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  • Divorce Has Never Felt This Good

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 291

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    Read Divorce Has Never Felt This Good by Kesley Peht. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereBec......

  • Goodbye, My Wretched Love by Glad Rarus

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 40

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    Read Goodbye, My Wretched Love by Glad Rarus by Glad Rarus. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free h......

  • I Refuse To Say Goodbye

    Latest Chapter : I Refuse To Say Goodbye - Chapter 3

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    Raina Cranchet, once a noble Young Lady.She has been running the orphanage her parents left behind since she was fourteen years old. After ten years of...

  • I Corrupted The Good Male Protagonist

    Latest Chapter : I Corrupted The Good Male Protagonist - Chapter 21

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    I possessed the friend of the male protagonist who suffers from an incurable disease.I just wanted to play a lot and enjoy my short life before I die, but...

  • The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting

    Latest Chapter : The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting - Chapter

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    Reading Novel The Villain is Too Good at Broadcasting at Novel Website. The worst villain in Korea’s virtual gaming history.That was the only phrase used to describe me after that.I thought that would be the end of my life as a gamer.At least, until………*** A broadcast for bad guys. Be warned. 빌런이 방송을 너무 잘함 Follow LibraryNovel if You want to read novel the latest chapters. Because This Library Novel is translated from novel web series FREE same day they come out. So Novel Reader can find and request your novel reading you like at Novel Library…...

  • Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing

    Latest Chapter : Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing - Chap

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    While working overtime through several nights, he fell asleep for a short while. When he woke up, he seemed to be possessing the villain of the webnovel...

  • Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!

    Latest Chapter : 1826 Chapter 1827 Finale (2)

    Views : 13439

    In the middle of the night, looking at the woman in his embrace, he smiled devilishly, “With your discontentment, do you want me to continue?”“Discontentment?” The woman almost choked, “Who says I’m discontented?”“You don’t have to be so reserved in front of me.”“Who says I’m being reserved?” She roared.“So, do you mean you are not reserved?”“…” The woman smiled cunningly, “That’s right, I’m discontented and who do you think causes this?” She thought of giving him a personal attack but never had she expected that she would get herself into trouble.“Since you are doubtful of my ability, looks like I’ll have to prove myself!” Without waiting for her reply, he went on top of her and satisfied her the whole night!...

  • The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 2760

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    She was the godly thief of the 24th century, yet she was reincarnated as a good-for-nothing idiot with no parents. Not only that, she had to bend her will according to her relatives’ mood. Idiot? Trash? Very well, sooner or later, she will show these group of silly earthlings what it means to be too late for regrets!Battle-qi? Magic? Her talent on both magic and martial arts will mortify every genius in existence. The position of the clan chief? The mythological Vermilion Bird? Want them? So sorry~ She already took them!But who will tell her, that the cute boy who gets carsick easily was really the mythological Vermilion Bird? Then, what about the elder that’s residing in her body, just which deity does that mysterious soul belong to? Furthermore……Why was it that other people’s companion were those kind of domineering, and incomparably mighty type. Why was it the ones around her were either an evil merchant or a sly fox, a useless nerd or a playboy, the worst is this sick pretty boy! What happened to ruling the world, and standing above all else? Please don’t f*ck with me!...

  • Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 2541(End) - Miao Jing and Zhai Yaohui (42)

    Views : 48051

    Qiao Nan: Crap! I am your biological daughter, yet I am treated as if I was picked up from the streets. In fact, you treat me worse than that!Mother Qiao: Qiao Nan, you are not as pretty or smart as your elder sister. You are not as blessed as her. You have no right to study, marry, or to have your happiness! Qiao Nan: Why am I not allowed to study, marry, or to seek my happiness? I will find a man right now and marry him! Qiao Nan is dumbstruck upon discovering that the man right beside her is a powerful figure in the quad—the person who has the most promising prospects to be the future Chief. Qiao Nan stares at the well-built man in front of her. He has firm abs and cold, chilling eyes. She swallows the lump in her throat as she says her greetings, “Good Morning, Chief!”...

  • The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 2520

    Views : 39136

    She, a renowned assassin of the 21st century, actually crossed over to become Su Manor’s most useless good-for-nothing Fourth Miss. He, Jin Empire’s imperial highness, was an emotionless overbearing demonic tyrant with unrivaled talent. Everyone knew that she was idiotic and good-for-nothing and bullied her as they pleased. But only he, the overbearing tyrant with the discerning eye, wouldn’t let go of her even if his life depended on it.For the time being, let’s just see how the stubborn versus stubborn clash and play out in this good show of the chaser and the chased....

  • Hollywood Hearts (Steamy Standalone Instalove)

    Latest Chapter : Page 47

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    Hollywood Hearts (Steamy Standalone Instalove) JACKKing of Hollywood?They say as an actor you’re only as good as your last performance.In the movies, it’s all about the box office takings. How much money you make the studio back on their investment.My last three films have tanked and the phone’s stopped ringing. My streaming contract paused a year before it’s even started production.The media circles me like sharks, waiting for my career to bleed one more time so they can tear me to shreds all over again.Jack Mercury, Hollywood heartthrob is seen by some as a man past his prime. No scandals. No rehab or off-screen meltdowns.Just a guy who’s showing his age in a tank filled with other aging, gray-toned fish.Studios want new talent. Young blood.The fans want Jack Mercury, all of him. All the time.I’ve got a few grays of my own showing, but I can still strut my stuff. Made a mint from movies and made even more by suing the tabloids.But my agent, who also happens to be a relation, wants just one more publicity stunt.A contest for one lucky fan to spend the day with the legendary Jack Mercury.I hardly want to spend my days with myself anymore. The thought of a squealing fan clutching at me, gushing over autographs and selfies is too much.But when I finally meet the winner? It’s me who’s feeling like I’ve finally won something for a change.Something meaningful.Olivia Fanning equals jackpot.I know in a second that my whole life has led up to meeting her, and the thought of only spending one day alone with her is nowhere near enough.Jack Mercury is a man who knows what he wants, and this one lucky fan is getting more than she bargained for.She gets everything.All of me.Forever if I have things my way.OLIVIAIt’s not the dream job, working for the nightmare boss from hell.But a start is a start when it comes to journalism, and writing for an entertainment column might not sound ...

  • Sunshine and The Stalker

    Latest Chapter : Page 23

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    Sunshine and The Stalker Dating is difficult for someone like me.I’m obsessive, arrogant, and rude.This means I must be creative when bedding a woman.I learn what I can about her through whatever means necessary.Some call it stalking. I call it clever research.It gets me what I want and when I want it.When I get bored, I move on.My system works like a charm…Until a little ray of SUNSHINE shows up.*Dating is nonexistent for me.I’m quirky, silly, and inexperienced.This means my romantic life is certainly lacking.I don’t date because no one’s interested.Some say I’m an independent woman who doesn’t need a man.But I know I’m on the fast track to becoming a lonely cat lady.How many cats are too many cats anyway?My boring world stays that way…Until my future stepmother’s STALKER shows up....

  • Sinful Curves

    Latest Chapter : Page 27

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    Sinful Curves •Alexandra•I’ve had enough. Enough of New York City, my parents, their stuffy friends, and all the tedious men they think I should be dating. Doctors. Lawyers. Investors. Ugh. Taking over the little bakery in Sugar Creek was my chance at a fresh start.So, of course, the only man in town that’s interested in me is Branson. Older. Clean-cut. Doctor. Basically, everything I was running away from. Sure, he's gorgeous, but he also does terrible things to my blood pressure. All I want is a man that appreciates my curves, my tattoos, and my unfiltered mouth. You know, the impossible dream.Thank god for online dating.•Branson•Alex is the one. She just doesn’t know it yet. My curvy little baker takes one look at me and decides I’m too wholesome. Boring. She has no idea how wrong she is or how far I’ll go to prove her wrong.All I need is one chance. One night to show her the real me. One night to prove I can satisfy every sinful desire she’s ever had. Luckily, she's not the only one who can work a dating app....

  • Crushing On My Dad's Best Friend

    Latest Chapter : Page 71

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    Crushing On My Dad's Best Friend MayHow could something that feels so right be so wrong?My Dad’s best friend.I mean.Idon’t think it’s wrong, but I don’t know if he feels the same way.I guess I should start at the beginning….Before graduation, I thought the funny feelings I got whenever I thought about my Dad’s bestie were just a crush.Innocent enough and no surprise if you’ve ever seen Brandon.The man’s a god.But what I think I hear him tell me the day I graduate shocks me to the core. And my little crush turns into a maddening obsession as I begin to wonder.Did hereallysay what I think he said as he hugged me in congratulations?Six months later, and today will be the first time he lays eyes on me since that day. And I just know I didn’t imagine things.At least, I hope I didn’t.He’s gonna be coming to town, staying for a bit. I can’t wait, and neither can my Dad.But both of us want to see Brandon, but for very different reasons.I mean, acrushon my Dad’s best friend is one thing. But actually, falling for him?It’s okay, I tell myself.It’ll only be for a day or two. It’s not like the guy’s moving next door or anything.Right?BrandonSteve’s only daughter graduated from college. My god, how time flies.I used to bounce her on my knee, but with my growing security business, I moved away from the sleepy little town we both grew up in.I only saw him and his daughter whenever I wasn’t working, which wasn’t very often, and when we did catch up, May usually stayed with friends.So when I make a point of being there for her college graduation, for Steve’s and May’s sake, I have to pick my jaw up off the floor.Little May’s all grown up now.And that dress she wears under her gown shows me that she’s not a kid anymore.It’s like she’s a totally different person.An adult, even though she ...

  • Diamond Heart

    Latest Chapter : Page 110

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    Diamond Heart My super-controlling boss saved my life. Now I'm his fake wife... and I owe him everything.Gareth Kane is the definition of bosshole: intense, picky, critical, stupidly handsome, and an overall pain in my behind.Too bad I need this job. My BFF moved away, my parents got into swinging (don’t ask), I’m drowning in student loans, and my apartment burned to the ground.Hello, rock. I’m bottom.But to make it even worse, I walk in on Gareth discussing some very illegal plans with a bunch of gangsters, and he says the only thing that’ll keep me alive: Don't worry about Fiona. She’s my new wife.Sorry, what now? I would’ve remembered marrying a psychopath like Gareth.After the shock wears off, he makes me an offer. We pretend to be married, he protects me from his crazy gangster clients, and I play the part to make sure they never find out he’s lying.It’s a lose-lose situation, but I like being alive more than being dead, so I’m going with it.My new husband is a neat freak, insists on treating me like his actual bride, and loves to tease me mercilessly.He’s also gorgeous, sensual, caring, and makes sure I’m always looked after.I hate him, right up until I realize I don’t.And then? Well, not all fake marriages stay fake for long....

  • Submitting to the SEAL's Protection

    Latest Chapter : Page 32

    Views : 32325

    Submitting to the SEAL's Protection A Navy SEAL stole her heart. Now he must fight to protect it…For Rita, life was just one boring date after another. No passion. No sparks. No sizzle… Until she spotted Jared across the room. A tall, muscular, tattooed Navy SEAL—Jared was impossible to ignore. The second they locked eyes, she knew… It was more than lust, more than infatuation. She belonged to him…At first, she resisted. Maybe she should go for someone more normal. A nice guy with a 9-5 job and a pension. Someone safer. But there was no fighting the attraction that drew her to him. And the more time they spend together, the stronger their bond grows.But when Rita’s ex-husband Tucker finds out she has a new man in her life, he returns with a vengeance and kidnaps her. As a former Navy SEAL, Jared is as tough as they come. But can he get to Rita before Tucker sails off into international waters, beyond the reach of the law?Will Jared be able to protect his new love, before it’s too late?...

  • Declan (Lucky Irish 4)

    Latest Chapter : Page 95

    Views : 5400

    Declan (Lucky Irish 4) “I… yes, I love you. But not in that way, I’m sorry, Squirt.”With these words, Declan Mills broke Bree’s heart, and his own. By trying to save their friendship, Declan did something he’d never done before: he lied to Bree.Bree picked herself up and tried hard to move on from her infatuation that had lasted nearly two decades. About time, right? Wrong. One night, the former best friends gravitate together, binding their lives forever.Declan made a mistake by choosing friendship over love. But can he win over Bree’s heart again?...

  • Brave (A Wicked Trilogy 3)

    Latest Chapter : Page 67

    Views : 6849

    Brave (A Wicked Trilogy 3) Ivy Morgan hasn't been feeling like herself lately. Not like anyone can blame her. After all, being held captive by a psychotic fae prince hell-bent on permanently opening the gates to the Otherworld is bound to leave some mental scars.It’s more than that, though. Something dark and insidious is spreading throughout Ivy, more powerful than she could ever imagine... and it’s coming between her and the man she’s fallen deeply in love with, elite Order member Ren Owens.Ren would do anything to keep Ivy safe. Anything. But when he makes a life altering choice for her, the fallout of his act has far reaching consequences that threaten to tear their lives apart.If Ivy is going to have any hope of surviving this, she must put aside the hurt and betrayal she feels, and work with not only those she loves, but with an enemy she would rather kill than ever trust. War is coming, and it soon becomes clear that what Ivy and Ren thought they knew about the Order, themselves, and even their enemies, has been nothing but a cluster of dangerous, deadly lies.Ivy knows she must be more than just brave to save those she loves--and, ultimately, to save herself.Because behind every evil fae Prince, there’s a Queen…....

  • Wake My Heart (Jasper Falls 1)

    Latest Chapter : Page 117

    Views : 32135

    Wake My Heart (Jasper Falls 1) When Ryan Clooney moves to the outskirts of a small town in Center County, the last thing he expects to stumble into is love. Cursed to always be single, he's burned-out on blind dates and pity "plus-ones". He's through waiting for The One to arrive. But once he meets Maggie, the beautiful, young widow next door, who appears to be everything he's dreamed of finding in a woman, his plans change.Maggie O'Malley is not looking for love. Since losing her husband, she has withdrawn as much as possible from small-town life and prefers to be left alone. But her new neighbor doesn't seem to understand her desire for privacy, and the more he intrudes on her solitary life, the more she remembers how wonderful friendship can be.Ryan is determined to win Maggie's heart, but it still belongs to her late husband. Life gets more complicated when Ryan's big, Irish family discovers Maggie is an O'Malley, since the O'Malley's and Clooney's have been sworn enemies for over half a century.??Will love and friendship be enough to heal a broken heart? Ryan believes so, but convincing Maggie will take patience and skill....

  • The Beta's Bride

    Latest Chapter : Page 68

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    The Beta's Bride 'Til death do they part...Omegas are prized. I’ve always known that. Just like I grew up knowing that I would need a powerful mate to protect me.I wasn’t worried. I had Bishop—my overprotective alpha brother—to watch out for me, and then I fell in love with his best friend, Weston. A beta wolf, he was high enough in the pack that he would be a good match. And he loved me, too.I couldn’t choose anyone better.Too bad it wasn’t my choice.Three years ago, I discovered that I was fated to be the mate of the future Gravetail Alpha. Because of his rank, he couldn’t claim me as his until after he was installed as Alpha, but it didn’t matter. From the moment the Luna whispered my name to him, I was as good as promised to Rafael. With our alliance on the line, I had no choice.And that meant I had to say goodbye to West.Only… he didn’t take it too well. Even after the Luna blessed him with a fated mate of his own, he rejected Quinn Malone, even while I counted down the months until I’d finally have to leave Hickory.It’s my duty. As the Omega, I don’t have the luxury of choosing my own mate like Quinn did, and as much as it hurts, it’s for the best when West finally becomes as cold and distant with me as he is with others.I should’ve known better. After a five-year love affair, I should’ve known that meant he was up to something.And when I wake up one morning in an unfamiliar den with a ring on my finger and a mark on my shoulder, I find out exactly what it is.Weston Reed has stolen me from our pack, and he won’t let me go until I accept what he swears he’s always known: that, fate or no fate, we’re meant to be.This Omega will be the Beta’s bride—or no male’s....

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