Rebirth: Marry the Enemy of My Badass Husband

Chapter 100: Ms. Morris Does Not Miss Me?

Baron walked into his father’s office.

As the senior vice president of the group, it was naturally the topmost position.

After waiting for a while, he saw his father walk in with a darkened face and angrily slam the office door.

“Dad, what’s wrong? Things didn’t go well in the Kennedy family?!” Baron hurriedly asked.

“Osmond is really a cunning old fox. Since he’s unkind, don’t blame me for being unrighteous!” Abbott
gritted her teeth.

“What happened?” Baron was curious.

Abbott did not want to tell him the insult he received. He said with some impatience, “Don’t ask
anything unnecessary. I asked you to come here because I want you to contact reporters for me. I want
to publicly criticize Caesar for cheating and trampling on Helen’s feelings.”

“Now? Once we do so, we’ll really have a falling out with the Kennedy family, we’re probably not able to
cooperate with them in the future anymore…”

“Cooperate? There won’t be any cooperation in the future!” Abbott’s face darkened very much and he
was also very angry, “Just do it when I let you do it, don’t talk so much nonsense!”

Baron did not day to say anything more and could only ask, “You want to do it today or?”

“Today…hold on.” Abbott suddenly paused.

He thought of what Gemma had told her today.

He thought about it, “Tomorrow morning. I’ll settle Gemma’s matter first today.”

“What matter?”

“You’ll know it in a moment.” Abbott did not want to say much about it and then suddenly thought of
something, “Be alert when you contact reporters, don’t leak it out lest the people of the Kennedy family
find out. Also, give your younger sister a call, tell her not to cry anymore and think of the words she
should say when she faces the reporters tomorrow!”

“Okay.” Baron nodded his head.

“You may go out.”

Abbott impatiently waved his hand.

He really wished that he could cut the people of the Kennedy family into pieces!

In the director’s office of the sales department.

Gianna was sitting in front of her spacious office desk.

It was naturally all cleaned up now. The office was clean and tidy.

Gianna turned on the computer.

With nothing at hand at the moment, she logged in to the company intranet to get some information
about the company from the news on the intranet.

She was a bit devoted as she read at this moment.

The phone suddenly rang.

When she glanced at the caller, her eyes slightly moved. Seemingly without herself realising it, her lips
curled into a smile. She picked up, “Hello.”

“How do you feel about your first day at work?” the person on the other end of the phone asked.

“Pretty good.” Gianna naturally would not tell Kingsley about the odd things that happened early this

“So, don’t you miss me?”

“…” Dream on, “Do you have something to tell me?”

“Can’t I call you when I don’t have anything to tell you?”

“I’m at work.”

“So work is more important than me.”

“Yes!” This guy finally had some self-awareness.

Kingsley was obviously silent for a few seconds.

Clearly, it was because the blow was too big.

Gianna could not help but smile.

She felt that she seemed to have won a round of a match.

She kept feeling that since she talked about the cooperation with Kingsley, she was always being
oppressed in all aspects.

“Aren’t you curious why I had to leave this early morning?” Kingsley was very good at giving himself an
out as he directly changed the topic.

“Will you say if I’m curious?” Gianna asked.

“How do you know I won’t say if you don’t ask?”

“Okay, then tell me where did you go this early morning? What did you do? Why didn’t you tell me in

“So, what status are you using when asking me all these?” Kingsley was obviously teasing her.

Gianna rolled her eyes. She knew that Kingsley was not serious.

If she was not careful enough, she would fall into his trap.

“Forget it then, I don’t care.” Gianna was not interested.

“I’ll be back after a few days.” Kingsley really did not say it.

She knew she would be fooled by Kingsley!

“Whatever.” Gianna did not care.

“Don’t be angry, I’ll compensate you after coming back.”

“I’m not angry, I don’t need you to compensate me either.”

“It’s clearly very soft,” Kingsley suddenly said in a somewhat surprised tone.

Was this man sleepwalking?!

He suddenly said some strange words.

“I said, Ms. Morris’s lips are so soft like marshmallow, how come the words uttered from it are so

“…” He was crazy!

He was always full of crap!

“I can’t continue talking with you anymore, I still have things to do, I’m hanging up.”

Before Kingsley said anything, Gianna directly hung up.

It was also because she really could not endure Kingsley’s intense seductive aura.

It was really extraordinary that a man could be so seductive.

But, it seemed that Kingsley really cared about her although he was using a careless and not serious

Of course, she would not be moved.

Who knew what Kingsley was planning to do.

She was never able to predict what this guy wanted to do!

Then, the door was suddenly knocked on.

She answered, “Come in.”

Hannah respectfully appeared in Gianna’s office.

When she was looking at Gianna at this moment, she did not even dare to raise her head. After all, the
matter today made her abashed very much. She bit the bullet and said, “Director Morris, people in the

high-level meeting room asked you to go over.”

Gianna frowned slightly.

High-level meeting?

Although her position was not low, it was still not able to be considered the high-level position of the
Morris Group. Generally, it was made up of shareholders who held shares and had important positions
in the company or senior CEO hired in the name of the group. So, it was evidently not a good sign that
she was asked to go there at this moment.

She nodded indifferently, “Okay.”

She did not hesitate and single-handedly went to the most high-level meeting office of the Morris

She knocked on the door and entered.

In the large and luxurious high-level meeting room, there were full of formally dressed business elites
sitting inside.

Everyone looked at Gianna, watched her walk in and respectfully say, “President, are you looking for

Alexander nodded slightly, “It’s your first day at work, say hello to everyone.”

For the first time, Gianna felt that his father had a strong and domineering aura in the workplace.

He was usually gentle at home.

Even when she went to his office just now, he was also amiable.

At this moment, he looked like a supreme leader and this really somewhat pressured her.

She secretly took a deep breath and bowed politely to everyone, “Hello everyone, I’m Gianna Morris.
It’s my first day at work, I’m the director of the sales department. I hope you guys can guide me more.”

“I can’t say that I can guide you. Today is your first day at work so everyone wishes to get to know this
22-year-old young woman and figure out why can you be the director of the sales department,” a
middle-aged man in his forties spoke.

Gianna looked over.

If memory served, it should be Benjamin Carter, one of the board members of the Morris Group who
owned twelve percent of the shares of the Morris Group now, the largest shares holder other than her
father. The shares he owned were even more than Abbott’s so he naturally had a say.

And obviously, his words were to purposely make things difficult for her.

She remembered very clearly that Benjamin and Abbott had collusion secretly. On the bright side,
nobody knew that they had a good relationship. If it wasn’t because her family had been ruined in her
last life, these two people would not have been exposed.

She smiled calmly.

Since she chose to enter the company, she was naturally ready for all!