Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1833 The End

For Kylie’s safety, Joseph decided to operate on Julian’s son. Before the operation, he had a secret talk
with Julian Farley, and they had reached an agreement.

When it was time for the operation, Kylie, as Joseph’s assistant, also entered the operating room, while
Mr. Frye and Julian stayed outside.

Joseph said to Julian expressionlessly, "Mr. Farley, I need some of your blood, in case of need. Is that

"Of course."

Julian had been very active in rescuing his son.

After Joseph took Julian's blood, people with no duty went out. But Joseph didn't know if there was a
monitoring video inside the operation room.

But he didn't care. After all, no one else could learn his unique skills.

But Kylie looked at him inquisitively.

As a doctor, she knew that they didn’t need Julian's blood, but she didn't say anything. She took
Julian's blood sample to make a test.

Joseph looked into her eyes, but he didn't say anything.

Julian’s son was really in a bad situation.

After Joseph checked it, he already knew what to do. Just when he was about to work, there was a
sudden gunshot outside.

What happened?

Kylie's face turned pale.

She was not afraid. She was just reminded how Joseph had fought with Mr. Frye before. She had a
vague guess.

Did these people come to rescue Joseph?

She looked at Joseph subconsciously.

But Joseph didn't seem to hear it. He said, "Focus on the operation and finish it. Don’t be absent-


"Do it, or go out."

Joseph didn't even raise his head. He kept checking the patient's body and recording the data.

Seeing him like this, Kylie was stunned for a moment. Then she calmed down as if she was infected by
his calmness and began to concentrate on her work before the operation.

The gunshots were dense outside, and the screams resounded everywhere. But for Joseph and Kylie,
they seemed to hear nothing.

"Prepare the disinfection tools and make the environment sterile. The operation will be performed after
ten minutes."


Kylie said calmly.

Joseph looked at her with appreciation.

Kylie was a tough girl who could be calm in face of danger.

He smiled slightly. He didn't know why he suddenly felt proud of her.

He seemed to have a special feeling for Kylie. Joseph found that he seemed to fall in love with Kylie.

Joseph quickly lowered his head and glanced at the fierce battle outside, but he said nothing and
picked up the scalpel.

From the moment she picked up the scalpel, Kylie and Joseph seemed to have come to their own
battlefield. No one else could distract them.

Mr. Frye didn't look well.

Looking at the people rushing in, he squinted and said to Julian beside him, "What's going on? How did
they know this place?"

"I'll ask someone to have a look."

Julian lowered his head and was about to leave, but was stopped by Mr. Frye.

"Stay here. Your son is in the operating room now. Don't worry about anything else at this moment. No
matter why these people come here, if they dare to distract the operation at this moment, I will let them
pay for it."


Julian stood with his hands down, looking obedient.

Soon the operation was over, and there was a scream outside the operating room.

"Mr. Frye! Mr. Frye!" Julian shouted in a loud voice.

When Joseph went out, he happened to see Mr. Frye, who was shot in the head. Mr. Frye stared
incredulously at the two people standing opposite him. One was Joseph, and the other was Julian.

He immediately understood that it must be Julian who leaked the address here. Julian even joined
hands with Joseph. Well, as his son, Julian was as smart as him. Mr. Frye wanted to curse, but before
he could make a sound, another gunshot rang out. He was shot in the heart and couldn't stand

Joseph followed behind Julian. Julian knelt on the ground and pretended to cry. Joseph just glanced at
him indifferently, and finally said to Mr. Frye, who was struggling on the ground, "Your grandson is fine.
Don't worry."

Joseph said this, just because Mr. Frye still cared about his grandson though he was a bad guy. At the
last minute, before he died, Joseph told him the last good news.

Mr. Frye seemed to have heard it. He closed his eyes and stopped struggling.

Everything stopped abruptly.

It turned out that Joseph and Julian had already made a plan to do something during the operation.
Joseph called Lucas before and asked Lucas to send more people to Julian. Then Julian dismissed the
people of Mr. Frye and helped Joseph’s people to control the situation. Julian had already bribed many
of Mr. Frye’s men secretly. All these plans were carried out in secret. Mr. Frye was deprived of power

After the turmoil in the manor, Julian became the new owner. According to the agreement, he asked
people to send Joseph and Kylie home safely.

"Please come to check my son’s health later. Mr. Frye is dead, but I still have a lot of things to deal
with." Julian was tired, but he still felt excited.

Definitely, he hated Mr. Frye much.

"Wish us a pleasant cooperation." Joseph sneered.

Julian broke out in a cold sweat. He would never offend Joseph again. Joseph's braveness and ability
were beyond his imagination. He firmly believed that he should make friends with this man and should
never be his enemy.

After Joseph and Kylie went back home, Lucas and Yasmeen were finally relieved. At the same time,
Joseph also knew what he really wanted. He found Mia first. Mia was his good friend's girlfriend and
she was pregnant with his brother's child, so he had made an impulsive decision. Even if Mia would
abandon the child in the future, he could adopt the child legally and bring the child up for his brother.

But the world was so small that Mia was just Kylie's sister.

Thinking of the scene years ago when he accidentally went to the Green Family and saw Kylie be
bullied by Mia and her mother, Joseph tried so hard to suppress his anger. He wanted to avenge Kylie.

But unfortunately, he couldn't, because Mia was carrying the child of his brother!

He wouldn't marry Mia. He would only help her bring up the child in the future.

After everything was settled, Joseph found Kylie and expressed his love for her. Kylie had a crush on
Joseph long ago, so when he expressed his love for her, she immediately agreed to be with him.

"I... I thought you didn't like me," Kylie stammered. She had thought that Joseph, a blockhead, would
never think about such things.

Joseph took Kylie's hand and said, "I don't want you to misunderstand me. Besides, I do have a special
feeling for you. Kylie, can you be my girlfriend?"

Kylie nodded and agreed.


Joseph finally found the one he loved, while Lucas and Yasmeen had made rapid progress in their

Because of the surgery, the two families had a better understanding of each other. Especially in the
Shaw Family, although Yasmeen’s father still wanted to test Lucas, he could not persuade his son and
daughter, so he gave in.

The two young couples also planned to hold a wedding ceremony at the seaside beach.

Besides the beach, there was an ancient church with a history of nearly eight hundred years.

The church was solemn, and its classic style made it be like the scene in the old romantic movie.

The wedding host was a priest, who was nearly eight years old but was healthy and vigorous, and he
had a flexible mind and a clear voice.

"Today, we gather here with the blessing of God and will witness the cheerful weddings of Lucas and
Yasmeen, Joseph and Kylie respectively. This is a glorious moment..."

The priest turned to them.

Then he asked each of them whether they would like to be the only love for each other respectively,
and the new couples answered, "Yes, I do."

At last, the two couples made a vow respectively:

"I will cherish our friendship and love you today, tomorrow, and forever. I will love you faithfully through
the best and the worst, the difficult and the easy, until the end of your life..."

After they finished their vows, they saw tears in each other's eyes.

For them, this was not only a vow at the ceremony but also the words that were firmly engraved in their
hearts after they had experienced so many separations and gone through so many ups and downs.


Samuel held Nicole, who was crying, in his arms. They felt relieved and smiled at each other.

"Samuel, I never thought that we would see them get married."

They had experienced so many hardships and brushed past the death many times before this moment.

Samuel kissed Nicole's forehead and said, "Don't worry. I'll always be here with you and our kids."

From now on, the family would only live in peace and happiness forever.

The end.