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  • Unexpected

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 8

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    Read Unexpected by _Dominous_. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here"If I just didn't accident......

  • My CEO Ex-husband

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 50 I Like To Spoil You (Part Two)

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    Read My CEO Ex-husband by Sisi Qingwang. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereThree years ago,......

  • Divorce Anxiety

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 10

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    Read Divorce Anxiety by . Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereNothing is more devas......

  • My Big-Buck Ex Won't Let Me Go

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 46 Didn't Change Your Nature

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    Read My Big-Buck Ex Won't Let Me Go by Zhao Yuan. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereIt was ......

  • Marry Ex's Uncle After Divorcement

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 828

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    Read Marry Ex's Uncle After Divorcement by Jacqueline. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereRe......

  • Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 1025 - Then you'd better call me uncl

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    The Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again novel series by author Eleanor Hughes has been updated on Nov......

  • Let's Divorce, Ex-Husband!

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 155

    Views : 47199

    Read Let's Divorce, Ex-Husband! by NewEraCult. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereTrixie had......

  • Attracted By My Ex-wife

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 561 Thank You

    Views : 48430

    Read Attracted By My Ex-wife by Ye Xi. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereAnne followed a ce......

  • Ex-Husband Wants Badly To Resume Their Marriage

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 654: Why Do You Remember It Clearer Than M

    Views : 18989

    Read Ex-Husband Wants Badly To Resume Their Marriage by Cherry. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for fr......

  • Ex-wife, Please Come Back

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 478 The End

    Views : 1991

    Read Ex-wife, Please Come Back by Kiran Patel. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereSara thoug......

  • The Italian Boss's Secret Child

    Latest Chapter : Page 57

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    The Italian Boss's Secret Child HE WANTS HER ...At his company's masked ball, Italian tycoon Damien DeLuca entices a veiled beauty into the boardroom --- and their evening culminates in an explosive encounter!SHE WANTS HIM ...Marketing executive Philly Summers can't believe she's just shared a night of passion with her gorgeous boss! But she's determined to keep her real identity a secret ...BUT DO THEY WANT A BABY?... until she discovers she's carrying Damien's child....

  • Shattered By Control

    Latest Chapter : Page 89

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    Shattered By Control You're my wife, you will sleep in my bed.When a brutal shooting forces me onto the sidelines of a raging mafia war, I need a discreet physical therapist to help get me back in the game.That’s how gorgeous Mirella Falconet stumbles into my life.I offer her the world: money, power, whatever she wants, so long as she keeps her mouth shut and does her job. I can’t let my enemies know the extent of my injuries, not right now.Except she hates me. Her black rage is like a palpable wave. The girl would rather die than help a gangster like me.But that doesn’t matter. With Mirella, it’s like her body melts my willpower. She’s gorgeous, funny, strong, and I’ve never been so ravenous for a woman before.And if she can’t learn to obey, I’ll shatter her to pieces.Secrets haunt her every move and I know she’s hiding something. My enemies want to steal her away, but I don’t understand why.I’ll keep her safe. I’ll make her mine. And when I’m finished, I’ll know every little inch of her oh-so-intimately....

  • The Even Odder Couple

    Latest Chapter : Page 149

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    The Even Odder Couple All my life, I've been in love with my best friend. All my life I've waited for him to notice.I'm done waiting. I'm moving on with my life...I'm having a baby.Ireallyneed to get over Walker Kingston.My lifelong infatuation with my best friend is sort of embarrassing. The tall, broody hunk of farmer has always been my fierce protector, my constant hero, my knight in flanneled armor.But to him, I've never been more than a friend, the girl he saves from trouble in the middle of the night.This whole damsel-in-distress thing is getting kind of old. I'm tired of being a burden on Walker. I'm ready to stand on my own feet.I may never win his love but I'm ready to focus on the other things I want in my life.And what I want most? A baby.I've practically got one foot inside the sperm bank when the overprotective alpha intercepts my plan. Now he sayshewill father my child.Nope.Nuh-uh.Absolutely not.I'm trying to get over the guy. So letting him be my baby daddy is low-key dysfunctional.But Walker insists it won't affect our friendship. Plus, he has all these amazing qualities that make his offer super hard to resist. He's strong and charming and fine as hell. And he's the only person I really trust.Okay. Fine. Grab the specimen cup. Off to the fertility clinic we go.Except nothing ever goes to plan.Now I need rescuing--again. And Walker has made it his mission to take care of my every need--again.And when the ever-grumpy cowboy introduces me to his soft, nurturing side, I'm a goner.Well, damn. How the hell am I supposed to get over the man now?...

  • The Scandal That Made Her His Queen

    Latest Chapter : Page 53

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    The Scandal That Made Her His Queen “You are carrying my heir……You will reign as my Queen.”Crown Prince Zeus needed a front-page scandal to ruin his hated father’s plans for him. So when attraction flared with innocent Nina Graine, lady-in-waiting to the bride he never chose, one deliciously forbidden tryst seemed the perfect solution…Orphaned Nina has always shunned the spotlight. But now, after her scandalous encounter with the Prince, she’s penniless and pregnant! She wants nothing from Zeus aside from his protection. Certainly not a marriage proposal! Or for the desire between them to be reignited—hot, fast and as dangerous as ever…...

  • Supercross Me (Motocross Me 2)

    Latest Chapter : Page 53

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    Supercross Me (Motocross Me 2) Nice guys don't always finish last.When Hana Fisher moves to the small town of Mixon, Texas to live with her dad, she dreads working at the boring pile of dirt he fondly calls a motocross track. But when she gets there, she discovers that dirt bike track from her childhood has grown into the most respected racing track in the state - not to mention it's just crawling with hot, sweaty guys.Now popular by association, Hana endures the pain and sweat of working in the summer heat in order to fit in with a sport she’s growing to love. She gets a real family, a best friend and not just one, but two of the fastest racers trying to win her heart.When Hana abuses her status as the track owner’s daughter to help the gorgeous Ryan Russo cheat in the biggest race of the year, she risks more than just losing her job.Every good thing in her life is at stake now- her friends, her dad’s trust, and Ash Carter- the kind-hearted racer who may not be as alluring as Ryan, but is proof that nice guys don’t always finish last.Don't miss the sequel, Supercross Me, available now!...

  • The Mafia And His Angel: Part 2 (Tainted Hearts 2)

    Latest Chapter : Page 103

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    The Mafia And His Angel: Part 2 (Tainted Hearts 2) AylaThe darkness never truly left me. It’s always there, waiting for the right moment to strike.It’s been months since I ran away from the nightmare that was slowly killing me. I ran for my life, straight into the arms of a man who I thought would be worse than the nightmare I’d left behind.Little did I know he’d become my savior.But my happy ending was ripped away from me in a blink of an eye. I had everything…and I lost everything.AlessioI didn’t believe in angels. But then I saw her. I touched her. I kissed her. I made love to her.In return, she saved my soul.I was no longer unlovable, because my Angel found it in her heart to love me.I had her…and then I lost her.But I will not stop until I find her.Even if it means starting a war and spilling the blood of everyone who gets in my way.I will find my Angel....

  • Slave To The Alpha

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 01

    Views : 43945

    Read Slave To The Alpha by S.Y. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here“ Fuck her and let me wat......

  • Captain Jack's Woman (Bastion Club 0.50)

    Latest Chapter : Page 111

    Views : 22745

    Captain Jack's Woman (Bastion Club 0.50) They meet in a clash of swords, drenched in the moonlight of Britain’s rugged eastern coast: Captain Jack, his handsome features etched in silver and shadow, his powerful physique compelling “Kit” Cranmer to surrender. He is her dream lover come vividly alive, and his command of the smuggling gang is absolute. His all-knowing gaze penetrates her disguise as the “lad” leader of a rival gang with frightening ease and his “punishment” with kisses leaves her maidenly modesty in tatters.Suddenly Kit finds she’s only too delighted to explore with Jack the pleasures conventionally reserved for married ladies . . . little knowing what dangerous forces she’s unleashing. For even as Kit revels in midnight gallops and cottage rendezvous, Captain Jack is laying a gentle trap that will curtail her freedom . . . and bind her to him with a ring, a promise . . . and ties of devotion and desire....

  • Venom & Ecstasy (Venom 2)

    Latest Chapter : Page 84

    Views : 3557

    Venom & Ecstasy (Venom 2) I am much more than meets the eye.I am stronger, smarter, and I won’t stop until I’m on top.He thinks he’s safe around me. He’s a fool to believe so.What would I do if the most wanted man in the world wanted me?The answer is simple.Get rid of him before he dares get rid of me....

  • Red Light

    Latest Chapter : Page 15

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    Red Light Their second chance comes at a price…Drew Olsen spent one perfect weekend snowed-in with the woman of his dreams. He even thought he’d put his reputation as the town grump behind him because of it. But just as their romantic fairytale heated up, real life pulled them apart. Mia might have ghosted, but Drew isn’t ready to back down.Mia Gallo never expected to fall in love on her vacation in Maine…which is why she high-tailed it out of there as soon as the snow melted. She has more than a few dark secrets and if Drew knew the truth about her, he’d want to swoop in and fix everything. And that would only put him in the crosshairs.Now armed with a plan, Mia is back in Moon Harbor, hoping for a second chance with Drew. But while she’s ready to put her past behind her once and for all, someone else wants to silence her…at all costs....

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