Cosset You Forever

Chapter 492 We Will Not See Each Other in the Future

Perhaps Samuel was too focused, as he didn't even respond when Ella softly called him.

The ward was so quiet that the buzz of Samuel's cellphone was very clear.

The phone buzzed several times. Samuel finally grabbed it from the table. His eyes darkened when he
saw the caller ID.

A soft voice held him back when he was about to go out to answer the phone, "Samuel." Ella's voice
was very soft, for she was too hungry to talk.

Maybe their son had too good an appetite. She always felt starving after breastfeeding him.

Samuel looked at the caller ID on the screen again, hesitated for a while, then hung up.

"Awake?" He walked up to the hospital bed, sat on the edge, and looked at the little woman who
seemed to have recovered a lot.

Ella nodded gently, and Samuel's phone buzzed again. "You can pick that up," said Ella.

Samuel cast a complicated look at the feeble Ella.This time he hung up the phone call without any
hesitation, and powered off the phone.

Ella gave a puzzled look when Samuel shut down his phone. But for a moment she thought, it must be

The ward was very quiet. Samuel lifted her hospital bed and put her on the pillow to make her
comfortable, "Is that okay?"

She nodded and looked up at the man close to her. "I'm hungry."

When hearing these two words, Samuel went back to take out the nutritious porridge from the thermos
jug. He put the porridge into a bowl and then brought the bowl to her.

Ella tried to move, but the wound in the abdomen immediately ached in an instant, though her other
parts were good.

As Samuel saw Ella closing her eyes in pain, his heart also ached for her. A quick, painful look
appeared in his eyes. Samuel sat down on the edge of the bed.

He scooped out a little hot porridge with a spoon, and raised the spoonful of porridge to his mouth and
blew on it, then put the spoon onto her lips.

Ella watched his move with excitement. Her dear Samuel was feeding her porridge himself. It felt
almost like a dream.

Ella opened her mouth obediently and ate the porridge. The warm porridge slipped down, and her
hungry, painful stomach felt much better.

In this way, a bowl of porridge was all eaten by her, and she was almost full. But when Samuel asked
whether she needed some more, she still nodded for another bowl for she loved it when he's taking
care of her.

Samuel took out another half bowl of porridge, and fed the porridge into her mouth carefully.

Ella enjoyed the moment with happiness. In the meantime, Samuel simply stayed focused on feeding

So neither of them noticed that there was a woman outside looking into the ward through the window

Emma stared at this scene, dumbfounded. That man once belonged to her. But now he was tenderly
feeding porridge to some other woman. Her heart ached.

She made a call to Samuel when she saw him posting a baby picture on his private Wechat account.
She dialed several times, but none were picked up. Did that mean he was done with her?

She didn't realize when the tears coursed down and covered her cheeks. Ella finished the second bowl
of porridge, and unintentionally saw the figure outside the ward.

The smile on Ella's face was gone. Samuel saw the strange look on her face. He followed her line of
sight and spotted a woman standing out there in tears. It was Emma.

Almost unwittingly, Samuel stepped outside.

Emma realized that she had been discovered. Her self-pride made her start running out of the hospital.

But Samuel caught up with her in only a few strides. Now the whole hospital was very quiet.

Samuel dragged Emma into the fire escape staircases. They stood there and looked at each other.

"Emma, go back to America. We will not see each other in the future." Samuel stared. Their
relationship was in the past. He had been married and he had a family.

He couldn't string Emma along, nor cheat on Ella.

The tears streaked down Emma's face. She stared at Samuel's expressionless face with hatred, and
asked in a hoarse voice, "Samuel, have you ever thought about my feelings? I don't want to let go. Do
you understand?"

When he saw her behave like that, Samuel didn't feel great, either. He held her in his arms, but
repeated, "Emma, go back to America and forget me."

Emma burst into tears and yanked his clothes, "Samuel, I love you, I love you!"

He used to love her too, but they were separated for too long a time. Also, now there was an Ella Bo.
He didn't dare to give her a tiny bit of love. Regardless of her sadness, he pushed her away.

"Emma, forget me. You deserve better." After saying that, he left the staircases without looking back.

Emma looked at the closed door and wiped away the tears. Her grief was half gone now.

Her phone was ringing inside the handbag. She scanned the caller ID, then answered the phone
irritably, "Could you stop nagging me all the time!"

The woman on the other end screamed in discontent, "Emma! I'm your mother! Now I have been
chased around! How can I take it easy?"

Emma closed her eyes in pain, knowing that the only life-saving straw was Samuel. She couldn't give

"I'm trying now. And I will transfer 100, 000 CNY to your account tomorrow, so don't urge me again."
Samuel was her love, but she was her own mother. She couldn't disregard her mother. So she wouldn't
let go.

She hung up the phone, wiped off the tears on her cheeks and left the hospital, capable and tough as

'Samuel, I will never let go!'

When Samuel came back from talking with Emma, he readjusted his mood and opened the ward door.

What he saw quickened his pace..

His baby son Jerry was crying so loudly, and Ella propped herself up from the hospital bed, painfully
and laboriously trying to fetch him. The wound ached every time when Ella tried to move. She bit her
teeth, and finally walked to her son's crib.

Samuel didn't say anything, just walked to them and took Ella back to the bed, then put their son
beside her.

Ella got her breath again, and started to feed her son, regardless of the look in Samuel's eyes.

Jerry stopped crying, and the whole room quieted down too. Samuel stood by the bed, watching the
greedy son sucking Ella's breast.

Ella's eyes were tightly closed, no word spoken.

The atmosphere was a little weird.

"Just call me if you need any help." Samuel tore his gaze away from Ella, and returned to the sofa and
started working.

He didn't see that Ella gently nodded.

In the Chuck Private Exclusive Hospital, the Dean's Office

Chuck finished Ella's medical examination in the morning. He went back to the office after he made
sure that everything was okay.

He opened the door of the office, and a figure in jeans appeared in his sight, one leg slashing a quick
kick over at his face.

It happened many times, over and over again. The experienced Chuck easily grasped that leg with his

He didn't let go, and they stood in a strange position against each other

Daisy tried several times to escape the control of his big hand.

Chuck didn't even look at her, just walked to his office desk with a medical record in his hand.