I Fell For The Boy His Daddy Was A Bonus

Chapter 54: The Lady Boss

If a rich, tall, handsome man kisses you out of nowhere, would you kiss back? It wasn’t even about that
for Scarlett.

This was Kaleb Wright, Scarlett’s gorgeous tiger, and he was sucking her rims with intensity.

Of course, she kissed back! His arms were around her waist, pulling her closer to his solid chest, his
heavenly spicy scent blending with hers Scarlett could feel the burning gaze of everyone in the room,
especially from her back She could only imagine the shock of the senior associates in the rooms, much
more, that of Jessica Hogans, her boss Kaleb’s eyes were nearly closed as he began pulling away.

He gave her one last peck and remarked, "Indeed, the chocolate drink is delicious."

He winked at her and added, "Thank you for the coffee, kitten.You can go back to work now.I’ll speak to
you later."

When Scarlett took a step back, she heard one of Kaleb’s corporate lawyers say, "Oh, I remember
now.This is miss Beauty!"

Scarlett, "_"

"Ah, is this miss Beauty, Mister Wright?" Asked the other lawyer from Kaleb’s side.Kaleb proudly
nodded and introduced his kitten.

"Yes, this is Scarlett Barnes.Scarlett, this is Carson and this is Wade, two of our corporate lawyers at
the Wright Diamond Corporation They are good friends with Kyle, too."

After Scarlett greeted back Kaleb ordered, "Carson, Wade.Bow to your lady boss."

Scarlett’s jaws drop.

At Kaleb’s command, the two, clearly respectable and tenured lawyers, rose from their seats and
bowed in front of her like she had authority.

They both alternatively expressed their happiness in meeting Scarlett.

"The lady boss is indeed beautiful."

"It’s finally nice to meet the lady boss."

Blushing, Scarlett said, "That’s too much, Kaleb.It’s okay, Carson and Wade -"

"No it’s not.They need to get used to it."

His voice strengthened as if he was speaking beyond his lawyers.

"And everyone needs to give you the respect you deserve, being my future wife"

"That’s very well noted, Mister Wright,"

Jessica acknowledged, her smile was from ear to ear.

She turned to Scarlett and said, "Nice to finally know why Luca never had the chance for a second

Scarlett excused herself to return to work, but before she made her way to the door, her eyes caught
how Amber’s mouth was still wide open, her eyes were still rounding.

Only after their eyes met, did Amber finally clench her jaws.She also noticed that the other male
associates were smirking and nodding her way, one giving her a thumbs up.

Scarlett just smiled and left the conference room, her stomach feeling the butterflies going wild.

‘God, I love my tiger! Scarlett knew the associates in the conference room would end up telling on her.

Thus, she did not have to make another attempt to convince her co-workers that Kaleb was indeed her


Nearly two hours passed.

Scarlett noticed how their valued guests were making their way back to the lines of cubicles.She
smiled, seeing Kaleb had his eye on her.

Before they could speak to each other, though, one male paralegal, named Christian, approached

He sought, "Scarlett, I’m no Kaleb Wright.Nor am I Luca James, but I am an honest man.I was just
thinking maybe you would go out with me for dinner -."

"She’s not going anywhere with you, because she is my wife!"

A deep voice came through and everyone’s attention landed on Kaleb.

If looks could kill, Christian would already be dead by now.Kaleb was practically throwing daggers with
his eyes.

Dead air fell upon them, astounded at how Kaleb claimed Scarlett to be his wife.

Meanwhile, Scarlett was equally stupefied.

‘How did things quickly escalate? Now, I am his wife?’ Not that Scarlett disliked the idea.

She was just too stunned by his claims.

Before anyone could revert, Kaleb stood in front of Scarlett and said, "Kitten, don’t take too long.Our
son is waiting for us to get at home."

If that was not enough, Kaleb took a whiff at her and asked, "Is that the smell of my aftershave?"

‘No, it’s not “ Scarlett replied in her head.

"Well, that’s probably because we wake up together in each other’s arms," he added, his voice not
shying away.

"Shall I wait for you downstairs? I don’t mind we going home together."

‘Okay.Too much info.Now they know I sometimes live with him, too!’’ Scarlett silently complained.

"Um." looking up to his towering frame, Scarlett did not miss the gawking stares of her colleagues.

She answered, "Um.Kaleb, I still have a few paper works to finish.It might be another two hours before
I am done."

"Then… I’ll come back to pick you up," Kaleb answered.

"You don’t have to.The car."

"Of course, I do.I have to take care of my wife."

He put his hand on her stomach and added, "Our future babies may already be on the way.We want
them to be safe all the time."


When Kaleb left, Scarlett was immediately surrounded by the ladies.

Even Jessica remained on their department floor, wanting to get answers.

"I should have known better.When I saw your current address was at the Third Diamond Hotel, I should
have looked into it.Why on earth did you not tell me, Scarlett?" Jessica asked.


Scarlett shrugged and answered, "At first, I was insecure.Sometimes, to this day, I still can’t believe I
have him, you know."

"Oh, he looks like he really loves you," Jessica suggested.

"I’ve never known Kaleb Wright to be so protective, so possessive, over a woman."

"Are you really married?"

One female associate asked.

"How come you don’t have a wedding ring?"

"Um.No, we are not married, but we talked about it.I want time to get my license first," she revealed

"But he calls you his wife.He must really want to marry you," one other paralegal said.

Scarlett flushed profusely and replied, "I think so, yeah."

"Have you met his parents?" Jessica asked.

Nodding, Scarlett answered, "Yes, I met them all.Including his siblings."

Clapping her hands together, Jessica proclaimed, "Then that’s it.You are definitely going to get married
into the Wrights!"

"Are you really pregnant?" One more asked.

"No.No.He talks about having kids, but no.We are not ready to go there yet.I think he was just trying to
scare away, Christian," Scarlett answered with a laugh.

"Dang, girl.You are so lucky!"

Joy, who, after hearing the news, came rushing to their department.

She squeezed herself into the crowd surrounding Scarlett, asking, "Tell me something, Scarlett.Is he
good in bed?"

"I’m not answering that!" Scarlett countered.

"That is personal!"

"Fine! At least, tell me this, does he have big feet?"

Joy asked, her eyes gleaming while waiting for an answer.

"Pfft! I’m not answering that either! And mind you, there is no scientific evidence to suggest a man’s
feet dictate his size!" Scarlett responded before going into a set of laughter.

"Do you love him?" Jessica asked.

"What about his son? I know he is not yours." Scarlett felt her face burning, and the heat went up to her

She replied, "I love him so much and I love… our son. He is mine in as much as he is Kaleb’s."