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  • The legendary warrior

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 1438 Toby

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    Read The legendary warrior by Hua Luo Wei Yao. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here"Brotherho......

  • Dauntless God Of War

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 496

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    Read Dauntless God Of War by . Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereHe has both beau......

  • I'll Be The Warrior’s Mother

    Latest Chapter : I'll Be The Warrior’s Mother - Chapter 157

    Views : 41636

    Reading Novel I'll Be The Warrior’s Mother at Novel Website. “You might be my wife, but I shall not lay a hand on you.”“Is that so? Then can I lay my hand on you?”“……Pardon?”***Around 20 years in the future, the world is destroyed due to the invasion of demons. There’s only one way to prevent the destruction.Marry the Duke known as the Monster and give birth to his child who will grow up to be the future warrior.“Mielle, that marriage, I’ll do it instead.”Yelena, who saw the future, decided to get married to the Monster Duke and give birth to his child to save the world, however…“Are we going to keep being idle like this?”She thought she would be able to get it over and done with (?), but her husband’s impregnable fortress-like defenses are beyond imagination!“I told you to strip! Why aren’t you stripping?! Is it a part of your skin?”Can Yelena safely give birth to the warrior and save the world in the end? IBTWM, 용사의 어머니가 되겠습니다 Follow LibraryNovel if You want to read novel the latest chapters. Because This Library Novel is translated from novel web series FREE same day they come out. So Novel Reader can find and request your novel reading you like at Novel Library…...

  • Beware of the Villainess!

    Latest Chapter : Beware of the Villainess! - Chapter 37

    Views : 16316

    Reading Novel Beware of the Villainess! at Novel Website. I transmigrated as the villainess of a novel.So, what if I’m a villainess?As the daughter of a Duke = I am rich and unemployed!I am just going to live a leisurely life…That was until I witnessed my fiancé, the Crown Prince, having an affair right in front of me.I shed tears when I saw him laugh with another woman in his arms…I did not reveal my emotions, but instead, I asked him with a bright and happy expression on my face.“Are you the son of a b*tch?”She was dropped in the world of a novel and she planned on overthrowing the original novel’s plot! Follow LibraryNovel if You want to read novel the latest chapters. Because This Library Novel is translated from novel web series FREE same day they come out. So Novel Reader can find and request your novel reading you like at Novel Library…...

  • Love War!! Save the Future!!

    Latest Chapter : Love War!! Save the Future!! - Chapter 3

    Views : 7194

    Reading Novel Love War!! Save the Future!! at Novel Website. “Mankind will be destroyed in the future because you never dated!! I, AZE-05 Type D Margarine, will teach you how to love and become a man in luv~ I’ll make you the main character of an adult webtoon!”A romantic gag comedy of Lee Nami learning how to love from the teachings of a beautiful futuristic robot. 미래를 구하는 연애전쟁 Follow LibraryNovel if You want to read novel the latest chapters. Because This Library Novel is translated from novel web series FREE same day they come out. So Novel Reader can find and request your novel reading you like at Novel Library…...

  • Count's Youngest Son is a Warlock

    Latest Chapter : Count's Youngest Son is a Warlock - Chapter 5

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    The Count of Chronia’s youngest son became a warlock to live....

  • I Stole the Child of My War-Mad Husband

    Latest Chapter : I Stole the Child of My War-Mad Husband - Chapter

    Views : 1898

    He’s a warmonger, people call him ‘demon’, a nickname filled with awe and fear, and I, reincarnated as the harlequin male lead’s wife. If there’s a...

  • One Step Forward to the Flower Path

    Latest Chapter : One Step Forward to the Flower Path - Chapter 14

    Views : 3268

    I lived my whole life being used by other people and died at the age of 16. I thought it would be over like that, but when I opened my eyes again, I was...

  • Beware of the Red Thread

    Latest Chapter : Beware of the Red Thread - Chapter 48

    Views : 17932

    Reading Novel Beware of the Red Thread at Novel Website. Lian fell into a reverse harem novel. She’s been trying to live a quiet life, but goodness. The villainous supporting character and the red thread are twisted… Life is completely twisted! 붉은 실을 조심하세요 Follow LibraryNovel if You want to read novel the latest chapters. Because This Library Novel is translated from novel web series FREE same day they come out. So Novel Reader can find and request your novel reading you like at Novel Library…...

  • Rise, Strongest Warrior

    Latest Chapter : Rise, Strongest Warrior - Chapter 29

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    Reading Novel Rise, Strongest Warrior at Novel Website. 300 days have passed.When can I wake up?The one that consoled me that I can own anything once I wake up cannot be seen anymore.The one that said to take responsibility for me had disappeared, and no one looks for me anymore.Yes. I was abandoned. Inside a collapsed building, relying on life-sustaining device to cling onto my life.Sometimes, I feel that I would have died of loneliness if not for the world in my dreams.Disclaimer: Neither the picture nor the content belongs to me. They are uploaded here, not for any bad purpose but for entertainment only.Disclaimer: If this novel is yours, please let us share this novel to everyone else and send us your credit. We display your credit to this novel! If you don’t please tell us too, We respect your decision. 깨어나라 최강의 능력자! Follow LibraryNovel if You want to read novel the latest chapters. Because This Library Novel is translated from novel web series FREE same day they come out. So Novel Reader can find and request your novel reading you like at Novel Library…...

  • Forbidden Protector

    Latest Chapter : Page 64

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    Forbidden Protector He’s intimidating, insanely hot, and completely forbidden. He’s also my dad’s best friend, and you don’t mess with Frank King.As soon as my eyes land on Brody Whitlock, I can think of nothing else than his strong hands ravaging me.I’m supposed to focus on Business as I’ll soon take over my dad.Instead, I follow him to his suite without a second thought.Within seconds our clothes are on the floor, and I am losing sense of reality. This man just knows how to handle my body and brings me pleasure I never even knew existed.I can never be with him, yet I won’t ever be with anybody else.When the Reed family attempts to kidnap me, Brody magically appears to save me.Little does he know he’s also saving our unborn child…...

  • Devil President's Night Bride

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 272 Divorce Agreement

    Views : 41049

    Read Devil President's Night Bride by Amy. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereYears ago, Ama......

  • Double Take

    Latest Chapter : Page 73

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    Double Take Getting under her skin…When her research about orgasms goes viral, sex therapist Lindsey Smith needs a place to lie low. Substitute teaching on Wild Boar Island, Michigan, promises not only privacy, but an opportunity to not think about sex. Which, thanks to the town's too-tasty police chief, lasts exactly one second.After the dangerous streets of Chicago, Mike Santori figured the island was a safe, sane place to settle down. Getting hot for the new teacher wasn't in the plan. Especially when he discovers that Lindsey is more than she claims to be. Mike decides to use every sexy trick in the book to strip Lindsey of her defenses and reveal all of her secrets. It's a wickedly sensuous journey, one that pushes both of them beyond their limits…to the heart of their desires....

  • Springtime Love

    Latest Chapter : Page 43

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    Springtime Love This is a fast-paced, steamy romance read.For Yesenia Copeland, life has been always been pure and simple. She grew up in a small town with loving parents, who showered her in love and affection. When she graduated high school, Yesenia got her real estate license, moved to a city an hour away, and opened her own real estate company. There she’s made a name and life for herself. Life is good… But something is missing. She just can’t quite put her finger on it.Miguel Mancini has lived the past ten years, in Italy, avoiding his mother like the plague. But when his baby sister called him, begging him to come to her wedding, he couldn’t say no. Now he’s back in his childhood hometown, in Texas, and things are far from perfect. They’re pure hell… or are until a blonde bombshell bridesmaid enters his life, making him question how he’ll be able to walk away when the wedding is over.Will Yesenia be able to spot a good thing when it’s standing right in front of her? Or will Miguel disappear from her life, leaving behind the possibility of a happily-ever-after?...

  • Chasing the Cowboy (Lakeside Love 4)

    Latest Chapter : Page 73

    Views : 30862

    Chasing the Cowboy (Lakeside Love 4) Underneath our friendship there is always the delicious burning of something else…We grew up in this small town, and now work closely together on the ranch.We’re just friends, but the way he’s protective of me and my little son makes me want more.It makes me hunger for the things that I suspect lie beneath our platonic relationship.Seeing him again after all those years, I had almost forgotten how handsome he is.But what did I expect of an NFL player and personal trainer?His black hair and dazzling green eyes remind of a mystical forest…They remind me of the woman in me … of my female desires … my yearning.Sometimes I wonder whether I’m just imagining the hunger in his eyes.Whether my secret fantasies of him may not be getting the best of me.But then I see that strong, shirtless body and the way he looks at me.The tension builds up … we get close … and all I want is …… to get out of this wretched friend zone and into the cowboy’s heart....

  • Darkest Retribution

    Latest Chapter : Page 111

    Views : 13806

    Darkest Retribution JadeIn my life, there are two things I know to be completely, irrevocably true.First, my brother ruins everything.And second, I can never, ever fall in love.Not when my brother has already exploited my weak spots for his gain. And not when I’m so close to finally leaving behind the life of crime I was born into.It doesn’t matter if my neighbor has a soft spot for me and my niece. It doesn’t matter if I’m drawn to him like I’ve never been drawn to any man before.I have a plan, and I have to stick to it. And that means staying as far away from Dominic Grayson as possible.DominicFrom the moment I saw Jade, I knew she’d be trouble.Love isn’t a game I can afford to play right now. Neither is attachment. Yet my neighbor and her niece are burrowing their way further into my affections with every passing day.The last thing I want to do is endanger them, and that’s why I promised myself I’d stay away.But I don’t know how much longer I can do that when I can’t get her out of my head. Especially when I can’t help but feel that she’s about to slip through my fingers.There are many things about Jade that are a mystery to me, but there’s one thing I know for sure:She’s drawn to me like a moth to a flame.And I just have to hope I don’t burn her....

  • Melt (Steel Brothers Saga 4)

    Latest Chapter : Page 109

    Views : 18956

    Melt (Steel Brothers Saga 4) Jonah Steel is intelligent, rich, and hard-working. As the oldest of his siblings, he was charged by his father to protect them.He failed in the worst way.Dr. Melanie Carmichael has her own baggage. Although the renowned therapist was able to help Jonah’s brother, she is struggling with feelings of inadequacy. When the oldest Steel walks into her office seeking solace, she can’t turn her back.As Melanie and Jonah attempt to work through their issues together, desperately trying to ignore the desire brewing between them, ghosts from both their pasts surface…and danger draws near....

  • Mark (Mallick Brothers 3)

    Latest Chapter : Page 86

    Views : 43380

    Mark (Mallick Brothers 3) Mark-Love and commitment might be great. You know, for my brothers. Not for me. But then, in a chance meeting, I came across her. Why was she different? I couldn’t say for sure. Maybe it was the fact that she was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. Maybe it was the the sharp edges she wore like a shield that made me want to see what was beneath. Or maybe it had something to do with whatever secret she was trying so desperately to hide.Scotti-Love and commitment weren’t even in the realm of possibilities for me. My life had one purpose, one mission, and I couldn’t afford to let anyone get in the way. But then there was Mark Mallick - ladies man, loanshark enforcer, and very determined to know my secrets.That was problematic any day, but especially so with him. Why? Maybe because the things he would offer me, the things he would show me were possibilities for me, could make me reevaluate the mission that had completely consumed the last ten years of my life.But could I have those things? Could I escape the life I had been trapped in for so long? With Mark Mallick by my side, I was thinking maybe it was possible…** For possible triggers, please visit my website and find the "triggers" section from the main navigation bar....

  • Top Secret Cowboy

    Latest Chapter : Page 86

    Views : 35894

    Top Secret Cowboy This bodyguard will do anything to protect a brainy businesswoman…even if it means pretending to be her fiancé.After Jace Abel experiences a low in his career, he’s back in the saddle—and behind the computer screen. As an agent for the cybersecurity division of the WEST Protection team, he’s ready to investigate a system hack in San Francisco. But his skills are put to the test when the founder of the tech corporation receives a death threat. Good thing he’s also trained to guard the smart and savvy businesswoman’s life—and pretending to be her fiancé gives him a good reason to keep her close.Bronte Burns knows more about binary code than threats and bodyguards. Now she’s taking a crash course on both while trying to keep her company afloat. Not to mention dealing with her new bodyguard, a pushy know-it-all who insists on pretending they’re engaged. His bold kisses are stretching her nerves to the breaking point, and don’t even get her started on how he makes her teeth grind—and other body parts too—each time he puts his big, rough hands on her.When Jace isn’t arguing with Bronte, he’s guarding her lush curves and digging deep to find out what sensitive information her hackers got. Bronte just wants everything to return to normal…but she’s also shocked to find a kindred spirit in the man protecting her. All these fake kisses are starting to make her think crazy thoughts. Is it possible for both of them shut off their brains long enough to find love?...

  • The Queen's Nine-Month Scandal

    Latest Chapter : Page 12

    Views : 33974

    The Queen's Nine-Month Scandal USA Today bestselling author Abby Green takes you on one queen’s sensational journey from a masquerade ball to a royal scandal in this fantastic digital novella!Desperate for a last taste of freedom before she enters a political, loveless marriage, Analia—the famous Virgin Queen of Azoria—hides behind her mask at a glitzy Venetian ball. Until the stormy grey gaze of an enigmatic, disguised stranger lays her soul—and her body—bare in one passionate night!World-famous photojournalist Daniel Petrovsky learned years ago to harden his heart against emotions and the morning disappearance of his anonymous lover should mean nothing. But when a certain queen’s shock pregnancy hits the headlines, the brooding billionaire will stop at nothing to fight for what is his!Don’t miss the other titles in this fantastic collection that celebrates Royal Babies all over the world!...

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