and replied, “I’m still at home.”

“Get changed and wait for my call.” Upon saying that, he ended the call.

Is he going to take me to find Shannon? But his arm hasn’t recovered yet. Right then, I could not help but
worry a little.

Nonetheless, I cast aside my phone and started getting ready. The priority now was to find Shannon.

Twenty minutes later, he called and asked me to go downstairs.

Before heading out, I went past the kitchen and put a fruit knife into my bag.

What if there’s unexpected trouble? I should get prepared.

After getting downstairs, I spotted Dominic’s car parked in front of my house. I felt relieved as I noticed
he had brought Calvin, who was the one driving.

Getting into the car, I impatiently asked him about Golden Prince again.

Only then did he tell me that Golden Prince was an entertainment center opened by Dominic’s father.

Based on what he said, I could gather that it was a place of illegal business.

Just then, I was overwhelmed with uneasiness. Shannon must have been brought to Golden Prince, or
she wouldn’t have texted me like that.

On the road, I made a few more calls to Shannon, but all were in vain.

“Are we there yet? How long does it take? Will Shannon…” I did not dare to further imagine.

Dominic’s expression turned utterly stern. “Almost.”

He had said that a few times already but the car kept moving.

After another twenty-minute drive, the car finally stopped.

The car door already opened before I could open it myself. It was the same on Dominic’s side.

I found it difficult and embarrassing to keep my eyes on the valets who opened our doors.

Even though I seldom visited entertainment venues, I knew it was normal to have valets opening the car
doors for customers.

Not to mention how pretty the ladies looked, but they were wearing sexy bunny costumes in such cold

I felt cold from merely staring at their exposed long legs.

My heart skipped a beat as I started to worry about Shannon. With staff dressed so inappropriately, this
surely isn’t a good place.

“Come over here. Quickly.”

As I heard Dominic’s voice, I responsively shifted my gaze toward him and our eyes met.

I immediately rushed over to him.

In front of him was a middle-aged man wearing a black suit.

“Mr. Hartnell, what a rare occasion. Have you come here to relax today?”

Dominic furrowed his brows as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. “Do you know me?”

The man flattered, “Everyone in Lightspring knows about you, Mr. Hartnell. Besides, our boss has
specially instructed us to recognize you so that we won’t accidentally offend you if you come here.”

Even I got goosebumps all over my body upon hearing that.

Dominic did not react much as he cut to the chase. “Great. It’ll save me a lot of trouble then. Is Quinn
Somers here? I’m here for him.”

The middle-aged man was stunned momentarily and collected himself before long. “Mr. Hartnell, please
have a seat inside. I’ll go check if Mr. Somers is in.”

Right then, I pulled Dominic’s sleeve slightly. I wanted to tell him that I thought the man was merely
brushing us off.

Nonetheless, Dominic sounded utterly domineering no matter where he went. “Fine. I’ll go inside. Tell
Quinn that I’m waiting for him.”

With that, Dominic grabbed my hand and walked toward the door, ignoring the man.

After a while, the man caught up with Dominic’s pace. “Mr. Hartnell, don’t worry. I’ll inform him.”

Little did I know that Dominic was so respected around the town.

Just then, I pulled Dominic’s hand slightly and whispered, “So is this Golden Prince? Is Quinn really
coming over? How are you going to find Shannon?”

Dominic cast me a glare and said, “I’ll ask for her directly.”

Fine. Since he’s so confident, I’ll trust him this time.

As we followed the middle-aged man into the place, I was blown away instantly.

The light outside was too dim for me to observe the surroundings. Only now did I realize how luxurious
and magnificent the place was.

The man led us to a large room with elegant designs.

Then, he let out a smile. “Mr. Hartnell, please wait over here for a while. I go now and check if Mr.
Somers is in.

Dominic nodded faintly and the middle-aged man left.

“Calvin, check around please.”

Seeing Calvin scanning all corners of the place, I asked with utter curiosity, “What’s he checking?”

“You don’t need to know. Just remember not to speak or create trouble, and stay by my side. As for
Shannon, I’ll ask Quinn to hand her over. Understand?”

I immediately nodded my head, even though I still did not know how he would pull this off. However, I
chose to trust him.