I Fell For The Boy His Daddy Was A Bonus

Chapter 44: Dance With The King

"I can’t do this.I just can’t." Scarlett’s heart was galloping.

Even as Kaleb held her hand, she felt her entire body become cold.

After formally being introduced to Kaleb’s father, Ethan Wright, the entire family enjoyed a sumptuous

What followed next was Scarlett’s ultimate fear: The Dance.All couples of the Wright Family were
expected to perform a waltz.

There were two sets of dances.The first was with their respective partners and the second involved
rotating partners.The music began, and Scarlett followed Kaleb’s lead.It was just a simple set of box
steps, with Kaleb frequently giving Scarlett a hint of which step to follow next.

Despite Kaleb’s efforts, however, Scarlett just could not help herself.She stepped on Kaleb’s foot.



"Maybe you shouldn’t have worn heels, kitten."

Half the time, Kaleb was grunting, his brows often meeting, his face finding various ways to grimace.

As they danced, Andrew, Kenzie’s husband, asked Kaleb, "What’s wrong with you, mate?"

"I." Kaleb gulped, looking at Scarlett.

He resumed, "I’m constipated!"

A set of laughter echoed throughout the dance floor of the grand ballroom, and it all came from the
Wright family.

"You sure picked a good time to feel constipated, Kaleb," Kyle, his brother, teased.

"Call of nature! Can’t do anything about it," Kaleb replied before allowing Scarlett to take a full turn,
adhering to the routine.

It was about time for the next song to be played.

Kaleb hissed while glancing at his family members.He peered down at Scarlett, who was trying to hold
back her giggles.He heard her say, "I told you I had two left feet.You still think it’s hot?"

"Yes, kitten.Regardless of how many left feet you have," Kaleb answered with a wink.

Seconds then after, he reminded, "Kitten, in the next song, you know what will happen, right? I’m gonna
pass you on to my brothers."

"Oh, my god!" She pouted as she stepped back, awkwardly gliding.She whispered, "What if they get
constipated, too?"

Kaleb laughed, flaunting the fine lines on his glorious face.

He replied, "Okay, just… whatever you do… do not.And I repeat.Do not… step on my father’s foot."

"He is the King, remember that," Kaleb declared.

"Oh, my god."

Scarlett was feeling all the anxiety spreading throughout her body.She gulped, noticing how her throat
was becoming paper dry.

"I can’t do this.I really can’t, Kaleb."

It was too late, though, because the next song begun and Scarlett was gently handed over to the next
male partner.Andrew Kentworthy.

"Easy there," Andrew said, accepting her hand.

"Step back with your right foot, go side to your left.Close.Side with the right and close."

Andrew smiled at her, and Scarlett could not help but appreciate his coaching.

She faintly said, "Thank you."

"Anything for my sister-in-law," Andrew replied.

"You are up next with the iceberg.I’m afraid he’s not going to teach you."

As the sound of the waltz music continued, Scarlett was passed on to Kyle Wright.Scarlett understood
how Andrew was correct.

Kyle was barely moving.He was more rigid than her!


She kept letting out a sigh of pain.

This time, it was her food that was being stepped on.

"Arrggh." Kyle grunted.

Scarlett also stepped on his foot.

Scarlett wound up chuckling.She said, "Sorry, this is not my thing."

Her next dance partner was Kate’s husband.

She was lucky not to make mistakes during that round, but as soon as her dance ended with Carlos, she
felt her chest become uneasy.She was about to dance with Kaleb’s father, the King! At the sight of the
great Ethan Wright, Scarlett’s hands turned icy.

If she ever stepped on his foot, what were the chances that he would dislike her for a daughter-in-law?
She screamed in silence, ‘Somebody, save me! Heavens, send me an angel! Now!’

Ultimately, Scarlett made her way in front of Kaleb’s father.

In her view, the man was a true elite.

It showed in his stance, with the way he often carried his chin higher than anyone in the room, and with
the way he unwittingly stared at anyone like they were all incomparable to his glory.

"Scarlett," Ethan Wright said.

"Mister Wright," she said back.

"Your anniversary party is really a notable one."

"Every day, until my last breath, I want my wife to remember the beautiful days we have together.This
party is one of them," Ethan replied, his hands changing positions to the next part of the routine.

A smile formed on Scarlett’s face.

She thought that not all men owned up to being whipped, but a proud businessman like Ethan Wright
showed no reluctance about expressing how he cared for his wife.Her eyes landed on Kaleb and the rest
of his family members that were on the dance floor.She speculated on how nice it would be to truly be
part of such a wonderful family.

Scarlett’s mind was wandering off that she did not realize where her foot landed, not until… a low growl
escaped Ethan’s lips.

Ethan and Scarlett stumbled on their steps.

The surrounding air seemed to have chilled as all eyes were on them.

‘Oh, my god! I’m so screwed!’ She predicted, her eyes in search of Kaleb.

Just when she thought she was doomed, however, she heard her man scream.

"Ouch! Mom!" Scarlett saw Kaleb, reaching down to his foot, his face forming a sneer.

"What? That was part of the routine! Let’s carry on!" Samantha suggested, and in the next few seconds,
the rest of the Wright men yelped in pain.

"No! Not with your heels, Gaby!"

"Kate! I did not know you had big feet! Bloody hell!"

Eventually, Scarlett was given back to Kaleb, but the rest of the routine was now full of giggles, all
coming from the ladies.

What made it more interesting was how Ethan groaned repeatedly and, by the looks of it, Kaleb’s mother
had stepped on his foot again.

‘Wow" Scarlett thought.

While dancing in the arms of Kaleb, she concluded, ‘Kaleb’s mother is so thoughtful"

Scarlett’s two left feet had easily been overlooked, thanks to Samantha Wright, saving her from the

It was exactly because of what happened that at the end of the song, Scarlett embraced Kaleb fully.She
could hear a loud round of applause throughout the venue, and only then did Scarlett loosen her hold on


Despite the routine ending, Scarlett still had her eyes on Kaleb, her heart fluttering while studying him.

"What is it, kitten?" Kaleb asked, curious about Scarlett’s actions.

"Thank you for bringing me here to meet your family," she whispered before she leaned closer, sealing
his lips with a kiss.

Kaleb was the happiest man of the hour.

Rarely did Scarlett take the initiative, but that night, she kissed him in front of a crowd and in front of his
entire family.

When they pulled away from a brief but rousing kiss, he heard Scarlett say, "I love you."

Warmth easily spread throughout Kaleb’s chest and his eyes widened at hearing the words he had
longed to hear.It took everything in him to hold back the overwhelming excitement.

He hugged Scarlett with fever and he replied, "I love you more, kitten.I love you more."


At the end of the party, Scarlett finally had the chance to check on her mobile.It was there when she saw
several missed calls from Cindy Barnes.

She sucked in a breath, knowing what the call was going to be about.She called her mother and Cindy
quickly answered.

"Scarlett, I need your help."