I Fell For The Boy His Daddy Was A Bonus

Chapter 53: Let Me Taste

"Associates and staff, this is Kaleb Wright.As you know, the Wright Diamond Corporation is our biggest

Jessica Hogans announced as they were standing there along the rows of cubicles.It was because
Jessica was rather amazed how Kaleb Wright became interested upon hearing the name of Luca
James.She was forced to stop and introduce the man to her staff.

"He and the company’s corporate lawyers are here to establish another cooperation, in working out a
reorganization in the business," Jessica happily revealed, and then she addressed Kaleb’s earlier

"Mister Wright, about Luca James? They were referring to one of our paralegals."

Pointing to Scarlett, Jessica said, "She is an ex-girlfriend of Luca James and a potential rekindling of
relationship may be on the way."

Following Jessica’s suggestion, Kaleb’s jaws clenched while Scarlett’s heart raced.Her head quickly
swayed in disagreement.

Jessica then returned her attention to her staff and urged everyone to greet Kaleb.

"Good afternoon, Mister Wright," all the staff greeted, and that included Scarlett.

Scarlett was unsure how to approach Kaleb.

She had mentioned to him how she had kept his identity a secret, but now that she was standing there
face to face with him, how should she react? They never chatted about it and he said nothing to her
about visiting the law firm.

After Scarlett greeted him the way her colleagues did, she saw Kaleb’s eyes tighten.

Clearly, he was angered.

Before she could decide on what to do next, however, Amber, their senior associate in the department,
said, "Misses Hogans, Mister Wright, I thought the discussion was not until tomorrow – "

"Mister Wright suddenly came.He said he wanted to surprise us – see if we are always ready for him,"
Jessica revealed before shrugging.

Amber quickly cleared her desk and said, "Let me prepare the nearest conference room."

She turned to Scarlett and requested, "Scarlett, do you mind getting coffee from the cafe across the

"Um.Of course.Of course."

Scarlett’s eyes shifted to Kaleb and seeing him not speak, she assumed, they were in agreement about
not revealing their relationship.

Amber instructed Scarlett on what blends to get for their valued guests.

Only then did she take off.

The coffee shop across the street was one of the best in the city.

It had always been customary for the firm to offer the same whenever they had clients visiting.

Scarlett went straight to the coffee shop as told, While waiting for the drinks to be ready, she sat in one
corner and texted Kaleb.

He replied after a few seconds.

Scarlett: [Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?]

Kaleb: [oh, so we know each other now?]

Scarlett: [Stop.You know I did not tell my colleagues about you.You seemed fine with it.You never

Kaleb: [Kitten, when I hear my girlfriend being encouraged to return to her ex, that is something

Scarlett: [Okay.Okay.Let me tell them when I get back Don’t get mad.I love you, tiger.]

Kaleb: [You have to do better than that to make amends, kitten.You know, kiss emoji?]

Scarlett: [I will.]

Kaleb: [Good girl.]

Scarlett: [You know, about me telling them you are my boyfriend? I don’t know if they will believe me.]

Kaleb: [Try.]

Scarlett: [Okay.]

It did not take long for the coffee to be done and Scarlett rushed to bring all six cups of kinds of drinks,
plus one for her.

Before entering the conference room, Scarlett fixed herself.

She powdered her face from her desk and reapplied her lipstick One paralegal in the rows of cubicles
remarked, "I get why you are prepping to hand over that coffee.Kaleb Wright is just hot."

As she listened to the acknowledgment of other associates who were around, Scarlett’s eyes widened.

She gulped and disclosed, "Actually, Kaleb is… my boyfriend."

The surrounding air hushed and for a good two seconds, the silence seemed deafening, until one of
her colleagues laughed.

The rest followed.Some shook their heads.

"Yeah, right, Scarlett? Didn’t we all wish to be with one Kaleb Wright? You know he is the only bachelor
child of Ethan Wright."

"Dream on, Scarlett."

"Silly, Scarlett."

A frown easily formed on Scarlett’s face.

She thought, "Was it really that difficult to believe I could be together with Kaleb?" she pouted her way
to the conference room, and at the door, she offered to hand Kaleb’s coffee.

She said to the senior associate, "Amber, I’ve been meaning to tell everyone Kaleb is my boyfriend,
and I wanted to give him his coffee myself."

Amber stilled.

Her brows met, and she said, "Scarlett.That’s very unprofessional of you.If Mister Wright is your
boyfriend, how come you did not kiss each other earlier when he arrived?"

"Because he knows I did not tell the law firm who he is in my life – "

"Later – not the time to deal with a paralegal’s obsession, " Amber suggested.

"Know your place."

Grabbing the coffee, she added, "I’ll take the coffee."

Scarlett grumbled on her way back to the cubicles, and it was there where she received more teasing
from her co-workers.

"How is your boyfriend, Scarlett? You know he is my boyfriend, too."

"Stop tormenting her already.Can’t you see she is in a bad mood?"

Giggles echoed throughout the room and they came about all because of Scarlett’s claims.

It was after having been humiliated that she texted Kaleb the results of her attempt.

Scarlett: [I told them.I told Amber too.They did not believe me.She asked why we did not kiss when you

Kaleb did not reply.

Inside the conference room, Kaleb had just nodded in agreement with their corporate lawyer’s plan.

He took a sip of his coffee and smiled at how Scarlett had his drink made just the way he liked it.

Peeking at his phone, he frowned, seeing her text.

Kaleb looked up at Amber, who, for the past few minutes, had been stealing glances at him.

He said, "I would like to speak to the girl who brought the coffee."

There was confusion in the room and Kaleb saw the worry in Jessica’s expression.

Still, they did not object to what he demanded and called Scarlett in.

Outright, he saw Amber glower at his kitten When Scarlett’s eyes met his, he immediately asked, "I
thought your office ordered brewed for all of us?"

Knitting her brows, Scarlett answered, "Ummm.They had Arabic.I figured to order that for you since you
like Arabic blend."

The exchange was strange to the observers in the room.

Almost everyone was gawking or pouting.

Jessica, on the other hand, sighed as if understanding immediately.

"What’s that on your rims?" Kaleb asked Scarlett, pointing to the side of her lips.

"Oh, I ordered a hot chocolate with cinnamon and marshmallow," Scarlett replied.

She smiled and described, "It’s one of the best in town. I love their hot chocolate over there."

At that point, heads were turning from Scarlett to Kaleb, trying to speculate why a powerful man was so
interested in the foam that formed on Scarlett’s rims.

Meanwhile, Jessica just chuckled.

"Is it?" Kaleb asked.

"Come here."

Scarlett was unsure what the man was planning, but she walked past the other associates who were
around, plus the corporate lawyers of the Wright Diamond Corporation.

When she stood there, next to Kaleb, he got up and clarified, "So, they have the best chocolate drink
you say?"

She nodded and gave a thumbs up.

"The best."

"Let me taste," Kaleb suggested.


Before Scarlett could react, she felt warm lips on her rims and strong arms around her waist.