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  • My stepbrother

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 6

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    Read My stepbrother by Thorn. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereMaija's mother has married ......

  • Mated to the Wilde Bear

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 31: Xavier

    Views : 45029

    Read Mated to the Wilde Bear by Heather Hildenbrand. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereLaur......

  • Sharing Beatrice A Luna to her Stepbrothers

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 553

    Views : 33905

    Read Sharing Beatrice A Luna to her Stepbrothers by Alexis Dee. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for fr......

  • I Accidentally Saved The Male Lead's Brother

    Latest Chapter : I Accidentally Saved The Male Lead's Brother

    Views : 26872

    She possessed an extra character, Charlotte Rania, who was not even mentioned in the original novel.I thought the bloody social and political matters in...

  • If I Happened to Tame my Brother Well

    Latest Chapter : If I Happened to Tame my Brother Well - Chapter 13

    Views : 32742

    Reading Novel If I Happened to Tame my Brother Well at Novel Website. Is there anything scarier than being born as a traitor’s sister?Euphil Raize, my half-brother from a different mother will start a rebellion and kill the royal family, including me. That is why I will try my hardest to survive into adulthood and leave the palace safely before my brother started his rebellion.“Mirthy, don’t worry I will protect you.”Euphil held my 7 year old hand gently, his blonde hair twinkling against the sun rays. His handsome face was smiling at me warmly.I don’t need any protection from you is what I wanted to say but I couldn’t say it to him, could I?!Perhaps, have I happened to tame my brother too well? 어쩌다 오빠를 너무 잘 길들여 버리면 Follow LibraryNovel if You want to read novel the latest chapters. Because This Library Novel is translated from novel web series FREE same day they come out. So Novel Reader can find and request your novel reading you like at Novel Library…...

  • My brother is an Idol

    Latest Chapter : My brother is an Idol - Chapter 123

    Views : 44588

    Reading Novel My brother is an Idol at Novel Website. 2nd year of High School, Yoona. Her mother had left the world early and left her and her father by themselves. She relieves her stress caused by her troublesome father and schoolwork through watching Idols. But one day, her father announces that he will be getting remarried! And her new stepmother has a son? Yoona suddenly gets a new brother… 우리 오빠는 아이돌 Follow LibraryNovel if You want to read novel the latest chapters. Because This Library Novel is translated from novel web series FREE same day they come out. So Novel Reader can find and request your novel reading you like at Novel Library…...

  • He's My Real Brother, Duke

    Latest Chapter : He's My Real Brother, Duke - Chapter 64

    Views : 40708

    In a fantasy novel, I possessed the hidden younger sister of the Male Lead, “Astel.”While my brother Cassian is struggling for the revenge of the family,...

  • How to Connect my Brothers Together

    Latest Chapter : How to Connect my Brothers Together - Chapter 3

    Views : 45752

    One day, I suddenly fell into a BL novel. How did I became the main character’s younger sister in one day?! “If you connect the two main characters...

  • I Will Return My New Brother

    Latest Chapter : I Will Return My New Brother - Chapter 81

    Views : 22167

    Sometimes, your environment could change overnight without having to experience regression, possession, or even reincarnation.It was when your mother fell...

  • I'm Worried that My Brother is Too Gentle

    Latest Chapter : I'm Worried that My Brother is Too Gentle - C

    Views : 6701

    Reading Novel I'm Worried that My Brother is Too Gentle at Novel Website. “Your Highness! The papers have piled up like this……!”I was possessed by Irene Webber, the younger sister of an aide who is suffering from heavy-duty because of the prince who is in love and neglects his work. Irene, who was buried in work before the possession and died of overwork, intends to protect her beloved brother from such a terrible thing.No overtime! No call after work! Evil boss, go away! Work less and earn more, brother!To the end, Irene tries to separate the prince from her brother.A method to win by knowing your enemy and knowing yourself. Irene scraps a little record without leaving any details, of the Prince whose face she doesn’t even know about, for the future. Somehow, her brother’s face, looking at such Irene, is dark……“Brother, if you’re meeting the Crown Prince today, I’ll go with…..”“Absolutely not.”‘Do you want to meet alone soo much?’***“Before that, Benjamin Webber, when can I meet your sister?”“Not for the rest of your life.”The most affectionate brother and sister of the continent. Will the day come when these two siblings can resolve their growing misunderstanding? 오라버니가 너무 순해서 걱정이다 Follow LibraryNovel if You want to read novel the latest chapters. Because This Library Novel is translated from novel web series FREE same day they come out. So Novel Reader can find and request your novel reading you like at Novel Library…...

  • Conquered

    Latest Chapter : Page 41

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    Conquered Luna Riyan dreamed of a life without violence, degradation, and vile sex. She wanted a life unlike all that she had ever known.But her plans of escaping were derailed when she was told her virginity would be sold at an intergalactic space auction.She knew she’d never leave if she were bought by the highest bidder, so she took the chance that would end her life if caught and left the only place she’d ever known as home.And then she found herself aboard a spacecraft owned by three enormous, very fearsome alien warriors.Erak, Genet, and Raimi, princes on their planet, are in search of females to carry their future heirs.The brothers feared nothing and expected compliance in all things, and that included their future mates.But things didn’t turn out quite as they expected when they realize their stowaway—very human and female—was the mate all three of them would be sharing.They want nothing more than to show her they’ll protect and pleasure her above all else. But they soon realized their little female was traumatized from an ugly past and worried she may never accept them....

  • Plunge (Alpha Athletes 1)

    Latest Chapter : Page 43

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    Plunge (Alpha Athletes 1) Going for Gold never felt so good.AvaPlayboy. Womanizer. World Record Swimmer.And he’s the man I had a one-night stand with. I never thought I’d run into Blaine Crews again, but we’re both in Rio and staying out of his way proves impossible when I want a story and he wants...’ve trained my entire life for this. The world is watching. The gold is mine.But irresistible Ava Gold is in Rio for the Olympics too. After that one little taste of her, I need more.I might be Australia’s star Olympian and the fastest swimmer in the world, but I have two golds to get this time. The medal and the girl....

  • Wolf

    Latest Chapter : Page 54

    Views : 34047

    Wolf Nobody touches the Club Princess. Wolf grew up in the Iron Vikings MC, where the number one rule of the club has taunted him ever since he first noticed Amara blossoming into a f*&cking Greek goddess.Not only is Amara the Club Princess, she's also his best friend's younger sister. Those two strikes can never be wiped off the slate. Wolf will never act on the growing attraction between them. Not that he was looking for an Old Lady, anyway. The rotation of sweetbutts filling his bed at the clubhouse is all he ever needs. Right?Amara Doukas has been in crazy, stupid lust since forever with Wolf. Just when she's finally trying to get over her stupid crush, she's forced to stay at the clubhouse for yet another lockdown. She wonders if Wolf ever heard about the saying:Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack....

  • I Fell For The Boy His Daddy Was A Bonus

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 54: The Lady Boss

    Views : 6966

    Read I Fell For The Boy His Daddy Was A Bonus by LiLhyz . Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free her......

  • The M.D. Next Door

    Latest Chapter : Page 61

    Views : 8741

    The M.D. Next Door It started with a big yellow puppy scampering into Dr. Meagan Baker's backyard...followed by her adorable new neighbor, a chatty thirteen-year-old full of information about her very attractive divorced dad, Seth Llewellyn. Oh, no. On medical leave and questioning everything, Meagan can't fall for a busy attorney juggling work, single parenthood and a naughty dog.After his divorce, Seth promised himself he'd put his daughter first. Adding a relationship to his overscheduled life would be crazy. So he agrees with Meagan--between hour-long kisses--that this chemistry, this closeness between them, can't go anywhere. But a medical crisis just might make them realize what matters most.......

  • Knight

    Latest Chapter : 0

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    Knight JacksonI’ve given up on finding love. I’m fine loving my kids and not having that special someone to share my life with. That’s until Darian Lawrence walked into my life. She’s changing everything I thought that I knew. She’s beautiful, sexy, smart, funny and a little dirty. She’s suffered loss, and may not be ready to love me, but I’m ready to love her.DarianMy soulmate left this world too soon. Part of me died with him. I’ll never get it back. I don’t know if I want it back. That’s until a chance encounter with the handsome Jackson Knight reawakens a long dormant part of me. A part that I thought was forever gone. But I don’t know if I can betray my past to have a future....

  • Loved by the Plus Sign

    Latest Chapter : Page 16

    Views : 2768

    Loved by the Plus Sign VanessaMy life has never been a fairytale. I didn’t have the attentive parents, the friends I could talk too, or the home filled with safety and love. What I have always had was a big sister I could depend on and a love for helping others. Being the fat girl was always my Achilles heel until a guy showed some interest in me in college. Then, he broke my heart and butchered what self-esteem I had left. I vowed to never again let anyone have that much power over me. Until Pedro dropped into my life.I want to believe everything he says, but, how can I? I might not have a choice when that plus sign shows up.PedroI wasn’t looking for Vanessa, but I sure as hell am more than happy when I find her. She is everything I have been waiting for. Beautiful, kind, strong and most of all, MINE!!! Even though she is trying to fight it and doesn't believe it.She gives in to what is inevitable one night and finally I can make her see everything I have been trying to tell her. SHE IS MY EVERYTHING!!!! Our future is my reason for living and I won't even let her darken that sun.Join Vanessa and Pedro as they let their love carry them to their future....

  • Slow Burn

    Latest Chapter : Page 91

    Views : 40791

    Slow Burn When she started on the path to her new life, she never could have guessed where it would lead her.Deva Kent spent most of her life dreaming of escaping. She hated being forced to live among the Fellowship of the Enlightened, the small community closed off from the rest of the world, and was desperate to spread her wings and discover something new. When she applied to be a nanny for a single father and his two-year-old son, the Fellowship wasn’t happy, but she knew that was her fresh start. However, she never thought she’d end up falling for the man with more baggage than he could carry and storm clouds in his eyes.Laeth Harker’s world fell off its axis the morning a past one-night-stand showed up on his doorstep with a son he knew nothing about in tow. He barely had his own life together and didn’t know the first thing about caring for a child. But after spending most of his life screwing everything up, he was determined to do right by his own flesh and blood. He just didn’t know where to start.When Laeth hired Deva on as his son’s nanny, she was supposed to make his life easier. But the way he felt about her was the very definition of complicated.Their feelings might have started off at a slow burn, but once it catches, it’s hot enough to set the world on fire....

  • Spring Semester (Campus Tales 3)

    Latest Chapter : Page 59

    Views : 36571

    Spring Semester (Campus Tales 3) I was nine years old when I met Everett Cartwright and claimed him as my best friend.I was sixteen years old when I gave him my virginity.Now, at twenty, the lines of our friendship have blurred as our relationship shifts into something different.Something deeper.It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.I wasn’t supposed to fall for my best friend.He wasn’t supposed to fall for me.And when we finally confessed our feelings, he wasn’t supposed to have a girlfriend.But falling in love with my best friend was easy.It was what came after that almost destroyed us....

  • The Billionaire's Valet

    Latest Chapter : Page 12

    Views : 28434

    The Billionaire's Valet It is utter madness for a valet to fall in love with one’s boss.But when that boss is Ignatius Corbridge–my handsome, secretly-lonely, utterly-wonderful Iggy–one really can’t help it.For decades, I’ve stood by his side, fulfilling my role as his right-hand man, his mentor, his friend. I’ve pressed his suits, arranged his travel, and witnessed a thousand walks of shame as he scratched itch after itch with elite playboys around the globe.Each day, it killed me just a little bit more.So I did what needed to be done for both of us: I quit.More than that, I took myself on a sightseeing adventure halfway around the globe to put some distance between us.But when I board the sleeper car on the luxury African safari train, the first sight that greets me is the man I left behind.Iggy wants me back…And from the heated look in his eyes, it’s apparent he no longer sees me as his valet... and hasn’t for quite some time....

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