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  • My CEO Ex-husband

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 50 I Like To Spoil You (Part Two)

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    Read My CEO Ex-husband by Sisi Qingwang. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereThree years ago,......

  • Rebirth: Marry the Enemy of My Badass Husband

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 100: Ms. Morris Does Not Miss Me?

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    Read Rebirth: Marry the Enemy of My Badass Husband by Hannah Baker. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online fo......

  • Let's Divorce, Ex-Husband!

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 155

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    Read Let's Divorce, Ex-Husband! by NewEraCult. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereTrixie had......

  • Ex-Husband Wants Badly To Resume Their Marriage

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 654: Why Do You Remember It Clearer Than M

    Views : 18989

    Read Ex-Husband Wants Badly To Resume Their Marriage by Cherry. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for fr......

  • The Adorable Twins and Their CEO Daddy

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 742 Happy Ending

    Views : 21005

    Read The Adorable Twins and Their CEO Daddy by Gabbi Galt. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free he......

  • Her Biliionaire Husband

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 1231 I Want You Dead

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    Read Her Biliionaire Husband by . Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here"Save me and ......

  • My husband is a billionaire

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 772

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    Read My husband is a billionaire by Roana Javier. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereJanet w......

  • Edgar and His Destined Wife

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 560

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    Read Edgar and His Destined Wife by . Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereThey had ......

  • My Poor Husband is a Billionaire

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 1378 His Sense Of Urgency Escalated

    Views : 45978

    Read My Poor Husband is a Billionaire by Roana Javier. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereJa......

  • Stay Around You Now And Forever

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 474: Extra Chapter- A New Life

    Views : 24688

    Read Stay Around You Now And Forever by Hollie Lee. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereAfter......

  • We Dance in Sin

    Latest Chapter : Page 60

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    We Dance in Sin Brixley Archer has always had a taste for danger. Allured by the darkness she can't escape that lingers deep in the back of her mind.She’s spent most of her life hustling, striving for more than the poverty she’s always known.So when she gets accepted into one of the most selective colleges in the country, she thinks this is her fresh start.Buried in the dense forests of Washington, she finds that darkness follows. A campus serial killer on the loose, and an elite group that seems responsible for the deaths of the students. She knows she should mind her own business, keep her head down and concentrate on her schoolwork, but when Beckett Cutler—the group leader—sets his sights on her, she can't help but feel this is her way in to prove the group is responsible.But as revelations are made, her morals are questioned.Her heart is on the line.And secrets are revealed that leave her questioning everything she knows.As her past and present collide, she can't tell what's the truth and what's a lie....

  • A Twist of Poison

    Latest Chapter : Page 101

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    A Twist of Poison “My beautiful little angel.”Those words cemented the day my world changed. I was painted in shades of brutality and sketched into an impeccable design of what he wanted.Reborn in pain and doused in cruelty, I returned to my hometown after two years—the place that had me running.But everything had changed, I had changed.Thrust back into a world of money, status and secret societies with danger lurking around every corner, I tried to navigate my studies at the prestigious Coldharbour University.Once upon a time, they were my best friends—Hollis, Texas and Preston.They’re no longer boys I grew up with. Now, they regard me with contempt, and make no show to hide it.Survival became all I know, I’ll do whatever it takes to grasp a sliver of normality. Even if it meant separating my realities.Hollis, Texas and Preston had their secrets, as did I. Until the beginning of mine started to unravel, sweeping us all in its destruction and annihilating the relationship we’d rebuilt between us.Not everything was what it seemed. They fed into the lies and lived by their version of it, but when the truth emerged, they finally understood that betrayal lurked closer than they’d imagined.East Bay was riddled with an undercurrent of evil. And they were about to realise just how deeply it ran.I belonged to them heart, body and soul. But my heart also beats for someone else.And the thing about secrets… they always come to light....

  • Doing Whatever Her Stepdaddy Wants

    Latest Chapter : Page 10

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    Doing Whatever Her Stepdaddy Wants Cora is very smart and very pretty.She’s also a complete brat. For years, her stepfather has put up with it but now that she’s eighteen, he makes it clear she either moves out or shapes up. She’s not very good at shaping up so her stepfather gives her a new choice.Move out or put out!There’s nothing she can do to get out of the situation but the truth is, she’s had thehots for himfor a very long time. In fact, behaving for a chance to play with that man’s cock seems a pretty small price to pay. What will happen when she falls in love, though?...

  • Silence of the Missing

    Latest Chapter : Page 58

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    Silence of the Missing He went into the woods…and never came out.In 1986, thirteen-year-old Jeb Kleber vanished during his small town’s Fourth of July fireworks. His mysterious disappearance left his first love, Sammy Blake, grieving for years.Flash forward to present day. A now middle-aged Sam Blake has a comfortable and predictable life with his husband Marc in Chicago. All that changes when a stranger arrives at Sam’s door, claiming to be the missing Jeb Kleber. The stranger knows things he couldn’t possibly know—including the hidden love the boys shared during the summer of ’86. He also wears an amethyst pendant Sam gave him shortly before he disappeared.Could this be the real Jeb Kleber, missing for thirty-seven years? If not, who is this mysterious stranger? And what does he want after all this time? His appearance plunges Sam’s life into a nightmare of questionable identity, long-buried secrets, and perhaps even murder....

  • Lucky Day

    Latest Chapter : Page 6

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    Lucky Day Rebecca is ready to give up on men.She’s fed up with disgusting jocks always hitting on her at the NBA. When will shefinallyfind that true connection, instead of this unyielding chain of players? All she wants is a kind-hearted guy that genuinely loves her for who she is! Is thatsomuch too ask for?Deciding to make a small change, she heads to a new bar with her friends. Little did she know who she would meet would change her life in much bigger ways...From across the bar, her eyes lock with Conans and a spark is unleashed. Both feeling an unusual pull towards the other, emotions stir in turmoil. Is he the one? Does he feel the same?Rebecca knows he is holding back but is this the love she’s been waiting for?...

  • Crushing On The Wrong Joshua (Crushing on You 3)

    Latest Chapter : Page 51

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    Crushing On The Wrong Joshua (Crushing on You 3) Amber Atkins's sophomore year at high school has been normal so far. Her time is spent hanging out with her BFF Tamara Page, trying to keep a handle on her homework, and crushing on Joshua Nelson - one of the most popular basket ball players at her school. Much to Tamara's annoyance and her father's worry, her middle school crush has morphed into her high school obsession.Most teenage girls have crushes, right? So what's the problem? Amber's been crushing on Joshua Nelson since fifth grade and he still doesn't know she exists. Frustrated that her crush has moved from one girlfriend to another, Amber takes refuge in the library.Never mind, the weird librarian with the sloppy blonde bun she's never seen before leading her to a spell book. Desperate times call for desperate measures and a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do and it's just one little spell. What could go wrong?EVERYTHING!When the spell hits the wrong Joshua it leaves Amber wondering if she's been crushing on the wrong Joshua all along....

  • Silent Crown

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 812 (END) - Tide and Wind

    Views : 36035

    In this fantasy world, music and aether rules all. However, there is constant threat of demons and natural catastrophes. The most powerful men are musicians who use music, alchemy, and spells to safeguard their homes. A young man who just wants to find his father and know why his family was exiled, starts his journey of becoming musician – a journey that leads him to the crown of justice and glory.We are born of aether, grow under aether and die as aether. Awe of Aether! – Holy Code....

  • Gilded: Goldie and the Three

    Latest Chapter : Page 47

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    Gilded: Goldie and the Three They’re cold and ruthless. I'm fire and feisty. Together, we're just right.My life has never been easy. Maybe that’s why I’m a talented thief. When I’m hired to steal a necklace, I know my luck is finally turning. The money I’m going to make from this job is life changing. Too bad everything goes to hell the night of the heist.Injured, I find myself in an empty house of luxury. After eating the perfect meal, I sneak to the second floor, where I find a bed that’s just right to rest for a bit. Too bad I don’t expect waking to find three angry men staring down at me.Back against the wall, I’m given one option: Help the Behr brothers steal the necklace for themselves. In return, I’ll get one night of passion with each of them. What could go wrong?...

  • Rebirth of the Tyrant's Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 582 - Pour her heart out (1)

    Views : 20906

    The servant looked at the grieving princess. “Your Highness, the Regent Prince sent your scholar fiancé to the Western Butcher’s daughter!” The princess gritted her teeth, speaking to her servant that it matters not as she has other suitors in line. Many days later, much to her dismay, the servant ran in a hurry. “Your Highness, the Regent Prince expressed his intention of becoming your suitor! All other men in line were sold to Gou Lan Red District!”The princess was distressed. She said to her servant it matters not. She’ll soon be married to Prince Fuma. Then the uneventful came. The servant once more ran to her, almost tripping in the process. “Your Highness, Prince Fuma was imprisoned at home! Meanwhile, there’s a red sedan chair waiting at your residence for your marriage! It was led by the Regent Prince!The princess was stunned. For a day such as this to come, it seemed impossible. This nothing but a sad story of a female boss crossing back in time to hold the thick thighs of the big boss. But while raising him, she was eaten in the process....

  • Maharaja's Mistress

    Latest Chapter : 0

    Views : 16290

    Maharaja's Mistress Monte Carlo is abuzz with news that Ram Varindha—young, hot and royal—is without a co-driver for the biggest rally event of the year. Though it's been years since she last saw him, Mia leaps at the chance to get up close with the maharaja!With time to spare before he takes on more serious royal duties, bedding this beauty is top of Ram's list. But Mia has long known Ram's reputation. Is she just in for the hottest few nights of her life, or could her dream of finally taming Ram's playboy ways become reality?...

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