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  • Boss, Your Wife's Asking For A Divorce, Again

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 1485

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    Read Boss, Your Wife's Asking For A Divorce, Again by . Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for ......

  • Mate to a king

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 29 (afterword)

    Views : 11893

    Read Mate to a king by T.E.S. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereBlooms’ dreams of finding a......

  • Breaking The Routine

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 17 Prologue

    Views : 9516

    Read Breaking The Routine by Jilguera. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereTwenty-six year ol......

  • Mr. Wolf's Secretary: A Sidekick Romance

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 2

    Views : 23050

    Read Mr. Wolf's Secretary: A Sidekick Romance by Keith Jericho. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for fr......

  • My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 764 Surprise Came Suddenly

    Views : 41346

    Read My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins by Eleanor Hughes. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for fre......

  • Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 2050

    Views : 32445

    Read Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo by . Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free here......

  • Kiss me tender

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 243 Your Father Loves You (Part One)

    Views : 40531

    Read Kiss me tender by Lucy Lim. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereHe was the most powerful......

  • Sealed With A Kiss

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 15 - Silent Rejection Hurts Even More

    Views : 37366

    Read Sealed With A Kiss by Reetika Verma. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereTwenty years. T......

  • Escaping The Mafia King

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 56: Epilogue

    Views : 35267

    Read Escaping The Mafia King by ktish7. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereHope is running a......

  • His Lost Tribrid Novel

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 5

    Views : 27437

    Read His Lost Tribrid Novel by Aurawriters. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereRuby is the f......

  • Reckless (Thoughtless 3)

    Latest Chapter : Page 83

    Views : 36535

    Reckless (Thoughtless 3) Can love survive when life gets Reckless?When the band hits it big, Kiera and Kellan must ask themselves: Can their love for each other survive the constant pressures of superstardom? The friendships they've formed, the new family they've found, and the history they've forged will all play a part in helping them navigate the turbulent waters of the band's exploding popularity. A greedy executive hell-bent on success, a declining pop star looking for an edge, and a media circus that twists lies into truths are just some of the obstacles the lovers will have to overcome if they are going to remain together. Fame comes with a price-but will it cost Kiera and Kellan everything?...

  • Southern Secrets (Southern 7)

    Latest Chapter : Page 81

    Views : 6184

    Southern Secrets (Southern 7) AmeliaNever make the same mistake twice is my motto.After being left in the dust of an old pickup truck, I promised that I would take care of myselfand never trust another man with a sexy smirk and cowboy boots.Then he showed up, and he’s everywhere I turn. He's at the barn, he's at the bar, and now, he's my roommate.He makes me want things I shouldn’tAsherI grew up in foster care, and on my eighteenth birthday, I was set free.I spent years coasting from town to town.Staying wasn’t a part of my plan and neither was love, especially with someone off limits.This was all supposed to be temporary.I’m just hoping my secret doesn’t destroy the only family I’ve ever known....

  • Coming of the Villain Boss!

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 1666 [END]

    Views : 41013

    Imagine having the opportunity to be able to enter different worlds created by numerous novels and stories. Which kind of role would you like to play?Do you want to be the illustrious protagonist, either good or evil; or just be a supporting role standing behind the protagonists?Our villain boss Ming Shu would, however, choose none of the above. Claiming missions from the Harmony System, and driven by her endless passion for snacks, the world traveler, Ming Shu, embarks on the path to make the mission target hate her as much as possible by gaining Hatred Points. But it turns out she is not alone on her journey…...

  • Dirty Laundry (Get Dirty 2)

    Latest Chapter : Page 108

    Views : 49045

    Dirty Laundry (Get Dirty 2) I’m a reporter, and I’ve got the best assignment in the world–get dirt on the hottest country star on the charts, Keith Perkins.The sexy beast who rocks those tight jeans like nobody’s business.I’m supposed to learn all of his Dirty Laundry, his deepest and darkest secrets.Without sleeping with him.Easy enough, right?Wrong.I mean, just looking at him makes me wonder what those big, rough hands could do to me. With a voice that’s one part velvet and one part growl, it’s hard for me to sass him when he melts me into a puddle with a single look.And when he sings?All bets are off.He owns the stage . . . and maybe some naughty parts of my body too.But he’s notoriously single and notoriously private.Given his status as a walking sex god, neither makes sense.Something is amiss, and I’m going to figure out exactly what it is.But if I’m not careful, I might just become his dirty little secret.Dirty Talk is a full-length Romance with a happy ever after, no cheating, and no cliffhanger!...

  • Built To Last

    Latest Chapter : 0

    Views : 19655

    Built To Last Jake Cooper has built homes for families in Laguna Beach for years, watching others make their dreams come true. Now it’s his turn to settle down, or so he thought. When his long-time girlfriend breaks up with him, he’s left with the perfect family home, just without the family.Erin Johnson grew up with very few possessions, the glamorous lives of her high school classmates out of reach. Right as she prepared to start her life, a family tragedy forces her to derail her plans. Ten years later, with her college diploma in hand, Erin’s ready for adventure and freedom from responsibility.When she meets Jake, she questions everything she thought she wanted.Is it possible to build new dreams when the right person comes along?...

  • The Brat Flips: First Time Taboo with Man of the House (House Daddy 1)

    Latest Chapter : Page 10

    Views : 8087

    The Brat Flips: First Time Taboo with Man of the House (House Daddy 1) The Man of the House steps into the kitchen for the first time. Making pancakes is harder than he thought. But with the Brat around who thought making them could be this fun!The Man of the House is about to learn that the Brat can't keep her hands where they belong!You are going to be enthralled with Lulu Cherry's latest taboo sex story about a First Time with the Man of the House!That Brat knows just how to set the Man of the House on fire!As always expect the Man of the House to have a manhood of mammoth proportions. And you're going to love that Brat of his just as much as he does!Step out of the doldrums of the every day and enjoy Lulu Cherry's latest erotic fantasy!You won't regret it!...

  • Always With You (Forever Yours 2)

    Latest Chapter : Page 50

    Views : 33490

    Always With You (Forever Yours 2) A childhood promise made at the age of thirteen to marry Ted Landon was the only thing to get me through the hardships of high school.My best friend was always there, even when no one else was.I thought that he would always be…Until he vanished.That fateful day of him pushing me away and saying goodbye after our first kiss has always played on my mind.I feel like he’s the one who got away.But life moves on, I’m supposed to have moved on as well, and I thought I had.Until he crashes his bike outside my house.Now he needs help but he doesn’t want it from me. He’s going to get it though....

  • Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 302 - Daughter of the Republic VS Chinese

    Views : 10897

    After accidentally falling, she actually finds herself bound to a Second Female Lead Counter Attacking System!Xun Mi: WTF is this?! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻In order to regain her memories and return to her original world, Xun Mi is forced to transmigrate to different worlds and complete missions. Fiancé stolen away? Abandoned by her family? Career ruined? Reputation slandered? No problem, I’ll just go and grab a golden thigh*, dominate the world, slap those trash scum across the face, and live true to the saying that evildoers have no worries!Xun Mi: I just want to peacefully and quietly complete my missions and go.Loyal Puppy: I just want to peacefully and quietly go with you.*Note: grab a golden thigh: means to cling onto a rich or powerful person for support , usually used in a joking manner...

  • Until Her

    Latest Chapter : Page 60

    Views : 48320

    Until Her Still reeling from the death of both of her parents, 17year-old Aura Rayne is out of options. Moving in with another family for room and board, Aura becomes the family's new housekeeper in the richest part of town. Attending Elite Spencer Academy as a senior changes everything for her.Football star Kalum St. Claire plans to sail through his senior year as an exceptional athlete with the hottest girl on his arm. But when a new girl moves into his house, his school, and his life, Kalum is determined to not let her presence dim his spotlight.But when Aura and Kalum grow closer, neither one can resist the attraction. Now, it's up to them to deny the pull or succumb to their wildest desires. With his future on the line and her past haunting her, can the two lovers from different worlds find a life together that works for both of them?...

  • Her Escort (A Different Kind of Escort)

    Latest Chapter : Page 103

    Views : 33804

    Her Escort (A Different Kind of Escort) The Daxon Brothers all have day jobs.At night, they’re escorts.But a different kind of escort.They work with a local domestic abuse center.Like a thief in the night.They steal battered women from their abusers.It’s not an easy job.And sometimes not legal.Still, they made an oath.Never leave a woman behind.This is HER StoryWe all have our stories.I need to know hers....

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