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  • Rebirth: Marry the Enemy of My Badass Husband

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 100: Ms. Morris Does Not Miss Me?

    Views : 41118

    Read Rebirth: Marry the Enemy of My Badass Husband by Hannah Baker. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online fo......

  • The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 545 The End (2)

    Views : 29421

    Read The Innocent Wife of Scheming President by Yaya. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereShe......

  • Hot Men Society Series: Desire of Mr. Fuck Boy

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 40

    Views : 28153

    Read Hot Men Society Series: Desire of Mr. Fuck Boy by Code01417. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for ......

  • All Out Of Love

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 383 It's Really Her!

    Views : 35749

    Read All Out Of Love by Hannah Baker. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereShe was forced to w......

  • With You For the Rest of My Life

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 217 Confession

    Views : 6939

    Read With You For the Rest of My Life by Sabah. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereRose and ......

  • Savior Of Her Heart

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 71: Ch.70/ Epilogue

    Views : 29794

    Read Savior Of Her Heart by Love_Sprinkler. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereAnupama Sengu......


    Latest Chapter : Chapter Chapter - 49 Am I having a feeling for her

    Views : 5740

    Read INDIAN BRIDE OF ROYAL PRINCE by Ruhi. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereErnest Edward ......

  • Matter of Love

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 916 The Wedding, The Final Episode! (Part

    Views : 25333

    Read Matter of Love by Aria Foster. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereA love child who fail......

  • When the Male Lead is Obsessed with the Youngest Daughter of the Villain Family

    Latest Chapter : When the Male Lead is Obsessed with the Youngest D

    Views : 3604

    She became the youngest beloved daughter of the powerful villain family in a hardcore r-19 novel.However, for me, part of the villian’s family, I wasn’t...

  • Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

    Latest Chapter : Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2602

    Views : 39492

    Read Charming Mommy of adorable triplets by . Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here......

  • Just Breathe

    Latest Chapter : Page 96

    Views : 43100

    Just Breathe What do you do when your life has completely turned upside down? When the life you thought you were going to have has been completely taken away?You just breathe.I didn’t think I could go back and see the house my husband and I were building in Mountain View, a beautiful small town in which I envisioned growing old and raising our family, but I had no choice. The house was almost finished and I needed to figure out if I was selling it or living there… Alone. Did I want to start over, or were the three men finishing my house my excuse? I knew something had to change before my grief left me drowning....

  • Nantucket Dreams

    Latest Chapter : Page 70

    Views : 14069

    Nantucket Dreams It's summer on Nantucket -- and Alana Copperfield is in for the shock of a lifetime.Twenty-seven years ago, Alana Copperfield was the beauty queen of Nantucket High and girlfriend of Jeremy Farley, the handsome and successful football quarterback.Back then, Jeremy's football scholarship to Notre Dame pushed him to break things off with the aimless Alana. Their breakup created a chain of events that ultimately led to a terrible car accident, one that left Jeremy unable to walk for nearly two years. Needless to say, his dreams were dashed forever.Meanwhile, a handsome and mysterious artist at The Copperfield House painted a portrait of Alana that shot both him and Alana into stardom. He became a world-renowned painter, while Alana became a famous model and part-time actress in her own right. Their love and success seemed boundless.Everything was perfect -- for a little while.Until now.As Alana's career peters out, her husband Asher's grows exponentially -- leaving Alana to question her talents and whether her husband ever appreciated anything more than her beautiful face.When he decides to sell the portrait of her that made him famous in the first place, Alana is not only hurt -- she's angry.Learning about his lost list of infidelities doesn't help anything, either.Alana returns to The Copperfield House to ask herself serious questions about how she wants the rest of her life to play out. Does she really want to follow Asher around the world? Or does she want to build something of her own?At forty-five years old, perhaps things are only just beginning for Alana...On top of it all, Julia and Ella are hot on the case of discovering the truth behind their father, Bernard's "crimes" and whether they can clear his name of any wrongdoing. He spent twenty-five years in prison -- and they're starting to believe it was all for nothing.It will be one heart wrenching and tumultuous ...

  • Her Russian Savior

    Latest Chapter : Page 15

    Views : 18044

    Her Russian Savior AnatoliI saw and had to have her.Lust quickly turned to love.But she kept things from me and now I'll do anything to save her.NikoleI ran from my family. They turned their backs on me.I ran right into him but I kept my deadly secrets.Now all I can do is pray he finds me in time.Her Russian Savior is a Moosehead adjacent story from ChaShiree M & M.K. Moore with all the feels and steam you can handle....

  • Her Bossy Bodyguards

    Latest Chapter : 0

    Views : 29480

    Her Bossy Bodyguards We run our security business like a well-oiled machine—but she just threw a wrench into everything.ZEKE & KINGSTONWhen a state senator hired us to protect his daughter from a sleazy extortionist, we thought it would be a snap.Protect a spoiled rich girl from her old man’s big, bad enemies? Walk in the park for two retired Marines. Except this park is full of landmines.Natalie is so much more than we expected. In fact, we’re starting to think she might beeverything—for both of us.And the guy who’s after her is no sloppy chump looking for a payday. No, Montel Barca is seriously bad news—and he has sinister plans for our girl.Barca might have Natalie’s father by the balls, but nothing and no one will get by us to let that scumbag hurt our princess, threats be damned.Let him try to get past us—we’ll wipe him off the map.And that’s no threat.It’s a promise....

  • Destroy Me

    Latest Chapter : Page 128

    Views : 21304

    Destroy Me Our first meeting was at a nightclub, and it was something straight out of my most romantic fantasies.My ovaries exploded at the sight of the Russian God. And by God, I mean he was ripped, tall, dark, and deadly attractive. There were enough sparks between us to light up a city.Then an explosion blasted through the nightclub, and we got trapped together for three hours, sharing our most personal details... everything but our names.Two years later, our second meeting is the complete opposite of the first. It's clear Misha Petrov, a Russian enforcer for the bratva, despises me. The emotional night we shared meant nothing to him.You see, my family is sworn enemies with the bratva and Italian mafia, which means Misha considers me a threat.I wish I could hate him the way he hates me. But nooo, my stupid heart wants what it wants.Every rough touch from Misha makes my skin tingle.Every low-rumbling threat growled through his clenched teeth has my breath speeding up.We might be sworn enemies, but I can't stop myself from wanting this dangerous man.Then there's the other problem.If I can, by some miracle, get Misha to fall in love with me, we'll only have to face the entire bratva and my family.What could possibly go wrong?...

  • Cupid's Pack

    Latest Chapter : Page 61

    Views : 37114

    Cupid's Pack “Cupid is the hand of fate.”Cupid’s Pack has always served one purpose: Protect the purity ofmate bonds.But when my ownfated mateturns out to be an unbearable prick, I tarnish my mother’s perfect record. As the Luna of Cupid’s Pack, she’s never allowed one of our own to live unmated… And she has no intention of making an exception for me.When I choose toreject my mate, I seal my fate as an outcast.I have no business being part of a pack known for love bonds when I don’t understand what love really is. I pack up the precious stone my father gave me for my eighteenth birthday and go rogue, determined to find answers for myself.My Heart Stone leads me far from home, and it brings something unexpected.Mate bonds. Five distinct bonds that defy the rules shifters have always lived by. Allfiveof my new mates are ready to mark our bonds, but nothing prepared me to make a choice like this.What if our fates aren’t sealed after all?...

  • She Belongs to Me (Cypress Cove)

    Latest Chapter : Page 45

    Views : 1273

    She Belongs to Me (Cypress Cove) Hunky physics teacher, Adam Spencer finds out he’s not only going to be a father, but that he’s going to have sole custody of his daughter. New grad Kate Theriot can’t find a job after college graduation and is hired to work at her sister Calista’s daycare center. When her former physics teacher/lifeguard at the local pool shows up with his baby, Kate discovers she wants to be more than his babysitter....

  • The Wrong Blue Eyes

    Latest Chapter : Page 12

    Views : 10334

    The Wrong Blue Eyes Noelle is far from a good girl. In fact, she can be downright bad.Everyone she meets adores her wild antics. Well, everyone except for her boyfriend.When Paxton suggests a trip to Aspen for the weekend, Noelle decides to find that missing spark.But what Noelle thinks is a romantic getaway turns out to be a party for four.If two's company and three's a crowd, what do you call a sexy fourth wheel with blue eyes and a killer smile?Answer: Your boyfriend's twin brother....

  • The Heir the Fae Forgot

    Latest Chapter : Page 64

    Views : 44254

    The Heir the Fae Forgot A stolen crown awaits…if I can continue to live long enough to claim it.The Lord of the Wildness has finally gotten what he wants. He has me in his grasp, and he’s going to do everything he can to keep me there.I was warned not to trust Icarus—to fear him, even—but he’s the only fae willing to give me answers. I’m not afraid of him, but his powers are another thing entirely.Shiel was right about that, at least.The dark court is a place of mystery as much as it is danger, but at least it doesn’t try to hide what it is. The same can’t be said of the fae who rescued me.Shiel lied to me. He spoke of a duty to the kingdom, but the only master he serves is himself. He’s one of the fae lords out to use me for his own gain, a ruthless warrior willing to do anything to secure the safety of his own court. I might be able to forgive him if he was willing to admit it. Maybe.I made the mistake of trusting him once. I won’t make that mistake again.Not with him. Not with anyone.I’ve survived worse than what this new world and its glamour can throw at me.These are courts of traitors, and if I’m going to survive amidst them, I’m going to have to be a traitor, too.Even if that starts with betraying my own heart, the part of me these fae seem most determined to break first....

  • Reparation of Sin (The Society Trilogy 2)

    Latest Chapter : Page 83

    Views : 25068

    Reparation of Sin (The Society Trilogy 2) My husband hates me. But he’s also the only man who can save me.Taken by a stranger, Santiago is my only hope. Except that I don’t know if he’s dead or alive. And for as cruel as he can be, the thought he might be gone is unbearable.But he has nine lives, my monster.He’s not finished with me yet. And soon I’m back at The Manor. Locked in my room. At his mercy.I know I am despised.I know I have become the face of his vengeance.But there’s something else too. Something between us. It’s a dark and gnarled thing. And it has its claws around my heart....

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