Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap

Chapter 1074 Ending

Amanda and Casimir both got off, but Abbott was still in the car, as if he had lost track of what he was
doing, and at the same time looking like he was still mulling over what Casimir had said.

“Mr. Baron.” Amanda reminded him, which brought him back to reality.

After getting off the car, they came to the ward led by Casimir.

“My mother is inside there.” He didn’t sound like he wanted to go in.

Abbott glanced at him and slowly solidified his guess in his heart. It was just that he still found it hard to

Even though so many years had passed, Abbott could still recognize Emma with ease. Although she
was not young anymore, he could still remember her face.

At this moment, the person lying in bed had woken up. She was able to see those who stood not too far
away from the bed, and there was a frozen expression for a moment, but it developed into a self-
deprecating smile very quickly.

She imagined herself having bad eyes now, “It must be almost time for me to go since we can still meet
each other for the last time.”

She let out a long sigh, “It’s really head-scratching. We barely saw each other when we’re still alive, so
what’s the point of meeting before my demise?”

“I am really useless.” She hated herself for remembering him, for still having such an illusion at this

Abbott felt like his legs had turned to lead.

There was a churning motion in his chest, and he was only able to open his mouth after a while,

The woman lying in bed visibly froze for a moment, and then her eyes slowly became bigger. She was
staring at Abbott incredulously, “You…”

Was this not her illusion?

“You, you…”

She was agitated, fearful and feeling a whirl of emotion. In the end, nothing came out of her mouth.

Abbott came over and asked with a solemn expression, “Where have you been hiding? Hmm? I
couldn’t find you even if I wanted to, and it turns out that you’ve been hiding here.”

Emma seemed to be digesting his words, to the point that her eyes started to become wet.

Her voice was strangely hoarse, “You have been finding me.”

Abbott's eyes were slightly reddened too, “Of course. I am not as cruel as you. You can just disappear
after making a fool out of someone. You can be gone without leaving so much as a note behind.”

Emma was sobbing now, and her lips were shuddering. Beads of tears were coming down from her

They flowed into her hair.

They flowed onto the pure white pillow.

Outside the ward, Amanda and Casimir were sitting on a long bench, and they had been wordless for
some time. They could only hear the occasional voice of conversation and sobbing, the crying sound
coming from the ward.

The different sounds interchanged with one another.

From it was still daylight until night came.

For those waiting outside, it was a long time.

However, Emma and Abbott felt that time was too short.

They had missed each other their whole lives.

They had been missing each other in their hearts, yet they never got the chance to tell each other their

After calming down, Abbott asked the doctor about Emma’s situation. It was her last moment in life,
and even if there were God in this world, her life couldn’t be prolonged anyway.

Abbott was here to walk her through the last part of her life.

They didn’t just linger in the hospital. Abbott had brought her to many places.

They talked about their lives.

When Emma learnt that Abbott was a married man and had children already, her heart felt like it was
electrocuted. The pain was as if someone were drilling a hole in it.

She knew it and she was ready to hear it from him. It was not likely that Abbott would spend his whole
life alone.

However, no matter how she was prepared, when the moment he told her by himself came, she still
couldn’t keep her emotions in check.

She lost her consciousness at that time.

Abbott returned her to the hospital, and after that whenever she asked about his life again, he would try
to avoid getting further with that topic.

One day, Emma wanted to see the ocean, and Abbott proceeded to bring her there.

The sky was very blue, and the waves were lapping against the shore calmly. There was the scent of
salt lingering in the air.

It was the smell of the ocean.

“After I am gone, scatter my ashes into the ocean.” She held Abbott’s hand, “…I never thought that at
the very end, you are the one who is going to see me off.”

Abbott said nothing afterwards. His throat was parched and dry.

“Casimir… He… Is he my son?” This was what he wanted to ask most, and it was something he didn’t
dare to broach too.

He had a feeling that the days were counting down for Emma. He really wanted to hear the truth from

“He’s all grown up now, and he can take good care of himself…” As she said that, her tears fell. She
didn’t want to cry, but she couldn’t hold back the tears, “I have been indebted to him for too long, and
as a mother, I am not worthy of him…”

Even until now, she never thought to reveal to Casimir her real identity.

She had stolen Casimir’s right to fatherly love.

She was selfish.

There were too many things that she had done wrong in her life.

She was very regretful. She regretted many things.

If she never left at that time, and if she had gone to see Abbott once she learnt that she was pregnant,
the outcome now wouldn’t be like this.

Everything in the present was caused solely by her.

At the end of her days, she gazed at the ocean and said, “You should change his name.”

After that, she looked up and touched Abbott’s face. His face looked a little different from the one in her
memory. He had wrinkles at the corner of his eyes, and there were signs of the passage of time in his

“He is… your… son…”

After saying that, her hand flopped down.

She was gone forever, in Abbott’s embrace.

She was at peace at the last moment, and although she had missed out on too much in her life, she
was able to depart to the afterlife in his arms. This could possibly be the best she could hope for.

Abbott held her for a very long time and felt her body becoming cold.

A streak of tear fell on her face, and it slowly slid down her cheeks…

At the funeral, Amanda looked at Abbott, and suddenly she understand many things.

A buzzing sound came.

It was Joan who was calling.

She found a silent environment and picked up the call.

Before Joan could say anything, she took the initiative to begin the conversation, “Joan, let’s marry

Joan who was at the other end of the line thought that he was hearing things.

He couldn’t believe his ears, “What did you say?”

“I said, let’s marry.” Amanda wasn’t just hot-headed. She always had good feelings towards Joan, and
the most important thing was, he liked her too.


Three months later, Amanda and Joan carried out their wedding ceremony. It was held in Thailand, and
every proceeding was done in Thailand’s cultural style.

Due to Joan's identity, the wedding was majestic and huge.

Stanford’s surgery was a success, and he was able to recover his memory. By the time he went to see
Amanda, it was at her wedding.

She was wearing a slanted collar, silk and flower ornamental evening dress, which made her look
luxurious yet elegant. Her make-up was light and delicate, and standing aside Joan, she was receiving
the greetings and blessings from the guests.

Stanford recalled that when she married him last time, she used to wear a pure white wedding dress.
She was standing opposite him and smiling widely. She was very innocent and pure.


He had let her down.

He had lost the most brilliant star in his life.

There wouldn’t be anything as sparkling as her in his life anymore, would there be?

“Do you like him?” He mumbled to himself, “I thought so.”

That was because he saw the smile she used to show in front of him a long time ago.

If she was happy, then he would give her his blessing.

For the rest of his life, he would pray for her happiness with everything that he had. He would pray that
her life would be smooth sailing.

“Simona, I love you.”

Although he never got this out of his mouth, and although it was already too late, he would keep this
love in his heart forever.

The wedding came to an end in the wishes and blessings of everyone.

At night.

Amanda woke up while feeling dizzy. There was no one beside her. Joan was nowhere to be seen.

She got off her bed and while dressed in lace pyjamas, her hair was sprawling all over her shoulders.
Her feet were bare, and she stepped on the floor as she made her way to the study which was
illuminated in light.

The door was left ajar, and through the gap, she saw Joan sitting in front of the desk, seemingly
indulging in some writing.

She pushed the door open and asked, “It’s so late now. What are you doing here instead of sleeping?”

Joan looked up and saw that it was her. He kept his things and put them into the drawer and came over
to sweep her off her feet. He planted a kiss on her forehead, “Why aren’t you wearing any slippers?
The floor is cold.”

Amanda hung around her neck and smiled, “If I were wearing something, will you still carry me up?”

Joan smiled back, “You naughty girl.”

He carried her back to her room and placed her on the bed. Then, he bent down to kiss her on the lips.

Amanda lurched back a little as she blinked her huge eyes, “I am tired.”

Joan reached out and scooped up the remnants of her hair by her ears and traced her cheeks, neck,
and collarbone…

He left every mark on every inch of her skin.

Before he entered the study, they had officially become a husband and wife.

“What are you writing just now?” She asked.

Joan got on the bed and hugged her, “Guess.”

“I can’t.”

Joan suddenly looked at her seriously, “Amanda.”

His heart was completely absorbed into this woman the moment she became his woman. He was head
over heels for her, and he loved her very much.

He wanted to give her everything that he could.

Including himself.

“I am in the political field, and everything is unpredictable here…” He turned around and buried himself
in her arms, hugging her tight, “If there’s a day that something happens to me…”

“What nonsense are you saying now?” Amanda sealed his mouth, “It’s our big day today. You can’t say
something so inauspicious.”

Joan’s gentle gaze swept over Amanda’s face. She drooped her heady with embarrassment and just
as she wanted to take back her hand, he grabbed it and clutched it tightly.

In the dim glow of the bedroom light, she was very charming and seductive. Joan came close to her ear
and his eyes were brimming with the starlight in the night sky. He said, “I want you.”

Amanda immediately felt something burn on her face.

The night was very long…

It was a long and far journey…

After her sister’s wedding had ended, Joshua wanted to travel the world with Bonnie. He left the duties
at home to Andrew.

Andrew agreed to help him look after things, but before that, he had something to attend to.

After one month.

He brought Evelyn back.

Evelyn was pregnant, and it was a twin.

“We have agreed on this back then. Whoever has a child first, will go to enjoy first. Joshua, you should
earn more money now. I will go travel the world in your stead.” Then, before the holidays ended,
Andrew brought Evelyn to travel the world. Joshua was left earning money for them to enjoy.

Three months later.

Amanda was pregnant.

After learning that she was pregnant, Joan put down all of his work and came to accompany her.

“Now it’s still very early. You don’t need to be so nervous.” Amanda was studying all kinds of
pregnancy-related materials.

Joan put down his book and came over to hug her tightly.

He was going to be a dad soon, and it was hard to conceal that excitement. Even his eyes were
sparkling bright.

He was satisfied and happy with his life. He had his beloved wife, and now that they were expecting a
child, it was the kind of image of a family that he always wanted.

“I am very blissful.” These were his sincere words.

Amanda was happy with her life too. It was simple, and Joan was a good man.

He was gentle and family-oriented, especially towards her, he guarded her like a knight.

He made her feel that being loved by someone could be the happiest thing in the world.

Yes, she finally felt happy.

She wanted to carry on with her life in such a state forever.

“I want to give you many, many children.” She wrapped her arms around Joan’s neck and leaned on his
chest, listening to his heartbeat.

However, all happiness was temporary.

By the time the child was due, Joan received a mission which he could not refuse.

“Don’t worry, I will wait for you. I and the child will be waiting for you.” She said to him.

Ten days had passed, but Joan hadn’t come back yet.

While Amanda was at home one day, she received a piece of terrible news.

When Joan was on a mission, an accident had happened.

“To save someone, he couldn’t escape before the explosion…”

Before the messenger could finish, Amanda had fainted.

“Marquise Morton!”

She was sent to the hospital.

After six hours of labour, she gave birth to a baby boy.

At the same time, she received a piece of confirmed news that Joan was dead.

After learning of that, she bled a lot after her labour. She was on the brink of death.

Dolores kept watching after her.

She was afraid that Amanda would do something stupid.

At Joan’s funeral, she cried many times over, and she almost fainted in some occasions.

It was a short period in her adulthood when she felt real happiness. Those days were the happiest days
of her life.

The funeral ended.

A lawyer came to visit her.

He gave Amanda a document.

It was left behind by Joan.

It was a will.

Joan had named all of his inheritance and assets to Amanda.

Upon seeing the vast wealth at her disposal, Amanda could only cry endlessly.

She recalled the wedding night when Joan was gone from the bed when she woke up in the middle of
the night.

She saw him writing something in the study.

She saw on the will that it was drafted on the day of their marriage.

The moment they tied the knot, he had given her everything that he had.

It was the accumulated wealth of all bygone generations of the Morton family.

This man had employed such method, no, his everything to love the woman he loved.

As time moved on, she slowly gathered herself and recovered. She took great care in looking after the
child born of Joan and her.

However, the longing and sadness she felt whenever she thought of him never lessened.

Stanford wanted to look after her and the child.

But she rejected him.

“In my life, I will never marry another person.” She would stand by him, and by their child. She would
protect this family.

Amanda ceased her interaction with any men after this episode.

She stayed in the Morton family.

Stanford didn’t marry again either.

He used his way to look after her from afar.

Although her heart belonged to another man, he wasn’t jealous of Joan.

This was because Joan did love her with all his heart.

He was able to warm up Amanda’s cold heart again, made her believe in love again.

There was no sequence to love in this world.

One beautiful night, the moon was shining bright in the night sky. Matthew was holding Dolores by her
shoulder and they were gazing at the children running around in the courtyard.

All their children and grandchildren were gathered by their side. It was the happiness that most people
were looking for.

A tinge of sorrow was hidden under the surface of Dolores’ face.

Matthew knew that she was worried about Amanda the most.

Their only daughter didn’t have it easy when it came to love.

In the first part of her life, she met Stanford.

She had lost her child and was on the verge of death.

Then, she met Joan.

Just when everyone thought she could finally have a happy life…

He reached out and wrapped his arm around Dolores’ shoulders, “You only need one true love in your
whole life.”

That love would fill your heart to the fullest and accompany you your whole life. You can’t think of
anyone else anymore.