Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 478 The End

"At that time, I went to a foreign country alone. I thought I was going to live here until I die because I
had no reason to go back. I don't know what will happen to me if I go back. I don't know how my life will
be without you. "

Tears welled up in Sara's eyes, but her voice was still clear. All the unbearable memories were left to
the winners to recall, and losers couldn't even have the chance to look back.

Jacob hugged Sara from behind. Fortunately, he still had the chance to hear Sara recall the past.

"I'm sorry, Sara." Jacob whispered in Sara's ear, apologized.

The scars on her heart were real. As time went by, the scars might fade away with the memories.

But one day, we would still be shocked about what had happened before. It turned out that we had
really experienced that unbearable thing.

"Jacob, do you know that you owe me something that you can never pay back for the rest of your life?"

With her hands on Jacob's neck, Sara turned around and stared firmly into Jacob's eyes.

If one's eyes were able to make one's soul sink, then Jacob would definitely drowned in Sara's eyes.

"I know." There was a touch of passion in Jacob's deep eyes. He knew it.

He had always known about it. It was because he was guilty, otherwise, he wouldn't have been
unwilling to recall those things for a long time.

Refusing to recall didn't mean that nothing had happened before. Every time Jacob suddenly thought of
the past, he would become anxious and uneasy.

Jacob breathed heavily in Sara's ears.

"I forgive you, Jacob. Although the scar in my heart will never be erased, I still feel lucky that we can go
so far. "

After said that, Sara stood up and kissed Jacob's lips. Jacob's lips were so soft that Sara did not want
to leave them.

Jacob pushed Sara away and smiled, "Why are you in such a hurry, my wifey?"

"I'm going to give birth to a little angel for you," said Sara, unbuttoning Jacob's shirt.

Jacob looked at Sara in surprise. He didn't expect that Sara would finally accept him. He had been
waiting for this moment for so long.

"Really, honey?" Jacob looked at Sara in surprise.

"Shh, listen to me. I can give you a baby, but he will have my family name," Sara put her finger on
Jacob's lips.

Jacob curled his lips. Sure enough, things were not as easy as he thought.

Jacob let go of Sara and walked to the bed. What he needed right now was a cigarette. Looking at the
streetlights outside the window, he felt a little sad.

Jacob had been fighting in the business field for his life, but his child couldn't even take his surname?

Pursing her lips, Sara stood behind Jacob and sniggered. She was just kidding. She was not so mean
to force him to do anything.

But seeing that Jacob was thinking about it seriously, Sara was a little confused. She wondered what
Jacob would do. Would he compromise or not?

At the thought of this, Sara was a little nervous. Her words pushed Jacob and herself into a dilemma.

Sara swallowed and looked at Jacob nervously.

"Well, in this case, we can have two children, one with your surname and the other with my surname. I
don't want you to have too many babies. It's not good for your health. "

Jacob turned around and said seriously with a frown. It was undeniable that his words made Sara feel
warmth in her heart. Jacob hadn't changed a bit even after so many years.

He was always calm and considerate no matter what he said. Jacob was so calm that Sara almost
thought he would refuse.

Sara walked over and buried her head in Jacob's chest. Jacob's broad chest instantly embraced her,
and Sara's tears fell again.

Sara didn't know how a person grew up. But she knew how Jacob grew up. He changed bit by bit. And
now, he became who he was.

"What's wrong, Sara? Why are you crying?" Jacob was also a little nervous. He clearly felt that the
clothes on his chest was wet.

He was a little anxious, but he couldn't move too fast. He was even afraid that he had just said
something wrong.

"If you don't agree, they can use your surname. It doesn't matter, really doesn't matter..."

Jacob explained in a hurry. It would be terrible if he made her unhappy for such a small matter.

With tearful eyes, Sara raised her head and looked into Jacob's eyes. "Jacob, are you an idiot? You are
the CEO of the Shi Group. What will people think of you if your children follows my surname?"

Jacob was stunned by her question. He didn't expect that Sara was sad about this matter. Jacob
looked at Sara with firmness in his eyes, and his heart was softened.

"I'm just afraid that you will be unhappy. Nothing is a big deal if that's what you want. It's not a big deal
to follow your surname. After all, they are your child too. "

Jacob reached out and wiped Sara's tears. The way he looked at her was like he was afraid of losing

Sara nodded and said, "No, they will use your surname."

Jacob stretched out his hands to pick up Sara. "What are you doing?"

Jacob smiled, "To having a baby..."

With a red face, Sara buried her head in Jacob's arms and couldn't say anything.

The whole room was filled with love. Jacob reached out his hand to take off Sara's clothes.

Sara didn't stop his moves. When a pair loved each other deeply, it was the most passionate and
natural way to express their love.

"I'm going to give birth to a baby for you" had already expressed her whole love to him. No matter how
beautiful the honeyed words he heard in the future, Jacob would only like this simple sentence.

Three years later, in the villa, a little girl asked Sara.

"Mom, where is Daddy?"

"Your Daddy went on a business trip."

"Why didn't you call Daddy, Mommy? He had left for so many days. Aren't you afraid that Daddy will
run away?"

When Sara didn't know how to answer, Jacob showed up at the door. He was amused by his
daughter's words.

"Who are you talking about?" Jacob pretended to be angry.

The little girl was startled and said in a child's tone, "Daddy, you are back!"

Looking at Jacob, Sara grinned from ear to ear.

——The End.