My CEO Ex-husband

Chapter 50 I Like To Spoil You (Part Two)

"My lady! We have sent your friend there. We are going back. " The men in black said.

Bess walked up to them, hugged them and said, "Thank you! Take care! Be careful! Take care of my
father for me. "

"Okay! Miss Bess! You take care too! " The men in black were about to leave.

Myra rushed over and bowed, "Thank you! Are you all going back? I haven't thanked you yet. "

"Miss Myra! Take care! You can thank us when we come back to China. " The man in black said.

"Take care!" Said Myra. "All right! Myra! Let's go back! It is midnight. I've already thanked them for you.
" Said Bess.

"Yes! Well! Thank you so much! Bess! " Then she got on the car with Bess. "Let's go!" Bess said to the

"Bess, how did you know your friends? I can see that they respect you very much. " Myra asked
curiously like a baby.

"Just an ordinary acquaintance! What's up? Did they bully you? " Bess asked with concern.

"Of course not. They were good to me. What do they do? They seem to be well-trained. " Asked Myra.

"Well! I really don't know. I just asked them to help you. Friends can have privacy. It's normal that I don't
know! " Bess answered.

"Bess! You are not honest! How could you not know? You just don't want to tell me. I won't steal your
friends. " Myra snorted.

"Don't say that! You may steal my friend. Look at you. You were so reluctant to leave just now. You've
only known each other for a few hours! I doubt it. " Bess pretended to be dissatisfied.

"Stingy girl! Aren't your friends also mine? It is normal that I don't want them to leave! " Myra said
speechlessly. "Hee hee! My Myra is angry! You are still so cute. " Bess said with a smile.

"Bess! You are really bored. " Myra was teased. "With you by my side, I won't be bored! You fool! "
Bess said sincerely.

"Bess! Where are we going? " Asked Myra, seeing that this was not the way to her home. "Go to my
home! It's so late. Where else do you want to go? " Said Bess.

"Your home? I don't think it's necessary! You'd better send me back to my home. It will disturb your
rest. " Myra refused.

"To your home? Where? Where is your home? " Bess sighed.

'Yes, where was my home? I was too happy when I got off the plane just now. I had forgotten why I
came back. Where could I go now? It's late at night. What could I get? ' Hearing Bess's words, Myra
thought it was really reality. If Bess didn't remind her, would she really go back like this?

"Myra! I shouldn't have scolded you! I'll go back with you tomorrow. Let's have a good rest tonight!
Don't think too much. I'm by your side. Are you willing to let such a beautiful girl like me worry about
you? " Bess said, holding Myra's hand.

"Bess!" Tears welled up in Myra's eyes. "Silly girl! Why are you crying again? I won't talk anymore,
okay? " Bess said as she wiped tears for Myra gently.

She felt sorry for Myra when she saw her so sad! 'Josef, you were such a bastard. How could you
make Myra so sad?'

She really wanted to tear him up now. Myra was really sad. She had no one to talk to these days, but
Bess knew her so well. Others were right. Love was short, and only friendship was eternal.

If it weren't for Bess, she really didn't know what to do.

"Silly girl! Stop crying! Seeing you cry will make me cry too. My tears are not as valuable as yours, but
they will dry. Think about it yourself! When I get up tomorrow, I can only see my dry eyes in the mirror!
It is so scary. You scare me. " Bess said with grievance.

"You are such a naughty girl. I'm so embarrassed to cry. Let's go to see what your home is like. Do you
hide a handsome guy? " Said Myra.

"I'm single. It is normal to hide a handsome man. Isn't it? In order to keep my good image, I hope you
can't find the handsome men I have hidden! " Bess said with a smile.

"You are really bored. You've already thought of it. " Said Myra in a cold sweat.

"Here we are!" Said Bess. Myra saw a nice villa when she get off the car.

"It is really good to be a boss. You are rich! " Said Myra. "Do you like it?" Said Bess. "I like beautiful
villas." Myra pretended to be happy.

"Greedy girl! Are you hungry? I'll cook for you! " Bess said with concern. "Just give me a bowl of instant
noodles." Myra sat on the sofa and said.

"No way. Tell me what you want to eat. I'll cook it for you right now. " Bess disagreed.

"Didn't I tell you? I want instant noodles! I only eat the noodles you made for me! " Myra insisted.

"You naughty girl! Humph! You really don't know what kindness is. I am so kind to make you some night
snack, but you only want to eat instant noodles. " Bess said angrily.

"Well, don't be angry! Go and make some noodles for me! I just want to eat instant noodles. " Myra said
with grievance.

Speechless, Bess had no choice but to make instant noodles for her. In less than ten minutes, she
came out with two bowls of instant noodles. Myra had fallen asleep on the sofa.

"Myra! Wake up! " Shouted Bess. "Here is your instant noodles!" Myra woke up and yawned.

"Are you tired? Go upstairs to have a rest after eating the instant noodles! Look at you! " Bess said with

"It is because your sofa is too comfortable. I couldn't help falling asleep. Fortunately, I woke up when I
smelt the scent of the instant noodles. " Myra joked.

"Then enjoy the noodles! It is the first time for you to come to my house, you only eat instant noodles!
Don't blame me for not giving you food in the future! " Said Bess.

"Good girl! You are really good at making instant noodles! It is really delicious. " Myra said and ate
happily. "Is it really so delicious? You are trying to make me happy again. " Bess said incredulously.

"If you eat with your heart, you will taste different! This is the first time my best friend makes noodles for
me. Of course it tastes good. " Said Myra.

"If you like it so much! I'll make it for you every day. " Bess said with a smile. "Okay! You said it! " Myra
answered with a smile.

After the two of them finished eating, Bess went upstairs with Myra to have a rest. "Do you need me to
sleep with you?" Bess said with concern. "Don't you have a guest room?" Myra answered.

"You don't appreciate my kindness." Said Bess. "I like sleeping alone. Take me to the guest room! I'm
really tired. " Said Myra.

"All right! This is your room! Everything in it. You can tell me if you need something else! My room is
right next to yours. Then go to take a shower and go to bed early! There are your clothes on the bed.
They are new. " Said Bess.

"Thank you! Bess! Go to bed early too! Good night! " Said Myra. "Good night!" Bess left the room and
closed the door for Myra.

Myra was really tired. Although she had slept for a few hours on the plane, it was not as comfortable as
lying in bed! She took the clothes on the bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

After drying her hair, she fell asleep.

Bess fell asleep happily after taking a shower. Because Myra was living in the room next to hers. She
didn't have to think about what she was doing at night.

It was already nine o'clock when Myra woke up in the morning. She had never had such a good sleep
since Josef left France. 'Why didn't Bess wake me up?'

After washing her face and brushing her teeth, she came out to change her clothes. 'Did Bess buy
these for me? What a perfect match! Just like customized.'

She really appreciated Bess. Bess had prepared everything she needed in silence.

As soon as she walked out of the room, she saw Bess coming up from downstairs. "Good morning!
Beauty! I was about to wake you up. " Bess greeted her happily.

"Good morning!" Myra answered happily. "Did you sleep well last night?" Bess asked. "Yes. Shouldn't
you go to work now? " Said Myra.

"Today is weekend. Are you still jet lagged? " Bess said with a smile.

"Hee hee! I know! " Myra replied with a smile. "Come on! Look at the fancy breakfast I made for you
this morning. " Bess said happily as she took Myra to the dining table.

"Thank you! Bess! Don't spoil me too much. I will be spoiled. " Myra said happily. "I like to spoil you. Sit
down and try the food! " Bess said happily.