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  • Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 501

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    People say that when a man becomes middle aged, their appearance and energy will become weak. Ye Qing Xin doesn’t feel that way. At least Jing Bo Yuan is not, his appearance and energy is still really great.Jing Bo Yuan refuted: I am just thirty five years old, it’s still a long time untiI I reach middle age.…Jing Bo Yuan, born in a rich family, he establishes Bo Wei company, he is a great one in the business world.Everyone thinks he is: mature, serious, strict, and fathomless.That kind of strict, serious, and successful man, suddenly does romance with a younger woman. He marries a young wife, who is younger by fourteen years old compared to him.Ye Qing Xin, is a little girl that leads a wandering life. She suddenly married to an old and well-known family and becomes the object of jealousy of everyone.…According to the gossip, Mrs Jing is a vixen that hooks with her pure of heart and few desires. She makes the strict Mr Jing falls in love with her.Another gossip, Mr Jing spoils his young wife without any limit.During an interview.Interviewer: “It’s known that Mr Jing at first to marry Mrs Jing because of her young age and beautiful face, is that right? Except her beauty, is there any good point about her?”Jing Bo Yuan: “I love her. I don’t care whether she is beautiful or not. I married her. She doesn’t need to have any good point. Falling in love with me is her greatest good point.”The interviewer is surprised and asks: “Mr Jing and Mrs Jing, when was your first meeting? How did you get to know each other?”Jing Bo Yuan: “Our first time meeting was fifteen years ago…”Interviewer: “….”Fifteen years ago, he saved her. Fifteen years after, he gives her a life.……..Twenty one years old Ye Qing Xin became the most loved one in the Jing family.Old Madame Jing: “Xin Xin ah, hurry up and drink this bowl of bird nest.”Old Mister Jing: “Xin Xin ah, this jade bracelet from our ancestor is for you.”Papa Jing: “Xin Xin ah, this card is for you, you can buy everything you want, do...

  • Reborn Master vs. School Beauty

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 565

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    Soldier King Li Qiang, who was part of the Special Forces ace army{#39}s Winged Dragon commandos, had accidentally broken the relationship between his fiancee and his adulterer and had lost his life because of this! Under the effects of the treasure, he was reborn as a normal high school student, and actually discovered that the school beauty, Lin Ya Shi, was the daughter of his fiancee and his adulterer. In order to take revenge on his enemy, he used the opportunity to get close to the Lin family while the school beauty was his bodyguard, but he discovered that a huge crisis was approaching everyone …...

  • Tamed By the Bratva Prince (Mafia Bad Boys: The Ismailovs)

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    Tamed By the Bratva Prince (Mafia Bad Boys: The Ismailovs) Family first. Venedikt has always followed that command. He can’t get distracted now. Not when his family is finally closing in on an old enemy. His family needs him to focus. But how can he when a sultry temptress makes him an offer he can’t refuse?SashaSasha's not giving her heart or her innocence away for free! So she makes a plan. A good plan.A great plan. Until she met Ven. And then nothing went as planned.Venedikt...Sasha’s a beautiful young woman determined to sell what should only be given. Innocence she should have saved for the man she loves. But she didn’t do that. Instead, she came to sell. But he doesn’t buy...ever. He takes. She will be his. Owned. Protected.Possessed....

  • Trained By the Bratva Prince (Mafia Bad Boys: The Ismailovs)

    Latest Chapter : Page 26

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    Trained By the Bratva Prince (Mafia Bad Boys: The Ismailovs) "Marry him or die. Your choice."After Jessalyn Hernandez witnesses a brutal murder, she has two terrible choices. She is a survivor. But will she survive this? Especially when he learns about her family's police background. He calls her his little dove. But he will learn that this dove has talons and will rip his bloody heart from his body.Sanyet Ismailov, doesn't leave witnesses. But when his new sister-in-law begs for the life of her friend, he marries her instead of murdering her. An easy choice since the curvy, shy, Afro-Latina has haunted him from day one. He only needs two things from her, her body and her honesty. He'll take one, but will she give him the other? He doubts it. She's hiding something and he knows it.Time is running out and if he can't trust her, then he'll be the one to make a terrible choice....

  • Christine Vs. Professor

    Latest Chapter : Page 29

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    Christine Vs. Professor What's that couch in Professor Trask's office for? Two words. Extra credit.Professor Anders Trask.It's like someone took from other men and added to him.Those deep blue eyes that stare into your soul. That rugged face that makes you feel safe. That body you could just lick all day. That giant...uhm, medulla oblongata? Is that the word for...you know?There's only one problem.This whole thing that we have between us? Totally forbidden. I'm risking my career every time I'm with him.That only leaves one question.What do I want from Professor Trask? A stellar recommendation and an A?Or more of those delicious O's?...

  • Rory vs. Rockstar

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    Rory vs. Rockstar Rory's friends used to joke that for her to meet a guy on her tiny island, he'd have to practically fall out of the sky. But she never thought it would actually happen!Both Rory's sister and her best friend are getting married in the next six months, and she's not jealous at all. She's happy, she tells herself, even though she's been single for... never mind...She's got her career to keep her warm at night. So what if the business is struggling? Things will turn around. But before she can get her finances in order, she's got to get rid of the stranger who just crashed his red Ferrari into the stone wall behind her house. The stranger with the long hair, rippling muscles, abs for days, and tantalizing fingers that can do sheer magic.Musicalmagic. And from what the tabloids say about all his women, probably alotmore.Rory won't be fooled by rockstar Arsen Ford's charm, or the fact that her knees get weak when his dark eyes seem to bore into her soul, or the way his bulgingmusclesends a tingle to her core.But if Arsen gets his way, he's going to shake her all night long......

  • Kim Vs. Stepbrother

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    Kim Vs. Stepbrother Does it seem like every girl in romance is doing their stepbrother?I mean, if they look anything like my stepbrother I can't blame them.Tall and muscular - with the ripped body of a Greek God that you could just lick from the top of his head to the tip of his...uhmm...you know.Taboo just became even more tempting.Goodbye, clear head.Hello, bad decisions!...

  • Carla Vs. Cowboy

    Latest Chapter : Page 23

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    Carla Vs. Cowboy I'm being totally serious when I say I'm gonna ride my cowboy into the sunset...But does he like me?I can't tell.Is he willing to go the distance?He swoops in on his horse and rescues me whenever I get into trouble. But will he stick around?Or will he just go off one morning.He's not like any other guy I've ever met.I mean, he's a cowboy. In New York City. That alone makes him unique, ya know?All I know is that if he stays, then he's my lobster.I would be so freakin' happy. It's no question I'd ride on his "saddle" all day till the sun goes down. And straight through to sunrise. And then sunset again.Geez...I'd need a horse after that because I won't be able to walk....

  • Ashley Vs. Boss

    Latest Chapter : Page 30

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    Ashley Vs. Boss Mr. Billionaire Boss thinks that he's going to own me? Well, you wanna know what I say? Let the buyer beware...So what if he has more money than God?So what that he's so handsome that he can halt New York City traffic as people stop to stare at him.At those gorgeous eyes, that ripped physique, and between his legs that huge, bulging...OMG can it even be THAT big?Whatevs. As he's getting admired, I'm stealing his cab. Sorry, bub. This is the big city. You snooze, you lose. Right?Wrong.Because Apollo Kane is more than just some hapless New Yorker who lost a cab to me.He's my new boss. Oh no!That only leaves one thing unanswered...How badly is he gonna punish me?And how much am I gonna like it?...

  • Natalie Vs. Prince

    Latest Chapter : Page 33

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    Natalie Vs. Prince Careful, Mr. Bad Boy Prince. I may look sweet and cute. But this lil' slip of a girl can bring the Devil to his knees...I mean, sure, I like kitties! And I love wearing pink!But that doesn't mean that Connor D'Avington, the infamous prince of pleasure, is gonna sweep me off my feet like he does to all those other girls around the world who swoon over him.I'm rolling my eyes when he's taking off his shirt and showing me those 8-pack abs, rippling muscles, and amazing pecs.Been there, done that...I'm yawning when he's showing me those 12 inches of...OMG! I didn't even think they could be that big!Right. Not yawning now.Now he's telling me he wants me to come with him.I mean, just once? Shouldn't it be at least three or four times?With as big as it is, that rocket should for sure shoot me into orbit, I think.All I can say is...I'm all ready for blast off!...

  • Descent of the Phoenix 13 Years Old Princess Consort

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    The strongest female assassin from a special assassination force met her death one day on a mission. To her surprise, she woke up in the body of a 13 year old girl, Mu Rong Liu Yue. Through Liu Yue’s past memories, she found out that she was bullied due to the huge birthmark on her face, even though she came from a renowned family. Liu Yue was beaten to death by her own cousin, and that’s how she managed to enter Liu Yue’s battered body. The assassin then decided to live her life as Liu Yue and swore to avenge her death....

  • My Other Half, My Rival

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 3

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    Read My Other Half, My Rival by peculiarseye. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereClyde Zurye......

  • Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 262 - Holy Wine of Desires

    Views : 12309

    The extraordinaire has disrupted the silence of the world and ever since then, technology has taken a different path.When humans find a path for evolution in the dark, I’ll remove my ribs, burn my heart and burn the midnight oil to become their pioneer.This is the process of a gamer manipulating the world.Mini world of endless fun awaits....

  • The Whole Package

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    The Whole Package A secret admirer, an unlikely fling with a co-worker, and a betrayal that hits far too close to home.Jane Leads is navigating her new job as CEO of her mother's company, Leads Energy, and that leaves her zero time for a man.But when a mysterious note shows up on her desk containing a handwritten love poem, things start to shift.Striking an unlikely — albeit addictive —friendship with the mailman, she asks for his help in discovering who her secret admirer is. What she doesn’t expect is to fall for him, too.Warren Blake wouldn't necessarily consider himself a starving artist, but he does need to pay his bills.Working as the mailman at the Leads Energy building isn't exactly where he envisions himself working, but it gets the rent paid. The perk? His beyond gorgeous and amazingly kind boss.Meeting Jane changes everything. He’s not only struck by her beauty, but her wit, smarts, and fun loving attitude, as well.When she enlists him with the task of helping her find her secret admirer, he hesitates, because what she’s asking him to do, is help her find him......

  • Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 153: The Second Southern Conquest IV

    Views : 47361

    A protagonist reborn in another world.Apparently he transmigrated into an abandoned child.Before his eyes were abandoned children like him.In order to survive, he led them into farming.Little by little, orphans gathered, and upon hearing rumors of a village, others began to migrate.The group that had been nothing but children had become a village before anyone realized.And then various countries in the surroundings started to have an eye on it…This is the epic tale of the man who would later be known as the Divine Emperor....

  • Captive of the Dark

    Latest Chapter : Page 60

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    Captive of the Dark I knew my mates had dark secrets. But I never knew there was a secret lurking in my own blood.After everything we did to try to get Donovan O’Shae off my back, one stupid mistake put me right in his crosshairs. No… scratch that. It put me in the crosshairs of hismaster, someone I’m 1000% sure I never want to meet.But I probably won’t have a choice in that.Because Donovan didn’t just capture me. He also managed to imprison the three beautiful, monstrous men who’ve come to mean more to me than anyone else in the world.They’ve done so much to try to keep me safe. Now it’s my turn to do whatever I have to in order to protect them from this dangerous new threat.Even if it means risking everything...Including myself....

  • Maken no Daydreamer

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 54-56 - Encounter with ‘Blue Justice’

    Views : 26347

    The MC (Minato) is a college student who died in a plane crash and was reincarnated in a fantasy world. He was raised alone in the wilderness by his succubus mother, and now he tries to make his way as an adventurer....

  • Be My Brayshaw (Brayshaw High 4)

    Latest Chapter : Page 136

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    Be My Brayshaw (Brayshaw High 4) “Cross one, cross all.”That’s the Brayshaw way.She should have realized this before sliding into our world with secrets too big to bury.She didn’t and now the target is on her back.The day her lies came crashing down, I should have forced her out.Instead, I locked her in, and with the promise I would never be hers.I resisted, fought against us.I caved.I tasted what became my newfound favorite flavor and fell hard for the little liar.But then the depth of her treachery reveals itself, and with it a reminder.Our town is a twisted place, and with truth comes trouble.In the blink of an eye, my world is split at its core, and I’m faced with an impossible decision, one that leads to a single outcome...Betrayal.--This is Captain Brayshaws book and the fourth book in the Brayshaw series.RELEASING JUNE 3rd!...

  • Kiss of the Moon (Medieval Trilogy 2)

    Latest Chapter : Page 117

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    Kiss of the Moon (Medieval Trilogy 2) The ProphecyWith hair black as the raven's wing and eyes the blue of midnight, Lady Sorcha of Castle Prydd bore the birthmark called "The Kiss of the Moon". The common folk whispered she was the one chosen by the old golds to save them. For that reason -- and for her beauty -- the laughing, mischievous Sorcha was called a dangerous woman by her own brother, who would betray her, and by a man whose face haunted her dreams....The OutrageHis eyes gold as a lion's, his anger burning at white heat, Lord Hagan of Erbyn rode home from war to find his twin, Darton, had committed a grievous act -- he had tried to kidnap Sorcha of Prydd and snatched her younger sister Leah instead. Now, a pretty she-cat, dagger in hand, had entered his bedchamber in a rescue attempt, and when his strong hand closed over hers and his lips claimed her mouth with a man's brazen hunger, he knew that Sorcha, with her Kiss of the Moon, was his sun, his stars, his fate.The DeisreWith their families avowed enemies, Sorcha swore to hate the powerful lord who imprisoned her in Castle Erbyn. Yet she was drawn into his arms and his bed by a force greater than her will...as if in the misty long ago their union was chosen as the sword to fight injustice, as heaven's proof of the invincible power of love....

  • Secrets & Surprises at the Cornish Bakery

    Latest Chapter : Page 61

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    Secrets & Surprises at the Cornish Bakery Come & join us in beautiful Penworth Bay, CornwallVolunteer at The Cornish Bay Bakery in exchange for a cosy roomwith views across the bay, new friends and the chance to explore the magical Cornish coast.In need of a change to your pace of life?Want to escape the pressures of work?...

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