Let's Divorce, Ex-Husband!

Chapter 155

"Come in."

Following her into the villa, Trixie swept around casually and found that the villa was full of luxury. Not
only the decoration but also a few famous paintings on the opposite wall, which were all very good.
Anyone could not afford this villa with a simple job.

"Sit down. There is nothing to entertain you here. I am usually lazy and like to prepare plain boiled
water, so don't make fun of it." Sitting on the sofa, looking at Hailey’s cup of plain boiled water in front
of her, Trixie sipped some of it.

This woman is obviously humiliating her.

"Did you instruct Pearl to let me come?" Trixie said.

Hailey sat opposite Trixie and smiled. "I heard that you are going to divorce Daryl?"

"Yes, are you happy? Surely you are, don’t worry, soon he will be yours." Trixie talked back

"No, no, no, I think you may have misunderstood." Hailey’s fundus smile is mysterious and hard to

"I just want you to divorce him. I am not interested in him."

"Why?" Trixie suddenly felt that appearing from this woman’s life was like experiencing a game. Hailey
is the master of this game, and she and Daryl are just her players.

"Remember the photo your friend Mrs. Brown showed you? Don't get me wrong, I didn't investigate you
but because Jessa's friend and I are college classmates. I deliberately asked her to show these
photos." Hailey said.

"Why are you doing this? What for?"

Hailey smiled, "My only goal is to let you divorce Daryl. Trixie, don't hate me, just know that I'm doing
this for your own good. That man, he is not worth it, trust me."

From Hailey’s mouth, Trixie fully understood the purpose of everything.

Daryl’s original name was Doran, and Hailey's original name was Halle. They were of the school, but
he studied international finance while she studied marketing. At that time, the two were known as the
most handsome men and most beautiful women in the school. They were both the god and goddess
during their time. The relationship of the two was also envied by the whole school.

In their senior year, they initially got married. Halle thought that life after marriage would be extremely
sweet, but the result disappointed her extremely.

Doran began to cheat six months after their marriage. When Halle first knew, he knelt in front of her
and begged her for forgiveness, but later, he got worse. Doran didn't even care when she was

Later, Halle learned that Doran married her only for the sake of credits. However, when he checked the
credits, he found that those are not enough for him to graduate, so he gradually postponed them.

Halle was lost during those times, not in her proper state of mind, she aborted their child and filed to
divorce Daryl, but he refused. She collected evidence of his infidelity everywhere and finally went to the
court of appeal.

During this period, she met Daryl by chance and found that he was married to Trixie at that time, and
she had just been pregnant for more than a month. But Daryl didn’t recognize her.

In retaliation and wanting to let Trixie see the man clearly, she chose to change her name to Hailey to
continue contacting him and sleeping with him.

Kinsley and Aiden were born at about the same time, except Aiden was a premature baby. Hailey didn't
actually like a child because he was timid from an early age and would only say some puzzling words.
After the two had one night's stand, Hailey disappeared, so Daryl didn't know the existence of Aiden.

Since then, Daryl has been cheating, and Hailey has been investigating him. Trixie is the only stupid
one that believed his lies.

A few months ago, Hailey felt that she could not take it anymore, so she began to leave Trixie with
evidence of Daryl’s infidelity, intentionally or unintentionally. But Trixie trusted Daryl too much, so she
gave up the idea. Later then, every time he cheated, Hailey would secretly leave evidence for Trixie.

The hair on the floor drain, the missing skincare products, Okamoto, Durex, and women's underwear in
the car are all written by her.

At that time, Hailey sent Daryl a lot of pregnancy tests, all of which was proof that Daryl was Aiden's
father, but Daryl destroyed them in advance.

After hearing this, Trixie was shocked, not knowing what to do or even say. From the moment she
chose to divorce Daryl, she knew she was making the right decision.

She asked Hailey why she wanted Pearl to tell her this, but Hailey said that she had also looked for
Daryl’s other cheating partners before. However, after Daryl knew that Hailey was investigating. He
spent money to seal the mouths of those people involving him.

Hearing this, Trixie couldn't help but laugh hysterically. After laughing, there was no emotion left on her
face. Leaving Hailey, She went home directly and put the divorce agreement that had been drawn up

for a long time in front of Daryl.

Seeing these, Daryl was shocked. "Honey, don't make such jokes." Then smiled awkwardly and
continued his work as if he did not look at the paper. But Trixie refused to budge and picked up the pen
on the table and handed it to him.

"I'm not kidding. I want to file a Divorce, the company's assets and custody of my daughter are mine,
but I won't be too ruthless. This house and the other one are yours. I will leave you another 2 million,
which is enough to feed you for the rest of your life."

Trixie pushed the divorce agreement to his hand, but he suddenly picked up the agreement and tore it
in front of her.

"I won't divorce, absolutely not!" Then angrily walked towards the door of the study, slamming it hard.
Leaving Trixie all alone in the room