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  • Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 1074 Ending

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    #M720325ScriptRootC1149420{#123}min-height:300px{#125} The Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap novel series by author Hann......

  • Hot Men Society Series: Desire of Mr. Fuck Boy

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 40

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    Read Hot Men Society Series: Desire of Mr. Fuck Boy by Code01417. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for ......

  • Genius Son Sells his Mom to Dad

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 488 A New beginning

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    Read Genius Son Sells his Mom to Dad by Miles Wilson. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereCla......

  • Mirror Soul

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 43 Caught up with Operational Manager

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    Read Mirror Soul by elli elle. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereKendra is so agressive, in......

  • Right Person, Wrong Time

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 1412 The Unveiling

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    Read Right Person, Wrong Time by . Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereFive years a......

  • Fall in Love with A Soldier

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 75 Let's Divorce

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    Read Fall in Love with A Soldier by Angel. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereHe loved her, ......

  • Sweet Sorrow

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 232 The Final Episode

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    Read Sweet Sorrow by Angel. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereAfter going through a divorce......

  • Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 149: Epilogue

    Views : 26313

    Everly, the Alpha{#39}s eldest daughter, finds herself pregnant with the child of the infamous Blood Alpha. Disowned by her pack and stripped of her title, she becomes a rogue with her son. Years later, the Blood Alpha discovers their fated mate bond and seeks to claim her. Filled with resentment for his past actions, Everly must decide whether to resist the bond or give in and become his Luna. Her choice will determine the fate of their tumultuous relationship and the future of their son. Love, forgiveness, and self-preservation intertwine as Everly navigates the complexities of her heart in a world where duty and destiny collide....

  • The Tormented Soul

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 32: Girls talk

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    Read The Tormented Soul by Mikaela.olsson. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereAleera Hawks i......

  • Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 949

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    Read Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed by Fair Day. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here......

  • Hearts On Campus

    Latest Chapter : Page 45

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    Hearts On Campus KatelynThe final term in my last year of college.A holiday weekend before final exams for most but I’ve got nothing planned.I never do.The campus is like a ghost town and that’s just how I like it. No one to bother me and nothing to do for three whole days.Until a chance meeting, a memory I hold dear comes knocking at my door.Literally.It can’t be him...but it is. Like he’s stepped right off the pages of one of my favorite romance books.Stepped right out of my fantasy crush, right into my dorm, and into my heart.He needs my help too, he wants me.How can I possibly help an older, handsome man, the coach of the gymnastics team?But how can I refuse?WesleyAnother holiday weekend and another annual budget proposal due.The only proposals I’m giving these days.My computer goes down at a crucial moment, right as the week finishes and the holiday starts.Who can I get to help? My neighbor, the Professor has a star pupil he knows can help, promises me she’s the best.How am I to know she’s about to turn my world upside down?It’s the golden rule for faculty: Don’t look and don’t touch.But there are no rules for us that say we can’t, that we shouldn’t.And there are a million reasons I can think of why we should.How I must. How she needs me.She’s finally come to me, my queen.And I’ll be king, giving her a castle.*Hearts On Campus is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger....

  • Herd That (The Valentine Boys 1)

    Latest Chapter : Page 70

    Views : 25008

    Herd That (The Valentine Boys 1) His Wranglers fit him like a glove. A really tight, leaving nothing to the imagination, glove. Codie wants nothing more than to shove that Wrangler-covered butt straight into the mud.Ace Valentine has a smart mouth, a devil-may-care attitude, and those wicked eyes aimed directly at her.She doesn’t know what to do with that kind of attention. Especially not from the sweet-talking man that has no problem charming every woman that enters his orbit—everyone but her, at least.Ace isn’t sure why Codie Spears had her panties in a twist when it comes to him, but every snub and insult she hurls his way brings him closer and closer to falling for her.He’s not sure what it is about the town’s bad girl that draws his attention, but every encounter they have leaves him wanting her until there’s nothing else left to do but have her.The only thing is, she’s been convinced by everyone around her that she’s not good enough. Tell a person that she’s a piece of trash enough times, and eventually she’ll start to believe it. It’s going to take a lot of smooth-talking and gentling on his part to get her to see that she’s worth it. And once he has her where he wants her? Well, she’ll make a mighty fine rancher’s wife....

  • To Have and to Hate

    Latest Chapter : Page 101

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    To Have and to Hate Marry a man I barely know to save my family from ruin.It might’ve been simple, if my betrothed were anybody else.On our wedding day, my husband-to-be arrived at the courthouse like a black cloud rolling over Manhattan. Walt didn’t crack smiles or pepper in pleasantries as we exchanged hollow vows in front of the judge.His disdain for me was so palpable I assumed we’d walk out of that ceremony and resume our regularly scheduled programming. But then fate was like, Hold my beer. I got this.In desperate need of help and with nowhere else to turn, I had no choice but to ignore a crucial rule in our contract: I shall only contact Mr. Jennings II in case of emergency. But hey, what’s a little fine print between husband and wife?Turns out, Walt’s a stickler for legalese—I think it might be his love language. Oh, and his attitude at the courthouse wasn’t a put-on. My so-called husband is a jerk. He takes what he wants without giving any consideration to other people—specifically ME, his blushing, contractually-obligated bride!I knew life with Walt would be no honeymoon, but a marriage of any sort should still come with a few standard guarantees:To have and to hold.For richer or poorer.In sickness and in health.But after experiencing Walt’s version of wedded bliss, I say let’s forget about all that lovey-dovey crap and just take me straight to death do us part....

  • Sharing Their Girl

    Latest Chapter : Page 13

    Views : 26392

    Sharing Their Girl I've been a single dad since the age of seventeen - didn't want or care for much of anything else outside of providing for my son.But now that Nathan's older, he wants me to begin dating again.And after a drunken night where we discussed he and I sharing a woman . . . well, I hadn't expected him to actually follow through with it.Nathan wants to share his girlfriend with me.And I need a diety to help me because this woman? She's every man's dream come true....

  • Forbidden Lust

    Latest Chapter : Page 34

    Views : 23883

    Forbidden Lust Giving in to desire with her brother’s best friend…A secluded island resort is the perfect romantic setting for the night of passionate abandon Allison Randall plans to share with Zane Patterson. Her elder brother’s best friend has always been off-limits…and Zane is determined to keep it that way. But when a storm strands them together, neither can hold back. Everything Allison dreamed of is finally in reach…until unwelcome revelations threaten a rude awakening!...

  • Only One Night (Only One 3)

    Latest Chapter : Page 90

    Views : 9500

    Only One Night (Only One 3) ManningAs captain of the Dallas Oilers, I was their leader on and off the ice. From the outside, it looked like I had the perfect life.I didn’t.I was married to a woman who refused to give me a divorce. All she wanted was the status title, and all I wanted was to be set free.It was supposed to be just another event, except it took a turn I didn’t see coming.EvelynAttending my best friend’s bachelorette party isn’t something I was looking forward to.But it’s strange what a couple of glasses of wine will do.It was one night, and I thought I would never see him again.Especially not coming face-to-face with him and his wife while picking up my nephew from hockey practice.All it takes is one kiss, one touch, one chance, and only one night....

  • Seduced by the Bodyguard (Forbidden Confessions 5)

    Latest Chapter : Page 25

    Views : 39479

    Seduced by the Bodyguard (Forbidden Confessions 5) What will he demand in exchange for keeping her safe?I’m Sophie, pop-star princess.My career is on a superstar trajectory.Until the bullets start flying.The bodyguard I hired to protect me drags me to safety.But now I’m trapped alone with a man I barely know.One who lights my body on fire.But someone wants me dead.Rand can save me from evil.But his protection comes at a price…Enjoy this Forbidden Confession. HEA Guaranteed!...

  • Just Friends to Just Married?

    Latest Chapter : Page 35

    Views : 26825

    Just Friends to Just Married? From best friend……to future bride?In this The Good Luck Hospital story, when surgeon Duc asks best friend and midwife Viv for help at his late parents’ Hanoi hospital, she doesn’t hesitate. Duc’s the closest thing nomadic Viv has to family, but her platonic feelings for him are changing…into attraction! The clock’s ticking on Viv’s time in Vietnam, will she finally stay in the only place she’s ever felt at home – by Duc’s side?...

  • The Medallion

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 1968 Wait Together

    Views : 19787

    Read The Medallion by Hollie Lee. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereRocky Bai, a young and ......

  • Dirty Vegas Nights (The Trifecta 2)

    Latest Chapter : Page 47

    Views : 44689

    Dirty Vegas Nights (The Trifecta 2) My body’s made of iron.My muscles are sculpted by God himself.And my green eyes have been described as ‘lady magnets’ by the Vegas Tribune.The Trifecta sensation is only the dirtiest male revue show Vegas has ever seen. We’ve been blazing the stage for a while and have gained quite the fan base. Women travel from across the country just to catch a glimpse of us.I’ll let you in on a little secret...I hate every second of it.It’s just not me.I despise being viewed as a piece of meat.When my new neighbor, Emma moves in next door, I hate that she sees me the same way.But, when her and her daughter are in danger, a possessive need to protect her takes over.The more I get to know Emma, the more I realize she’s more like me than I realize. And I won’t let her past stand in the way of our future....

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