Chapter 8

Jane’s POV

Thane is now 4 years old,and this day,she will start her school.Being a single mother is not easy,but
because I have my members at my back it's more easier now.I woke up early to cook for breakfast,me
and Thane live with our members.Everyday our day was complete because of Thane acting all cute
all day.I cook some pancake and make milk for her.After I cook I went back upstairs to wake her up.As I
enter my room a saw Thane still sleeping.I tip toe and trying not to make any noise that can wake
Thane up.I reach the bed and sit beaside Thane.I caress her head and remove few strands of hair on
her face.Moments after she woke up.

"Morning mommy"she greeted while rubbing her eyes.

"Morning baby"I replied happily.

"Are you ready for school?"I asked her and she nodded cutely.

"Come on,mommy prepared pancakes in the kitchen."just we're about to leave the room when Laine
shout from outside.

"Morning my lovely Niece!”she shout greeted and enter the room.

"Good morning baby."she said then kiss Thane’s forehead.

"Morning aunt Laine."Thane replies.

"Let's go downstairs now.”I said

"The pancake taste good when it's still hot."I added and us three get out from the room.

As we enter the kitchen,Rylie and Olivia is already sitting at the dinning table.

"Olivia,you are here already?"I asked surprised.

"After Laine shout,of course we'll be awake."Olivia sarcastically said and we all laugh.

"Let's eat!"I said and I place Thane on her seat and I sit on my seat too.

"So Jane,what are your plans now Thane is going to school?"Rylie asked.

"Well,we will send Thane at school and Our manager will pick Thane from the school then bring her to
the company and we'll eat lunch."I replied.

"Thane are you ok with that?"Rylie asked and Thane nodded cutely.

"Like what we said Thane be good at school,don't be savage like your mommy."Olivia said and
Thane chuckle.

"And study well.”Rylie added

"And be nice and friendly to your classmate.”Laine added as well.

Minutes after we're done eating

"Jane,I'll take care of the dishes,prepare Thane for class.”Laine said and I nodded.

I lift Jehyung from her seat and bring her in the room and prepare her for school.

I was fixing Thane’s hair now.I put it in a cute braid and put some lip balm on her.

"Goodluck to your first day of school baby,if anyone bully you tell it immediately to mommy ok?"I asked
and she nodded.

"Come kn now,maybe your aunties are waiting for us."I said and we exited our room.

We saw my 3 members sitting on the sofa while on their phone Olivia saw us and turn around.

"Finally you're here,come on we'll be late"she said and we went in our van.

As we arrived at the school many people look,took pictures and start whispering.I now it's about me
sending my child on her school.Its not easy when the public knew about my pregnancy specially when
they saw me while on the hospital.I still remember how people react on me.Many press and reporters
are always following us asking about my baby and who's the father of my baby but we just kept shut
about it.Specially about the father because I don't want to ruin his career.And his management still
didn't knew about our baby even him didn't knew about Thane.I came back to my senses when Thane
tap my hands

"Mommy here's my classroom."Thane said and I look at her classroom it's nice,it's neat.

"Goodluck baby,follow what your aunties said,okay?”I said and she nodded,she sat in her seat and
wave on us.

We walk towards our van to go to the company.

I can still hear many people whispering about me.I can also sense the cameras that took picture of us.

"Don't mind them,Jane."Laine said and pull me inside the van.

Theodore’s OV

We're now at our plane,we just finished our tour in Japan.My members are now sleeping,Patrick has
his headphone on and busy on his laptop probably busy om doing music.I took my phone out and start
looking at social media.I stop scrolling after I saw an article from News saying.

Jane Zole sending her child at school,father of the baby still unknown.

I think deeply and hardly trying to remember what happen to us.It can't be,I used protection that time.It
can't be.

I look at my contact and saw Jane’s number.I tried to call or text her but there's something telling me
that I shouldn't.Its killing me everytime I saw an article about Jane’s daughter.Sometimes Chris tease
and joked about the baby looking like me at our dorm I just laugh at it even sometimes I think that I'm
the father of the baby.But I don't want to claim it as my baby.What if it was others baby,and having a
baby is not on my plan now.

I off my phone and start ruffling my hair

"Should I know something?Or should I just forget about this?"I mumbled.

"Everything ok,Theo?"I was startled when I hear Justin’s voice from behind.

"I thought you are asleep."I said,surprised.

"Well Theo,I woke up.Whats

the matter?Is everything alright?"he asked,concerned.

"Of course everything’s fine.Why wouldn't everything will be fine?"I replied then put a fake smile.

"As you said,Theo."he said then walk towards his seat and put his eye mask.

"I should talk to Jane”I mumbled

Jane’s POV

We're now at the practice room practicing for our next comeback.We've been practicing for 4 hours
straight and we feel exhausted.I took my water bottle and my phone.I sip some water and look at the
time at my phone.


Shouldn't be Thane already here?

"Everything ok,Jane?"Laine asked.

“Isn’t Thane supposedly here already?"I asked worried about her.Their class ends by 11 if I’m not

"Maybe they're on their way,Jane."Laine said

"Maybe.”I mumbled until

"MOMMY!"I heard Thane’s voice outside the room and the door opened revealing a happy baby of
mine.She run towards me and hug me.

"How's the first day of school?"I asked.

"Great mommy"she replied.

"Hungry now?"I asked and she nodded.

"We'll just eat lunch now,we'll be on the cafeteria."I did and our manage nodded.

We arrived at the cafeteria and ordered our foods.We pick a table and sat there.

"So how's school,Thane?"Olivia asked.

"Great auntie"she replied smiling.

"What do you mean great?Define great.”Olivia asked making me chuckle a bit.

"I have a new friends."Thane replied.

"Really?"Laine And Rylie said in unison,Thane just nodded cutely.

"Are they kind to you?"Rylie asked.

"Yes auntie.”Thane replied.

"What are their names?”Laine asked.

"Yuni and Luna."Thane happily replied.

"Our baby made friends,I'm so proud of you!"Olivia said,smiling.

Moments after our food arrived.

"Eat well baby."I said and she nodded while

Munching on her food.