Win Her Back

Chapter 772 The Second Half Of Her Life (The Final Episode)

Terence's heart ached at first.

He thought that although Hester was still unwilling to talk to him, they had a son, and after a while, their
relationship would be reconciled.

He thought he still had a lot of time and opportunities to repay his lack of her.

But she didn't want to give him the chance.

Terence clenched his fists. His sharp features always appeared noble and cold when he was
expressionless. But at this moment, it only made people feel sorry for him.

He had tens of thousands of dollars, but what was the point?

From the moment she pushed him away, no one had shared his achievements, and all his joy had
nothing to do with others. What was the meaning of such a life?

Terence was silent when he suddenly heard his son's voice.

"Mom... I want to be with dad." Thomas pulled Hester's sleeve and looked pitiful. He looked at his
father and mother, and his voice was childish and naive.

Hester pursed her lips.

She lowered her head and looked at him. Her heart was as hard as an iceberg, but for or some reason,
a corner of it suddenly melted.

She recalled her own life, and it seemed that bumps and difficulties had always followed her.

She had been running away under the whip of fate and moving forward in the storm. Till now, she felt
that she had cultivated the body in the diamond like state, which was immune to everything.

However, looking at Thomas whose blood was connected to her, she suddenly realized that it was not
the case.

There was always a corner in her heart, soft and gentle.

She didn't want him to feel any dissatisfaction and sadness.

Hester didn't say anything for a long time, but Terence said, "Hester, I won't let you take Thomas away."

His facial features were sharp, and his eyes were full of sincerity.

He cleared his throat and tried very hard to tell her what he had been thinking for a long time.

"I used to be frivolous and conceited when I was young. I misunderstood many people and did many
wrong things. In the past few years, I have been reflecting on myself since you left me."

"But it's my fault. My child shouldn't be responsible for it."

"No matter how you want to take revenge on me, I'm willing to accept it. But you can't let Thomas leave
his father. You shouldn't let him bear the consequences of single parent family."

He said firmly, "In this life, Thomas is my only son, the only heir to all the business I have worked for,
and also the son given birth by my beloved woman. Anyway, I will never allow you to take him away."

"I hope you can bring him up with me and let him grow up well. When he meets the woman he likes in
the future, he will not doubt her because of money, power or interests, and will not prejudice her
because of family or wealth."

"This is the wrong path I have taken. I don't want him to take it again."

Hester's face was covered with tears when she heard his words.

The dust laden memory woke up in her mind.

She had been entangled with this man for many years.

She had loved, hated, and been hurt deeply. In the end, he did not become her lover, but became the
father of her child.

This kind of connection was more long-term, stable and gentle than a lover.

She said to herself in silence, 'Hester, you really shouldn't blame the mistake he made on the child.'


She continued, "I won't take him away."

From then on, Hester and Terence raised their son together, and their relationship was alleviated
because of Thomas.

Hester enjoyed such a stable relationship without burden. She couldn't tell how she felt for Terence.

The hatred in her heart had been resolved a lot, but it was not completely love that resolved it.

Until one day, Terence knelt down in front of Hester with flowers in his hands and said, "Will you marry
me not only to be the mother of my son, but also to be my wife?"

She looked down at him, and suddenly felt that all the disputes in the first half of her life were gone.

There should be a new and bright start in the second half of her life.