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  • Love the Second Time Around

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 149

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  • In Love With You The Second Time

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 2: Thank You

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  • This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 1314

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  • Love Will Come In Time

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 276 Think Carefully Before You Answer Me

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  • Right Person, Wrong Time

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 1412 The Unveiling

    Views : 27256

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  • Long Time, My Baby

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 42 The Project Plan Was Settled

    Views : 35332

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  • CEO Proposed to His Ex-wife 99 Times

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 583 The End

    Views : 10000

    Read CEO Proposed to His Ex-wife 99 Times by Maya Gallagher. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free ......

  • Take Your Time To Love Me

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 160 Being Furious

    Views : 28155

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  • In My Desperate Time

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 637: You're the Best Gift in My Life

    Views : 6088

    Read In My Desperate Time by Sabah. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereā€œOpen your mouth, tak......

  • This Time, I Will Get My Divorce

    Latest Chapter : This Time, I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1471

    Views : 25006

    Read This Time, I Will Get My Divorce by . Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here......

  • Wicked Business (Lizzy and Diesel 2)

    Latest Chapter : Page 99

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    Wicked Business (Lizzy and Diesel 2) Lizzy Tucker's once normal life as a pastry chef in Salem, Massachusetts, turns upside down as she battles both sinister forces and an inconvenient attraction to her unnaturally talented but off-limits partner, Diesel.When Harvard University English professor and dyed-in-the-wool romantic Gilbert Reedy is mysteriously murdered and thrown off his fourth-floor balcony, Lizzy and Diesel take up his twenty-year quest for the Luxuria Stone, an ancient relic believed by some to be infused with the power of lust. Following clues contained in a cryptic nineteenth-century book of sonnets, Lizzy and Diesel tear through Boston catacombs, government buildings, and multimillion-dollar residences. On their way they'll leave behind a trail of robbed graves, public disturbances, and general mayhem.Diesel's black sheep cousin, Gerwulf Grimoire, also wants the Stone. His motives are far from pure, and what he plans on doing with the treasure, no one knows...but Lizzy Tucker fears she's in his crosshairs. Never far and always watching, Grimoire has a growing, vested interest in the cupcake-baker-turned-finder-of-lost-things. As does another dangerous and dark opponent in the hunt - a devotee of lawlessness and chaos, known only as Anarchy.Treasures will be sought, and the power of lust will be unmistakable as Lizzy and Diesel attempt to stay ahead of Anarchy, Grimoire, and his medieval minion, Hatchet, in this ancient game of twisted riddles and high-stakes hide-and-seek....

  • Heal Me

    Latest Chapter : Page 77

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    Heal Me He was such a beautiful surprise the day he walked into my life and became my friend.MerrickI’m a good guy. A good friend. A healer to those in pain. I’m honest, trusting, and by all accounts someone with very high moral standards. Or at least I was….until Davis Morgan walked into my life.I promised myself I would be a friend to him, someone he could rely on and trust. I told myself the attraction I was feeling toward my married neighbor was wrong. I refused to fall for a man who by all accounts was untouchable.And then I fell. Oh, how I fell.DavisI’m not a good guy. I’m surly, I drink too much, and I’m stupid enough to believe that if I just hang in there, my marriage will improve. After six years of living separate lives, I still force myself to hope that things will change and we’ll be happy once more.But deep down I know better. Nothing is going to change. Grief and loneliness are what I’ve gotten used to. I’m destined to live out the rest of my life as a sad, bitter man who feels obligated to stay with a woman I no longer love.Friendship is the last thing I have time for and something I don’t need to further complicate my life. I sure as hell don’t need a nice guy like Merrick Whitley as my friend. Even though I do my best to ignore him, he’s determined to forge a friendship between us. But I refuse to let my guard down and trust someone like him. I’m doing just fine on my own.Or, at least that’s what I tell myself anyway.His friendship, while unexpected, is something I grow to rely on. I’m connected to him in ways I never imagined I could be. He’s someone I can trust. Someone I can confide in. Someone who gives me his whole heart, even though I don’t deserve it. With his friendship, and eventually his love as well, he slowly mends all the shattered pieces of my soul and gives me a reason to smile again. Somehow, ...

  • Feverborn (Fever 8)

    Latest Chapter : Page 92

    Views : 36183

    Feverborn (Fever 8) In Karen Marie Moning’s latest installment of the epic #1 New York Times bestselling Fever series, the stakes have never been higher and the chemistry has never been hotter. Hurtling us into a realm of labyrinthine intrigue and consummate seduction, FEVERBORN is a riveting tale of ancient evil, lust, betrayal, forgiveness and the redemptive power of love.When the immortal race of the Fae destroyed the ancient wall dividing the worlds of Man and Faery, the very fabric of the universe was damaged and now Earth is vanishing bit by bit. Only the long-lost Song of Making—a haunting, dangerous melody that is the source of all life itself—can save the planet.But those who seek the mythic Song—Mac, Barrons, Ryodan and Jada—must contend with old wounds and new enemies, passions that burn hot and hunger for vengeance that runs deep. The challenges are many: The Keltar at war with nine immortals who’ve secretly ruled Dublin for eons, Mac and Jada hunted by the masses, the Seelie queen nowhere to be found, and the most powerful Unseelie prince in all creation determined to rule both Fae and Man. Now the task of solving the ancient riddle of the Song of Making falls to a band of deadly warriors divided among—and within—themselves.Once a normal city possessing a touch of ancient magic, Dublin is now a treacherously magical city with only a touch of normal. And in those war-torn streets, Mac will come face to face with her most savage enemy yet: herself....

  • Like Matches for Wishes

    Latest Chapter : Page 54

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    Like Matches for Wishes Funny how a single kiss can tear a castle down...Milla tries desperately to settle into her life as a pauper in the kingdom of Timberness. But even being the beloved village match girl is not enough to stop her heart's desire to know who her real parents are. What is her grandmother not telling her?Then there is the handsome and kind Jordy, the baker's son, who is swift with the sword and even quicker at capturing the affections of the village maidens. But his heart and eyes seem fixed on Milla. But without a lineage and true knowing of her heritage, will she ever be enough for him?In a kingdom where sorcery is forbidden, it will take a special kind of magic to guide Milla into her lineage and an evil king into his comeuppance.The Little Match Girl is a short, Hans Christian Anderson tale that is depressing at its core, which is probably why there aren't many adaptations of it. This version does the impossible by turning it into a straightforward rags-to-riches story with a fairytale ending. Milla lives alone with her Gram in a small village, selling matches daily to put food on their table. When Gram refuses to divulge any truths about Milla's parents or lineage, Milla focuses on winning the affections of her crush, Jordy, the baker's son and skilled swordsman. But a brave knight shakes up her simple world when he tells her that she has a much bigger destiny in store....

  • Escape from Obsession (The American Soldier Collection 1)

    Latest Chapter : Page 60

    Views : 3281

    Escape from Obsession (The American Soldier Collection 1) Gia Marie Giselli’s boyfriend wanted to share her with his business partner, and she refused. She leaves New York the moment she gets a chance and heads to Houston, Texas. With the help of her cousin Teddy, a detective there, she finds a new home and tries to put her past behind her.In Texas she meets Garrett, Wes, and Gunny McCallister. Her world and impression of ménage relationships are turned upside down. They want her, and as they try to convince her that this relationship is serious, some jerk from work attempts to assault her, making all her fears of men resurface.When they finally get through that incident, Gia's past reemerges. Can the McCallisters keep her safe and convince her that true love and compassion don't come in the form of fists, control, and fear?...

  • Big Bad Wolf (The Lycans 1)

    Latest Chapter : Page 47

    Views : 30857

    Big Bad Wolf (The Lycans 1) MikalinaIt was spur of the moment, maybe reckless, definitely a shock to everyone I knew when I decided to take a trip across the ocean to a foreign country and stay for an undetermined amount of time.Renting out a cottage in a tiny European village whose residents barely spoke English was the perfect escape from overbearing parents, fake friends, and a future that seemed bleak. And helping out an elderly woman with her shopping to earn some extra cash seemed easy enough.Mindless, hour-long walks through the thick woods that surrounded said village also sounded ideal. No Internet. No television. And just the bare basics to get me by.Perfection. Stress-free. Exactly what I needed.Or maybe I was wrong about it all.I felt someone or something watching me from the darkened, dangerous woods.I felt someone—something—stalking me.I didn’t know what or who it was, but I knew with certainty it wasn’t human… and that it wanted me.RenI wasn’t human, not completely.A Lycan—a centuries-old wolf-like creature that was feared by all, stronger than anything on the planet, and who was only ever after one thing.My mate.For over three hundred years, I had one purpose in life. Find her, the one female born to be mine. My female who’d cause the Linking Instinct—that supernatural connection that told me she was mine and I hers—to finally take root and make me whole.And for hundreds of years, I’d been alone, saving myself for my mate, never stopping the search.Until I scented her, saw her, finally felt my heart beat and the blood rush through my veins with hope and anticipation.Mine.She didn’t see me, but she sensed me. And she ran. She couldn’t possibly know how much the chase turned me on.I didn’t know how I’d make her understand I could never let her go, that nothing and no one would stop me from making her mine.Because once a Lyca...

  • Lady Unveiled (Daughters of Sin 5)

    Latest Chapter : Page 65

    Views : 18461

    Lady Unveiled (Daughters of Sin 5) Kitty has the love of the man of her dreams but as London’s most acclaimed actress and a member of the demimondaine, she accepts she can never be kind and handsome Lord Silverton’s lawful wedded wife.When Kitty comes to the aid of shy, accident-prone and kind-hearted Octavia Mandelton, her sense of justice leads to her making the most difficult decision of her life: Give up the man she loves for the sake of honour. For Octavia is still betrothed to Lord Silverton who’d rescued Kitty in dramatic circumstances only weeks before.Cast adrift, Kitty joins forces with her sister, Lissa, a talented artist posing as a governess in order to bring to justice a dangerous spy, villainous Lord Debenham. Complicating matters is the fact Debenham is married to their half-sister, vain and beautiful Araminta.However, Araminta has a dark secret which only Kitty knows and which she realizes she is duty-bound to expose if she’s to achieve justice and win happiness for deserving Lissa and Lissa’s enterprising sweetheart, Ralph Tunley, long-suffering secretary to Lord Debenham.All seems set for a happy ending when Kitty tumbles into mortal danger. A danger from which only a truly honorable man can save her. A man like Silverton who must now make the hardest choice of his life if he’s to live with his conscience....

  • Always Yours

    Latest Chapter : Page 82

    Views : 35059

    Always Yours She’s the one that got away. But I’m the guy who let her go.I’ll admit it, I’m an idiot.I walked away from the only girl I’ve ever loved.I messed up. I know I don’t deserve a second chance, but I would give anything to make it right.It’s too late. Bella’s made it abundantly clear those feelings died a long time ago. Why does she get so angry when all I’m trying to do is move on? It’s as if she’s suddenly interested in us again. Even if she is, I’m torn. The last time we tried, it almost destroyed us both.She’s leaving soon, and my small town life is crumbling around me. I have to try. I have to see if there is still anus. I can’t let her get away again.Given the option, she will forever be myalways....

  • The Savagery of Hell

    Latest Chapter : Page 61

    Views : 38156

    The Savagery of Hell He was the quiet one, but the one most people were afraid of angering. Built like a mountain with a barely controlled temper, he’d given up hope of finding a woman to love him. Darkness surrounded him, and he’d journeyed to hell and back for his brothers.She was loved, coddled and treasured. But her soul wasn’t complete, there was a missing. With a blessing, she set off to discover the final part of her soul. The answers were out there, but she’d find that they weren’t always simple or easy.Protective of his club and family, he watches her with suspicion. It doesn’t matter how genuine she seems, there’s always a price to pay. He’d make sure that his club wasn’t going to pay it. But had he known she’d steal his heart, maybe he wouldn’t have been so gruff. Bears are known for being savage when riled. Maybe someone should have taken that to heart....

  • Incredible Beauty (So Many Reasons 2)

    Latest Chapter : Page 52

    Views : 43463

    Incredible Beauty (So Many Reasons 2) Six months pregnant, engaged and reconnecting with her family, from the outside things look good for Emma Mancelli, but things are rarely as they seem. The lives of Emma and Simon are about to change and just how much is something neither of them would have ever expected.For Emma, her agoraphobia has always been her little piece of certainty, something she can control in a world full of uncertainties. Falling pregnant is something Emma never dreamed possible after a vicious assault as a child let her with horrendous injuries, but its kind of hard to relax when you're told the chances of both her and the baby surviving the pregnancy are less than twenty percent.As Emma struggles to cope with the unknown, she begins to doubt her relationship with Simon as well as his unusually close relationship with his ex wife, Claire. Emma is tearing herself apart, with her anxieties and insecurities slowly consuming her.Simon desperately wants to help Emma, but how can he when she wont open up to him? When tragedy strikes, Simon will be left to make some heartbreaking decisions. Wrought with guilt and overcome with emotion, can Simon be the rock Emma needs?...

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