Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 1025 - Then you'd better call me uncle

Elaine stood there, wanting to find a hole in the ground, he had gone to meet with the partner, why was
he here?

Natasha also dare not look up, can only stiffly begin: “Sorry ah, we are playing a big adventure ....."

Erickson also came over at this time and spoke with a smile, "It's an honor to meet such lovely and
beautiful girls like you.”

He said, he took out his phone and continued, “Just see you guys play tennis well, I also like this sport,
I wonder if I can

add a contact, we can play together in the future.

Natasha was obviously a little stunned, waved his hand and refused with a dry smile, “No ...... no need
uncle .....”

Erickson paused, a mouthful of blood stuck in his throat, incredulous out loud: "Uncle ...... uncle?"

He is only twenty-eight years old, how should not be the age of being called uncle by them, right?

Natasha pulled Elaine and ran, while waving at him, "Bye uncle!”

Erickson held out his hand to say something, but they had quickly disappeared into the crowd.

He looked reluctantly at Darnell: “That voice just now, Uncle, I think it was called you”

Darnell withdrew his eyes and glanced down at his wristwatch, “I've got things to do, so I'll leave you to

Erickson said, "I thought you didn't have anything else scheduled for today, I ......"

Before the words were out of his mouth, Darnell was already striding away.

He was left standing alone wondering about life.

Natasha and Elaine let out along breath after running to the dressing room.

Natasha said while holding her clothes, “It was really scary just now.”

With that, she turned her head to look at Elaine next to her: “But don't you think, the man who didn't
speak, looks so familiar,

l always feel like I've seen him there before.

Elaine hugged her clothes, didn't know what she was thinking, and unconsciously replied, “That time in
the restaurant, you asked him for his contact information and were rejected by his assistant.”

Natasha's eyes widened violently and his hands waved in the air excitedly, "Yes, yes, yes, I remember!
That's him!"

Immediately after, she was full of fear: "I must have been lustful, how have the courage to want to add
his contact

information, his aura is too strong, I dare not even look at him:’

Elaine was afraid that Darnell had left and didn’t want to change her clothes, so she hurriedly stuffed
them into her bag:

“Natasha, I'm going to go first, ah, see you next time”

Natasha thought Elaine was frightened, so she said, "Okay, then you take care on the way."

Elaine ran out of the locker room and searched the entire tennis court and didn't see Damell again.

She smacked her lips with some regret and walked slowly out the door.

As she passed through the hallway, she went to the water vending machine and bought a bottle of
mineral water.

But just playing tennis handles are playing out of energy, how can not be unscrewed.

Just when she was at a loss, the water in her hand was picked up.

Elaine looked up, her eyes instantly filled with light: "You didn't leave”

Darnell unscrewed the water and handed it to her, "What's the run.”

Elaine knew that he was referring to what had just happened on the tennis court.

Her little face flushed and she took the water with both hands, her mouth slightly beaming, “I feel too
ashamed .....”

What is more socially dead than losing a game and making a face on a dare in front of the person you

And still without a little mental preparation.

Darnell said, “You've been to the restaurant?”

Elaine nodded as she sipped her water and screwed on the cap: "Your assistant said you were meeting
with a partner, so I

came to hang out with Natasha”

Darnell was silent for a moment: "Next time, call me directly”

Elaine's eyes lit up a bit more, then restrained herself, "But in case you're busy”

“If I can get a call from you, I'm not busy.

At those words, Elaine's face lifted into a smile, "Good . At that moment, she heard Natasha's voice
coming from far away, drinking in a strange man’s conversation.

Elaine looked around, quickly took the water in her arms, and pulled Darnell to the side to hide in the
safe passage.

The whole action was clean and crisp in one fell swoop.

After hiding, Natasha and the others walked right up to where they had just been.

Elaine then realized that the man next to her was the same one who was with Darnell earlier.

Erickson said, "Do you and your friends come here often to hang out?"

Natasha replied, “Occasionally, uncle, where are you from, you speak Chinese well.”

Erickson took a deep breath and kept his smile, “I'm Italian, my mother is from Riverside City and she
taught me Chinese.”

After a pause, he still added: “I should not be older than you by a few years, otherwise you'd better call
me brother.”

Natasha said blindly with her eyes open: “Oh, but I'm only 17 years old this year eh, brother how old
are you?”

Erickson: "......"

It wasn't a weekend or a holiday to see them here, so Erickson naturally assumed they were all at least
in college.

But it looks like both girls are really quite young.

He was silent for a while: "Then you'd better call me uncle”

Natasha suppressed the smile at the corner of her mouth and said in a serious manner, "Okay uncle.
Then my friend's contact information, do I still need to give it to you.”

Erickson stiffened: "No, you two study hard, uncle go away:

As he spoke, he quickened his pace and left.

Natasha made a yes motion to his back.

Elaine saw the scene and the corners of her lips lifted.

Natasha is so good at tuming people down.

When Elaine withdrew her gaze, she realized that the lights in the hallway had dimmed.

And she was lying in Darnell's arms.

Etaine titted her head, blinked, and said in a very small voice, “Is that the partner you met with today.”

Darnell gave a low hmm.

Elaine exhaled, “Then it's a good thing we hid fast, or it would have been bad if he saw us.”


"My father said that we have to keep a low profile, and ...... and in case he knows our relationship, he
threatens you in turn, then you are not going to eat a good big loss.”

Elaine is now especially afraid that Darnell will be because of her, and thus be the James family people
to hold, so even Natasha, she has not revealed.

Although this is a little sneaky, but as long as she can be with him, then she is already very satisfied.

Darnell raised his eyebrows slightly, “You mean, all the time from now on?”

Elaine thought for a moment, "My dad said that when I finish my studies and come back from
Switzerland, he'll leave me alone, and then we can be together in a proper way! So can you wait for me
for three ...... no, two years at the most.

Her tone was full of sunshine and aspirations for the future.

Darnell placed his hand gently on her back and lowered his voice a few notches: “Good”