Exclusive Memory

Chapter 500 Affectionate Sunflower

The Japanese restaurant was the smallest among the many restaurants of the Zhan family, only fifty
square meters. With the table, the cushion, and other furniture decorations, the entire restaurant was
almost full, and was very suitable for small banquets of three to five people.

"As for the illegal confinement, I think the relevant authorities have responded. The stock of the SS
Group is going up. It's a good sign." "Have you found out the person who saved Sheila that day?"

Jasper nodded, "Yes. Francis did it."

"Francis?" "It seems that Francis and Sheila are too close. Sheila is still useful. Maybe there is a deal
between them."

"Yes, I know. I've been keeping an eye on it. Don't worry."

"That's good. Speaking of Francis," Ashley remembered what had happened just now, "Uncle Bradley
has caught four people. It seems that they have something to do with him. Do you want to deal with it

"It's settled. Uncle Bradley told me as soon as I entered the room. They seem to come for Nelson. I've
given them some money. It will be able to keep them silent for a period of time."

"It has been handled? Well, Uncle Bradley has always been able to distinguish what is the priority. Now
the relationship between the SS Group and the GT Group are tense, and Francis has been keeping an
eye on your family affairs... "

"It's also your family business." Jasper cut in.

"……" Looking at the empty table, Ashley was silent for a while. "Of course, it's also my family

Jasper wanted to ask what was on Ashley's mind and what attitude she had towards the relationship
between them. But he couldn't ask anything because of the inappropriate occasion, atmosphere and

"The sunflowers in the garden are blooming. If you come back after finishing the shooting, they may
already wither. How about going to have a look after dinner? The gardener has taken a good care of

"I have to go back to the crew..."

"It won't take long." Jasper said.

Ashley didn't know how to refuse. After hesitating for a while, she finally nodded and said, "Okay."

Just as Abbott said, the dishes were cooked very fast. Within ten minutes, the table was already full.
When the last dish was ready, Nelson finally packed up his stationery and came late. When a kid was
at the dinner table, there were always many topics to talk about. A new Lego toy could talk for a long
time. During the dinner, they chatted happily.

After dinner, Nelson went back to his room, while Ashley and Jasper went to the garden.

During the late summer, it was hot at noon, but cool at night. In the garden, there were both very
precious flowers and the most ordinary white gardenia. The walls of the garden were open in summer,
and before people approached, a faint fragrance had floated to their noses with the wind.

The sunflower field was still at the end of the flower room. As the night, the breeze blew, the flower
swayed gently with it.

She stopped and looked at the golden sea of flowers. All the memories of the past seemed to come up
all of a sudden. Those flowers which were inserted in the vase, wrapped in the gift paper, and sent to

her hand... Those golden memories flashed through her mind. In an instant, she seemed to have
passed through her life.

"I want to discuss with you about my plan." The man behind her said.

"What plan?" Ashley looked at the sea of flowers. Although she asked, it sounded more like murmuring.

"…… Maybe many people had great dreams when they were young, but I never had. I thought this
company would be my whole life, so I have been working hard in the circle for so many years. But now
I am a little tired. " Maybe it was because of the wind, the man's voice was a little vague, "Everything in
the world can be counted, but people can't figure it out. Things are getting out of control now. I don't
know where I will go in the future, and I don't know if I can get out of here safely. If anything happens to
me, you may have to take care of my parents and Nelson. "

Ashley looked back in shock. What was the man talking about? Did he ask someone to do things for
him after he dies?!

"How could it be so serious? It's just a business war. How could it be? " For an almost omnipotent
person like Jasper, saying something like that was like the sky was about to collapse.

"Don't worry. I won't die because of that." Jasper thought of what Francis had done recently. "But it's
very likely that I will be put into prison. If it goes well, I'm going to hand over the position of CEO to
Dean. It's too boring to care about the fact. As for the shares, of course, they are still in my hands. In
fact, it doesn't matter even if I don't have any shares. It's a good result that I can get rid of the mess. "

"And then?" asked Ashley in a trembling voice.

"Then..." Jasper thought for a while and smiled lightly. "I will be free. Maybe I can be a teacher? In fact,
the Columbia University has always wanted me to go back and continue to study physics, but I'm not
very interested in it. Let's talk about it later. I can do whatever I want as I will have plenty of time. As

long as... As long as you don't mind that I'm poor, I can do anything. Teaching still can support the
family. "

Why was this man still joking at this time.

"Ashley." Jasper took two steps closer and said, "I really want to know your attitude. You keep a
distance from me. Sometimes you seem to accept me, but sometimes you push me away. My heart is
like a partition between ice and fire, feeling cold and hot alternately. Sometimes I feel hopeful, and
sometimes I feel desperate. Can you tell me what you are thinking? "

What was she thinking? Had she changed her mind? Wasn't her heart always there?

Ashley took a deep breath and turned to look at the sea of flowers.

"I once told Jessie that I want to act quietly. Jessie said that my idea was too stupid. I thought she was
too selfish, but now I admit that she was right. The entertainment circle is a place of fame and fortune.
In this circle, there are only fame and fortune, but I want to be quiet and unknown. It's really ridiculous.


"No, thanks." Ashley shook her head. She knew what the man wanted to say. He had been supporting
her all the time, but she didn't want to do it again. "I know you can help me block those things, but you
don't have to do it again. The issue of Aimee made me realize that as long as I am in this circle, there
will not be any peace for me. Fame and fortune can't be separated, people will always chase after
them. I always have to be prepared to be at the top of the tornado at any time. And the only way to
solve this problem is to leave here. "

Jasper was surprised.

She turned around slowly with a gentle smile on her face, "When I finish the shooting of this drama, I
will leave the entertainment circle. Umm... I'll accompany you to teach. "

"Ashley!" Jasper was surprised. Did Ashley mean that she had completely forgiven him! He opened his
arms excitedly and hugged the woman tightly, as if he was afraid that the woman would fly away if he
loosed her.

Ashley also slowly held the man tightly without any hesitation. She firmly held the man in her arms and
said, "As for what happened to Aimee, let her go to hell."

"Ha-ha." Jasper was amused. He looked down at the woman and asked, "Don't you worry that the baby
in her belly will threaten your position?"

"Now that you love me, what else can I be afraid of. What's more, do you think I'm that kind of passive
woman? I've been looking for the whereabouts of Aimee, and I'm still waiting for her to prove our
innocence. A proud man like you won't fall in love with her. You are obviously drugged. "

The word 'drug' made Jasper embarrassed and disgusted.

"How's it going? How about giving you my men and leaving you to handle it?" Jasper suggested.

"Didn't you promise me that I don't need to worry about the matter of Aimee? Seeing that we have just
reconciled, you are going to lay down the burden. If I had known it earlier, I would have forgiven you
after a few more months."

"It turns out that you are testing me. To be honest, since when have you forgiven me?"

There was a strong affection between lovers. The gardener, Dustin, was worried that the light was not
bright enough, so he specially came to turn on a few more lights. But when he approached, he found

that the atmosphere between them was perfect, so he quietly turned off a few more lights and then
quietly retreated.

He still remembered the palm readings of Jasper and Ashley. After the affections waves were over, the
trouble would be solved like the melting ice during spring.

When the gardener was about to walk out of the garden, he looked back at them who were embracing
each other in the distance. Moonlight, a sea of flowers and the embrace of lovers presented a beautiful

(The End)