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  • I Am His Luna by Fanny Brook

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 52

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    Read I Am His Luna by Fanny Brook by Fanny Brook. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here......

  • The Dragon Prince’s Forbidden Affair

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 84: EPILOGUE

    Views : 10192

    Read The Dragon Prince’s Forbidden Affair by Frogish. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereIn ......

  • The Almighty Dragon General

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 4773

    Views : 43705

    Read The Almighty Dragon General by Crazy Carriage. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereFalli......

  • My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 2080

    Views : 40817

    Read My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball by Likable. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for ......

  • The Dragon Princess

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 87: Epilogue

    Views : 44452

    Read The Dragon Princess by Dawn. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here_______________________......

  • Moonlight Ball

    Latest Chapter : Moonlight Ball - Chapter 88

    Views : 1267

    This was the ordeal of the wizard, Iris Elaine! At the same moment that she was about to suffer a mysterious death by a woman who came to her, Iris became...

  • Dragon Under the Bed

    Latest Chapter : Dragon Under the Bed - Chapter 4

    Views : 35906

    Christian, the successor of a long-established venerable dukedom, is a narcissist who has never been in a relationship because he adored himself too much....

  • Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash

    Latest Chapter : Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash - Chapt

    Views : 11670

    Reading Novel Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash at Novel Website. I lived suffering without a home, religion, or parents, but an angel appeared and reincarnated me.“You, a pro when it comes to romance fantasy novels, would you like to reincarnate in a world that was created based off of a romance fantasy novel?”I reincarnated because he said I would have a (handsome) dad and a (handsome) older brother who would spoon feed me, and even gift me a diamond mine, but…-I might be a child from my mother’s affair?As soon as I was born, I was sent to my mother’s household and fell into a family that deprives me.“If I stay like this, I might end up freezing or starving to death by myself!” 아기님 캐시로 로판 달린다 Follow LibraryNovel if You want to read novel the latest chapters. Because This Library Novel is translated from novel web series FREE same day they come out. So Novel Reader can find and request your novel reading you like at Novel Library…...

  • Kidnapped Dragons

    Latest Chapter : After Story 9: After Story: Happily Ever After (9)

    Views : 46701

    Reading Novel Kidnapped Dragons at Novel Website. A certain story of a regressor, that became the guardian of baby dragons. 드래곤을 유괴하다 Follow LibraryNovel if You want to read novel the latest chapters. Because This Library Novel is translated from novel web series FREE same day they come out. So Novel Reader can find and request your novel reading you like at Novel Library…...

  • I Raised A Black Dragon

    Latest Chapter : I Raised A Black Dragon - Chapter 272

    Views : 28510

    Reading Novel I Raised A Black Dragon at Novel Website. The witch, Elonora Asil, has fifteen previous convictions.And the transmigrator, Noah Park, had no intentions of being involved in the novel’s original plot of the dragon beheading the villainess. With that thought in mind, she abandoned her titles as The Wicked Witch and sought to live a long and peaceful life.So she heads down to the countryside wrought with deep remorse for all her misdeeds. And all should be happy… or she thought.“Please raise me!”And so it would seem that she stumbled upon the heroine’s pet dragon — the black-haired kid that would turn ballistic and obsessive later on — imprinted the villainess as his mother. And to make matters worse, the male lead suspects her as the prime culprit of stealing the dragon.“How long should I keep up with you?”She thought he’d arrest her right away, but seems like the male lead was slowly becoming the dragon’s butler.“Can I hug you?”“No.”“Then… can you hold me?”The villainess believes that the dragon needs a bit of taming.‘Oh, male lead, won’t you sign a life contract as a real butler? 흑막 용을 키우게 되었다 Follow LibraryNovel if You want to read novel the latest chapters. Because This Library Novel is translated from novel web series FREE same day they come out. So Novel Reader can find and request your novel reading you like at Novel Library…...

  • Ben (The Sherwood)

    Latest Chapter : Page 105

    Views : 11730

    Ben (The Sherwood) BenElijah’s story was sweet and filled with romance, right?Mine started out that way then all hell broke loose.Jasmine left our daughter with Elijah and Jenny. I became a single father. Me. The one who didn’t want the child in the first place but then I held hr in the hospital and fell in love with her. I muddled through single fatherhood with Seth’s help.Then I saw Disa Riley at the store where I was buying supplies for Asia. Disa and I had a past that I had been running from for six years. She was the one that got away. I had tried running to Jasmine to escape the pain of losing Disa. Not my brightest idea. You see where that got me?I wouldn’t change a thing though.I kissed her. Drunk off my ass at Dad’s pub. I kissed Disa in the men’s restroom. What was she doing in there with me? You’ll have to read my story to find out. She had secrets though that would haunt our happiness.My family did too. Secrets that had torn us apart six years ago. I was angry at their betrayal. It’s hard to stay angry when your Mom is kidnapped, and your vigilante brothers AJ and Heath have something to do with this hell you are living now. I just wanted to live an uncomplicated life. The Hatfield’s apparently don’t know how to do that....

  • Falling For His Unlikely Cinderella (Escape To Provence 2)

    Latest Chapter : Page 55

    Views : 28324

    Falling For His Unlikely Cinderella (Escape To Provence 2) Can he persuade his Cinderella……they’re meant for one another?Billionaire Raoul Fontesquieu is starting a new life with his recently-discovered son, hiring a housekeeper, Cami Delon to help. But soon Cami enchants Raoul. Will he be able to convince her that she fits perfectly into his privileged world…because she already has his heart?...

  • Cursed Angels

    Latest Chapter : Page 68

    Views : 32154

    Cursed Angels USA Today bestselling author, Dani René, and International bestselling author, Anna Edwards, writing together for the first time, bring you a raw and emotional duet full of deceit and lies and a fight for revenge.By the time she was sixteen, Samara had everything stolen from her. Even her chance at love was cruelly ripped apart when she's abandoned by the man she loved, Archer King. After years of training with Hunter, a man who’s given her hope, she’s been able to claw her way out of the darkness. With him by her side, Samara is ready to exact a bitter and cruel revenge on those who wronged her.What she doesn’t count on though is seeing her first love again. But he’s no longer the boy she remembers, instead he’s become a handsome man wielding power in all the wrong places.Archer is the security head of an evil organization. Swift and harsh justice is all he knows, and punishment is all he doles out. Even though Archer revels in his role, he can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong.A string of violent deaths bring him face to face with the culprit. A raven haired woman he doesn’t remember.Will he carry out his orders to kill? Or can she be the key to discovering who he really is?Enter The Factory if you dare....

  • Swept Away in Wilde (Wilde, Nevada Beginnings 1)

    Latest Chapter : Page 51

    Views : 25851

    Swept Away in Wilde (Wilde, Nevada Beginnings 1) Running away from an abusive fiance, Mary Kincaid meets three cowboys after arriving in Wilde, Nevada - a town where love knows no boundaries. She's left everything behind, hoping to start a new life away from all the pain. It's been fun and games for the three Wilde brothers - Craig, Dan, and Dillon - until Mary arrives in town. They see the woman of their dreams. She's their future. Curious about the unique town, where it is common for one woman to be married to more than one man, Mary wants to write an article about the Wilde brothers and their parents. During the interviews, the three men sweep her off her feet. She can even imagine a life being theirs. But she's afraid to trust her heart again so soon after breaking off her engagement. She can't decide whether to stay in Wilde and take a chance on love or continue on her journey. Unbeknownst to Mary, her ex-fiance isn't willing to let her go so easily....

  • A Little Christmas Caper

    Latest Chapter : Page 64

    Views : 25378

    A Little Christmas Caper A gorgeous switch with an anxious mind. A sweet Little who knows exactly what she wants. And the Daddy they've both been longing for...And the magic of the Ranch must be on his side, because curvy, sultry Michelle is there to play. Once he has her in his ropes, with her gorgeous backside glowing red from his paddle, the last thing he wants to do is let her go.Then there's adorable, bubbly Allie, Michelle's Little and girlfriend. The more time he spends with each woman, the more convinced he is that they're both the missing pieces in his life.But Michelle's doubts and insecurities send her spiraling out of control, and when she breaks a major promise, Nick realizes she needs him to be more than just her Dom.Both of his girls need a Daddy, and that's just what Santa is going to bring them....

  • Drop of Doubt (The Ghost Bird 5)

    Latest Chapter : Page 79

    Views : 35529

    Drop of Doubt (The Ghost Bird 5) Sang Sorenson and the Academy boys return to Ashley Waters High School but before they get a chance to even settle in, Sang’s life is threatened by an anonymous caller.They retreat to the protective walls of the Morgan estate, a safe house for when the boys are under fire. But when new threats can break through those barriers that once kept them secure, it leaves Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Gabriel, Luke and North rushing to figure out who is hunting them.But when you’re fighting a ghost who seems to know all your secrets, retreating is no longer an option.The Academy, Deceptively Strategic...

  • Babysitting for the Teacher

    Latest Chapter : Page 8

    Views : 26172

    Babysitting for the Teacher Henry was the new teacher in town, raising his single twin boys all alone. His boss's daughter and senior at the school he taught at became their nanny. They had an undeniable attraction. Could they fight it or would they give in to their feelings for each other....

  • Baron

    Latest Chapter : Page 28

    Views : 20594

    Baron Baron Roades came from nothing and no one. First, he found a family and then he found his girl.Everything would be perfect if she'd only stop fighting him at every turn.Frannie Smythe was orphaned at a time when she needed her parents most. Forging forward in a lonely world, she didn't know how to handle Baron Roades. Once she lets him in, everything moves quickly. Baron is the first book in the Mansion On The Hill Series. It's different from what you've come to expect fromChaShiree & M.K. but it's still got all the love you can handle....

  • Home Run (The Boys of Summer 2)

    Latest Chapter : Page 92

    Views : 35772

    Home Run (The Boys of Summer 2) Cooper Bailey finally has a shot at being a major league ballplayer, but it will take all his focus and energy during spring training to make it happen. Complicating things is his instantaneous connection with Ainsley Burke. He can't get enough of her, and before he knows it, they're spending every night together. But as happy as he is off the field, his focus on it is suffering, and he isn't willing to risk his lifelong dream over a girl.But without Ainsley, Cooper's miserable, and his game is still off. No matter what he tries, he can't get her out of his head, and he's starting to realize that maybe he doesn't want to. Baseball is just a game, but Ainsley might be the real thing. Now he just has to convince her of that....

  • Ride with the SEAL (Norse Security 1)

    Latest Chapter : Page 24

    Views : 46191

    Ride with the SEAL (Norse Security 1) When ex-SEAL Camden Thursday enters the garage at two in the morning, he’s intent on grand theft auto. Instead he’s confronted with more than a hot car—there’s a sexy mechanic too. His high school crush, wrench in hand, projects a “Dangerous Curves Ahead” warning far more tempting than any joy ride, but Camden isn’t here to try the road less traveled. He’s here to jack a car and prove he can do more than manipulate computer code for the black ops service he works for: Norse Security. So while Camden is looking to get physical on this job, he was hoping for someone to punch, not someone to plunder...Everly Knight is the baddest bad girl in town. As the daughter of a mobster and a name in the auto industry for hot cars, she could rest on her laurels and let her reputation proceed her. However, Everly has a deep dark secret: she wants nothing more than a shiny, new, legal garage all of her own. She’s just a few thousand away from cashing in and figures that one last illegal car theft could finance her legal dreams. That is until the geek from her past shows up as a hunky hero; letting Everly see that it’s possible to become more than just a tough girl.Camden may be all muscle, but it’s Everly who can stall the entire operation. She holds him hostage and offers an ultimatum: Take her on the ride or find himself a sitting duck for the mob. It’s not a hard choice when the bombshell revs his engine. But with warring goals and secret missions, they’ll find themselves fighting for their futures and racing toward a love they never saw coming....

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