Come on Daddy!

Chapter 519 Sorry, I Love You

When Nora heard this, she stopped walking. Her face became pale, and her chest felt strangely moved
and warm.

She looked slowly back into Alan's deep eyes. There were too many questions in his eyes.

"Alan, I'm sorry." Nora pressed her bloodless lips and her eyes getting hot and humid. "I want to see

"Don't forget that Hazel is Mr. Moore's girlfriend. I am afraid Hazel would give you hard time." Alan
strode over to her. Her forehead was wet with sweat from the pain. "I'll go with you."

"No. I can handle it myself." Nora didn't want to put Alan between her and Hazel anymore.

"Nora, whatever the future is, at least for now I'm still your husband and you're my wife." Alan helped
her into the wheelchair that had been set aside. "I don't feel ease for you being alone."

"Thank you." Nora felt that she could not repay Alan for his affection. "I'm sorry."

"Don't say that." Alan pushed her to Oca's room. "I did it of my own free will. Don't think too much."

Nora held back her tears. She took deep breaths, trying to calm herself down. She crossed her fingers,
and prayed that Oca could be fine.

Alan pushed her to the operating room, and Nora saw Hazel sitting in a chair outside the operating

She bowed her head and crosse her hands as if in prayer for Oca.

When she heard the footsteps, she turned over and saw Alan and Nora. Her eyes fell on Nora's face
with resentment.

Then the door of the operating room was pushed open and someone was pushed out, covered with a
white cloth.

Both Hazel and Nora burst into tears.

"No... no." Nora couldn't believe what she was seeing. "That's impossible."

Alan supported Nora, saying "You're pregnant. You can't cry, you know? It would hurt your eyes."

The more he said this, the harder Nora cried. "I would rather not have my eyes if only he could be

"Nora, you killed him! It's you!" Hazel walked over to Nora and wanted to slap her. But Alan stopped
her. "Hazel, calm down. He's dead and it's no use wishing him alive again. Mr. Moore was willing to
help Nora."

"Alan, you still protect her? She's not worth it!" Hazel glared at her brother.

"Sister!" Alan was angry.

"Don't say you don't suspect her relationship with Oca, or why does Oca keep calling her name?"
Hazel's eyes were red again. "You know what I feel when I hear that? Every time he calls your name,
my heart is like being cut by a knife!"

"Hazel, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry," Nora kept apologizing.

"Oh, so you admit you have an affair with Oca? But what's the use of apology?" Hazel bellowed. "Of all
the men in the world, why did you seduce Oca? Isn't my brother good enough for you? How can you be
so shameless? You are already pregnant with my brother's child. You are my sister-in-law. How could
you steal my boyfriend?"

Nora didn't say anything against Hazel. She just let Hazel scold her.

"Hazel, that's enough!" Alan could not listen to Hazel any longer. "It's all your speculation. Maybe Mr.
Moore was concerned about Nora so he called her name."

"He's dead. How do you know that? Alan, you still deceive yourself?" Hazel looked at Nora with hate.

"What are you shouting at!?"

Then the operating room opened again, and the person being pushed out was Oca, with a white gauze
wrapped around his forehead. There were some injuries on his body.

It was a surprise. They had all made a mistake. And they all felt grateful to see Oca was still alive.

Oca's anesthetics were still in effect, and he was transferred to VIP ward for observation.

Nora did not follow, but wept with joy.

The first thing Oca asked when he woke up was, "How is Nora?"

"She's dead." Hazel snapped.

Oca instinctively wanted to get out of bed, but the small movement tugged at his wound, causing him to
exhale in pain. His eyes turned red, and he didn't believe what she said.

Hazel watched Oca do this and cried, "Why?"


"You kept calling Nora's name when you were unconscious. You and she..." But Oca interrupted her,
"Hazel, let's break up, I'm sorry."

Hazel sat there, sneering. "Fine, but I want to know why."

"The one I love is Nora," Oca finally admitted.

"Will Nora love you too? She's my brother's wife. They already have a kid. Do you know what you're
talking about?"

"I've loved her since she was eighteen. I've loved her for eight whole years. I thought I hated her to the
core, but at the moment of her accident I found that I have always loved her!"

The door was pushed open and Nora was standing in the doorway. Oca's eyes began to tear up as he
saw her standing alive in front of the door.

With tears in her eyes, Nora made her way to Oca. "Who are you?"

"I am whoever you wish me to be." Oca looked at Nora, and his cold face finally became gentle.

"Oscar." Nora threw herself at his bedside. "Is it really you?"

"It's me." Oca nodded heavily. "I'm back."

Nora burst into tears, letting out all her grievances and solicitude towards him for so many years.

"Sorry, I love you." Tears welled up in Oca's eyes.

Alan felt his heart broken and he took Hazel out of the room.

Nora finally learned that Oscar wasn't dead that year.

It turned out that he was not the son of the Stevens family, but the illegitimate son of the Moore family
in Country M. Since the only son of the Moore family died of illness, the Moore family wanted to take

him back. He just wanted to be with Nora instead of going back. However, he didn't expect the fire and
almost died from it. However, he was saved by the Moore family's bodyguard who had been following
him all the time. They faked his death and let the Stevens family keep it secret.

Then Oscar went to Country M. He came back to take revenge on Nora for marrying into a rich family,
so he started dating Hazel. However, he still fell in love with Nora again.

A week later, Oca's injury improved.

Alan had signed the divorce agreement and put it next to Nora's pillow. He chose to give up and wish
them happiness this time.

"Go with me to Country M. Then the Mills Family won't dare to touch you." Oca held her fingers and
rubbed them. "Nora, forgive me."

Nora lowered her head to kiss him. She showed him the answer with her action that she had forgiven

Believe in love, and happiness will be around the corner.

(The End)