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  • Teasing Phoenix

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 8

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    Read Teasing Phoenix by Gia Hunter. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereSam Anderson has been......

  • Descent of the Phoenix 13 Years Old Princess Consort

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 1234

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    The strongest female assassin from a special assassination force met her death one day on a mission. To her surprise, she woke up in the body of a 13 year old girl, Mu Rong Liu Yue. Through Liu Yue’s past memories, she found out that she was bullied due to the huge birthmark on her face, even though she came from a renowned family. Liu Yue was beaten to death by her own cousin, and that’s how she managed to enter Liu Yue’s battered body. The assassin then decided to live her life as Liu Yue and swore to avenge her death....

  • Blue Phoenix

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 789: Epilogue

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    Sacrificing his life to protect his best friend was a decision which Hui Yue did not regret, yet who could have known that death was not the final destination, but rather the beginning of a new adventure into a world filled with demonic beasts and martial arts cultivation.Hui Yue soon found that within this world, strength was what determined your future accomplishments and there was no space for the weak.Embarking upon this new life, Hui Yue meets friends, experience betrayal, and starts his own journey of cultivation to overcome his limits and become strong....

  • Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empress

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 602 - You Are Only Human

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    Despite being the ruler of a nation, nobody was willing to marry the vicious man with a bloodlust.An imperial decree forced an infamous fool, Minister Liu’s Third Young Miss, to stand-in for a noble princess in the political marriage.Behind her seemingly plain looks and average existence, she actually turned out to be a rare beauty and the clan leader of assassins.From there on out, she was harassed by the tyrannical lord, as she embarked upon a dangerous path.Her: Become a demon and fight the heavens! Him: Spare some time to spoil her!...

  • The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven

    Latest Chapter : Volume 3 Chapter 57

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    Yao Mo Xin, the empress of Da Chu died in a cruel way a day after she gave birth at the hands of her husband the emperor, Ye Hong Yi, and her legitimate second sister, Yao Shu Ran. Ye Hong Yi got the throne because of the smartness of Yao Mo Xin, but he hated her because she made him feel like a useless person who needed a woman to become the emperor.Her soul got in the body of her illegitimate third sister from the same mother Yao Mo Wan. Yao Mo Wan has the mentality of a child because the legitimate wife of her father fed poison to her mother while she was carrying Yao Mo Wan. Yao Mo Xin wants revenge for everything that happened to her, so she seduced the emperor and began her plan of taking everything away from him. She did that while pretending to still have the mentality of a child. She also wants to repay Ye Jun Qing back for everything he did for her while she was Yao Mo Xin. In the process of revenge, she met many people who will fall in love with her wit and intelligence....

  • Imperial Phoenix Rules

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 640 - The Secret Of The Silver Moon Spring

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    In the 21st century, she was the strongest bounty hunter who possessed supernatural powers and was proficient in brewing all types of potions. However, she becomes the first talentless child of a cultivating family when she transmigrates.Her elitist family members holds her in contempt because she cannot cultivate? In a few minutes, she cultivates a pile of mind-blowing spiritual weapons in front of their eyes. Did the woman who snatched away her husband think she’s very impressive because she can cultivate? I’m sorry but even the number one medicine brewer in the continent desperately begs her to be his teacher after he sees the medicine she produces.She is dismissed by her scumbag fiancé because she can’t cultivate? Hehe, her god-level cultivation skills are easily leveled up. When he regrets his decision and begs for a reconciliation? She leans in the arms of another handsome man and said disdainfully, “Just get lost.”However, what happens after she accidentally opened the coffin of a vicious, yet handsome man and he decides to stick by her? She has no choice but to accommodate his wishes.[Strong male and female lead who are soulmates.]...

  • Accompanying the Phoenix

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 81

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    Of the ancient gods only one remained in the world. This god lived alone for thousands of years and no longer had any desires. Legend had it that during the great war between the worlds he used his powers to turn the tide managing to seal the cataclysmic rift bringing order back into the three realms. Time flew by and hundreds of years passed in the blink of an eye. In this time Shen Li was born into the demon world. Known as the Azure Sky King she was used to living a bright and dazzling life full of successes. Little did she know that her 1000th birthday would bring misfortune to her doorstep – a politically arranged marriage with her name on it. The Azure Sky King would henceforth marry the thirty-third grandson of the Heavenly Emperor, Fu Rongjun. This arranged marriage was meant to unite the Heavenly realm with the Demonic Realm, bringing the two together. Most would consider it good fortune to be related to the Emperor.Unfortunately Fu Rongjun was infamous throughout the two realms for his Casanova personality. As the King who called the shots in the Demonic Realm, she had the ability to quell uprisings and end wars with a swing of her silver spear – there was absolutely no way she would marry such a flirtatious idiot. She had to escape from this marriage somehow even if it meant death!In her escape Shen Li, never expected to meet a man that didn’t belong to any of the three realms. This oddball was truly strange!...

  • Phoenix Ascending

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 379(END) - Til death do us part

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    The heavens and earth change when the blood phoenix descends.She is the chosen one of the blood phoenix, and she shoulders the blood debt of the entire royal clan. She renounces her fair facade with resolution and enthralls the world whilst clad in white, bestirring nations and dynasties with the flip of a hand.He is an invincible war god and never shows mercy in his slaughter. His frozen heart is disturbed by her alone, and his tenderness reserved only for her.Do we work together with one heart, or walk the separate paths of strangers? Do we clash against each other with weapons instead…In this vast world, I compose music only with you, to astound eras to come....

  • The Rise of Phoenixes

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 308 - 308 Chapter 308

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    Dynasties rise and dynasties fall, like the tide washing the sand.On one side, he suffers from intrigue and hides his great ambition; on the other, the mysterious girl hides her anger behind her gentle smile.Who toppled the country, establishing their dynasty?Who built the Yellow Springs and set it over Imperial Power, inciting strife and conquering the earth?Who exchanged gazes at the Nine Palaces to the sound of halberd and blood, watching the falling flowers of Acacia?Who drank the poisoned wine and smiled, trading it for a cinnabar dot to the chest?Tribulation and strife has destroyed past prosperity; he would not retreat, and she has not finished singing.…. Is she disturbing the earth world, or is the world disturbing her?This is a seemingly simple story about an era of recovering the old country and the fight for the throne, and the men and women on both sides.To conquer or resist;To push away or fight for chance.To provoke or to still;To love, or to refuse love....

  • Phoenix Rising Over the World

    Latest Chapter : Chapter 63

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    She was once the all-commanding queen of business, but when she woke up once more, she found herself disguised as the second young master of the Prime Minister’s residence!Additionally, a certain aloof Emperor, whose status was high above everyone else, had his eyes set on “him” for a rather long time now. From the expression in his eyes, that desire only seemed to grow more and more!Until one day, it burst…catching ‘him’ completely unprepared!...

  • Belonging to Her Soldier

    Latest Chapter : Page 23

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    Belonging to Her Soldier FordCold, hard, calculating and works great under pressure is how I'm known among the men in my unit. Army life has always suited me. It's in my blood and goes back several generations.What isn't in my blood is white picket fences and words like forever and love. Taking action and following my gut are two things that have kept me alive so far. But with my curvy know-it-all professor I'm doubting the gut reaction to take her and make her mine before it's too late. Until the take action part kicks in, that is.AngelinaDealing with rough soldiers day in and day out is just part of my life as a college professor. I hardly notice them as I go about my job.But I notice him. Ellis Ford. Every hard inch of him is seared into my brain. I've told him no countless times. That crossing the line is forbidden between professor and student. But I can't ignore the electric feeling between us when we touch or the growing need to have him close. But if this is going to happen, it will be under my terms. Or at least I try, but the commanding soldier who kisses me like the world is on fire works to prove me wrong....

  • A Gorgeous Villain (St. Mary's Rebels 2)

    Latest Chapter : Page 206

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    A Gorgeous Villain (St. Mary's Rebels 2) NOTE - This book is a STANDALONE set in the world of St. Mary's. The book contains NO CHEATING.Two years ago, Reed Jackson betrayed Calliope Thorne and broke her heart. So she stole his most prized possession – a white mustang – and drove it into the lake for revenge.Now, Callie is stuck at a reform school while Reed is off at college, living his life without repercussions.Until he comes back.With him comes back all the feelings that Callie has been trying to bury: anger and heartbreak.But most of all, desire. At the sight of his beautiful but lying lips and his gunmetal gray eyes that still taunt and smolder when he looks at her.Whatever though. It’s not as if Callie is ever going to fall for her ex-boyfriend again. Or let him corner her in a bar one night and touch her, kiss her…Neither is she going to kiss him back. Or worse, sleep with him.Because that would make her naïve and foolish.Oh, and also pregnant.And there’s no way Callie is ever going to get pregnant at eighteen and with Reed’s baby, no less. The guy she hates.The guy who taught her all about heartbreak. Who might look like a gorgeous hero but really is the villain of her story....

  • Natalie Vs. Prince

    Latest Chapter : Page 33

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    Natalie Vs. Prince Careful, Mr. Bad Boy Prince. I may look sweet and cute. But this lil' slip of a girl can bring the Devil to his knees...I mean, sure, I like kitties! And I love wearing pink!But that doesn't mean that Connor D'Avington, the infamous prince of pleasure, is gonna sweep me off my feet like he does to all those other girls around the world who swoon over him.I'm rolling my eyes when he's taking off his shirt and showing me those 8-pack abs, rippling muscles, and amazing pecs.Been there, done that...I'm yawning when he's showing me those 12 inches of...OMG! I didn't even think they could be that big!Right. Not yawning now.Now he's telling me he wants me to come with him.I mean, just once? Shouldn't it be at least three or four times?With as big as it is, that rocket should for sure shoot me into orbit, I think.All I can say is...I'm all ready for blast off!...

  • Traces of Her

    Latest Chapter : 0

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    Traces of Her I am a ghost,a captive stripped of my own identity.I’ve lived in solitude in the depths of hell until the devil appeared, pulling me out of the darkness and shoving me into the arms of my new prison.But sometimes a prison becomes a home.And sometimes that home is within the heart of a man.I have a debt to pay and my brother’s collecting.He makes the messes and I deal with the aftermath. Only this time, he went too far and took something that wasn’t his and now it’s my problem.She’s a liability and the last thing I need.She’s an enigma and she’s everything I need.Our separate hells brought us together.Our personal inferno molded us into one.The devil reappeared and tore us apart.I will turn this world upside down until I find her....

  • Reawakened

    Latest Chapter : Page 82

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    Reawakened Seeing a client naked is no way to start a working relationship—especially when that client is stunningly sensual Olivia Carmel. When she invites me to watch her BDSM session in London’s most hedonistic sex club, she thinks I’m a stranger, not a PR expert sent to rein her in.Watching Olivia awakens a hunger I can’t allow myself to feel. There’s no way I can work with her! But when she crashes her luxury car, I can’t sit on the sidelines and wait for her recklessness to turn fatal. She may killmewhen she recognizes me…and when she learns a man sixteen years her junior has been hired to curtail her bad behavior.I’m here to reawaken Olivia’s careful, rational nature. But instead she’s reawakening my desire…showing me just how well we work together in and out of the bedroom. As we fulfill each other’s naughtiest fantasies, and share our deepest longings, I realize I’m feeling more for my wayward client than lust. But can I convince Olivia to take a chance on love?...

  • A Miami Love Tale 3

    Latest Chapter : Page 31

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    A Miami Love Tale 3 I kept you guys waiting long enough! Miami’s hottest couples are back, this time with a little bit more drama. Relationships are still being tested and enemies are popping out left and right, this time they’re not playing fair either.What happens when Sharice pops back up on the scene trying to make peace this time around? She has a big secret that needs to be addressed but will it be enough to make Dontae go against his word and give her that last wish before she leaves?Not only does Imani have Shard’s heart, but she also has his baby and that’s not sitting well with an old secret lover of his. Determined to get Shard back by any means necessary is the plan for her. Will Imani willingly give Shard away or will she be pushed to the point of no return? What also happens when Rashard has a secret enemy that is close to him all the time that is secretly trying to take him out and steal his girl?Sincere and Nae are doing well. No drama on their end but how long will that last before things go downhill for them? How long will Sincere be able to behave himself until he winds up getting himself in trouble? Or has he already learned from his mistakes and is doing right by his wife this time?In this last installment to A Miami Love Tale, get a good look into their lives. Filled with that thug love, die hard friendships, and it wouldn’t be good without the drama. I even have a few guest up my sleeve with this one. The question that the fans have been wanting to know will be answered. Did Breesha really die? You got to buy it in order to find out....

  • Alpha's Mate

    Latest Chapter : Page 17

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    Alpha's Mate Beast Smith has a secret. He knows who his mate is, but he hasn’t told her, nor has he claimed her. He wants to, more than anything, but Suzy Cain is … weak. He has to protect her, and even if that means staying away from her, he will do it. But being close to her without claiming her is torture. When he catches her alone, he can’t deny himself any longer. He has to have her.One kiss and Suzy’s body is on fire. She can’t believe this man is hers, so when he summons her to his cabin, she intends to tell him just how wrong he is.Beast is not wrong. He is the alpha. He’s strong, determined, and won’t take no for an answer—and Suzy wants him more than anything in the world.The full moon is approaching, and their mating can no longer be hidden. Can Beast protect her from the pack he fears will reject their mating? Whatever happens, he will do what it takes to keep her safe. She is his mate, and it is time the pack knows who they are dealing with....

  • Breaking the Stallion

    Latest Chapter : Page 131

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    Breaking the Stallion With a less than fulfilling relationship in his rearview mirrors and a fifty thousand dollar watch in his pocket, Elijah James heads out on the open road, in search of something real. And, in search of himself.What he finds is peace. His bike breaks down on the side of the highway and a quiet rancher comes along to help him off the road. At Noah Oliver’s ranch, Eli finds everything he’s ever needed, including a man with his own painful past and the love of a lifestyle Eli enjoys.Something Eli didn’t count on, however, was that Noah had plans for him. Noah sees the nearly shattered man and knows what he needs. As he would a wild horse, he knows he must break through Eli's pain without breaking the man’s spirit....

  • Perfect Villain (Dark Lies Duet 1)

    Latest Chapter : Page 93

    Views : 39972

    Perfect Villain (Dark Lies Duet 1) The second our eyes connected I felt the shift in the air.The crackle of fire igniting between us.He was dark, dangerous, and secretive.He came into my life like a storm, ripping apart everything I believed in, everything I thought I knew.With his mischievous smirk, stunning looks, and alluring behavior I should’ve ran as far away from him as I could.But I was stupid. I trapped myself in his web. I thought I was safe with him.Safe in his arms, safe from a past that refused to let go.Turns out Christian Russo was the past I was running from, and my first mistake was ever thinking I could escape him....

  • Jerk Neighbor

    Latest Chapter : Page 84

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    Jerk Neighbor When Paula's sexy, grumpy neighbor is left dateless for Christmas and asks her to be his fake date, all she can do is laugh at him.Since she moved into the condo building, Bastian Spencer has done nothing but snub and ignore her. He can't remember her name, he acts like they've never's like he's on a mission to be asun-neighborly as he can. The jerk saves all his charm for theimportantpeople.Now he wants a favor? He hasgotto be joking...or the thickest man she's ever met.Nope. There's no way she'll play the part of his girlfriend, especially not around New Highland's rich, old money set. She's a computer programmer, a woman in a STEM field, not an actress, Bastian!But for some reason, the man keeps insisting it won't be an act....Laugh along with this smart, happy, steamy-sexy romcom that'll warm your heart and curl your toes....

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